Monday, February 18, 2019

Century Medical Case Essay -- Business Case Study, Analysis

Case understateThis case is about the development of bare-assed technology at speed of light health check a large medical products company based in Connecticut. For the past few years, the company had made significant progress by integrating technology into its formations and processes.surface-to-air missile Nolan is the Chief Information Officer at degree Celsius Medical. He has been working with Century Medical for the past 4 years. He has taken initiatives and led projects to design and implement various systems for Century Medical. One of them was a benefits-administration system for the HR department of the company. The other was a web-based purchasing system that improved the purchasing of supplies and capital goods. These new systems machine-controlled the various office processes. This not only drastically reduced the judgment of conviction required to carry out the related tasks but also leave the managers with more time so that they could concentrate on the value a dded activities. The projections showed that the system was to save Century Medical $2 million annually.This technology call down was possible because Sam Nolan was thriving in making the people in the company recognise the various benefits (like information and knowledge sharing, integrated job processes, better team co-ordination, etc) associated with the new technology.Problem IdentificationSam Nolan had proposed a new web-based job posting system for the organisation. The idea was to ease the hiring of force from within the organisation. The system would link Centurys managers, recruiters and the job applicants. This would put out to a lot of savings in terms of recruiting and training cost. Sam Nolan also gathered a project team to develop the idea. subsequently the project got endorsed by the executive vice-... ... system, Sam Nolan should approach Century Medicals pay department and propose the same system to them. The finance department will then forward the proposal for the higher worrys approval.4.Sam Nolan should talk to the CEO of Century Medical, explain the benefits of the new system and incline him to support the initiative.Our RecommendationsBased on the above compend and the various alternatives, Sam Nolan should take the following steps Sam Nolan should go ahead with the pilot implementation of the project.He should then present the cost-benefit analysis of the same to Tom Carr. Sam Nolan should use the results of the pilot project to persuade Tom Carr. He can also cite the examples of previous successful project implementations and the benefits derived from them.Thus Nolan should try to get a favorable retort from Tom Carr.

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