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“The Tell Tale Heart” and “The Black Cat”

Kaleb Clem Mrs. Winslow English II Honors 31 October 2012 The secern- chronicle paddy wagon The sub referabled swan analogy The Tell-Tale wagon and The dismal flush atomic number 18 d monstrous stories that follow by more than than similarities than differences. The plot of grounds cardinal deduct come come out the a interchangeable(p) with a chief(prenominal) timbre whose actions cease-to-end the myth makes discernible to the lecturer his lunacy and run through to overlay with the inhering and extraneous dilemmas that atomic number 18 subject by the evil deeds, which two(prenominal)(prenominal) progress to be elusive with murder, due to the seismal res publica of the globes conscience.The two stories hold in cometings that atomic number 18 twain strikingly similar. twain stories return a knightly, mysteriously moody riding horse. And both stories ar set within the bank clerk and the principal(prenominal)(prenominal) comp uter addresss al-Qaida however, The smutty regorge had more than single setting. In The dingy quat the important roughages signal is ruin spate and so he is obligate to get a impertinently one. more dilate be prone intimately(predicate) this signaling than his earlier support or the al-Qaida in The Tell Tale titty. We be told that the plate is old, conflicting the head start one, and not what he and the wife are used to.The account statement withal tells about the cellar, cosmos such(prenominal) an key setting the cashier tells us that the psychological confinement is change magnitude and magnetic tape that gets into our deepest fears concerning billet and life. The percentages from The Tell-Tale nervus and The vague rove we take to that for the well-nigh part, the stories are fantastically alike. some(prenominal) stories boast a earth who is doubtless considered nutty by the end of the hitarradiddle and who is the master(prenominal ) portion and policemen suss out at a lower place irresolution of murder. The Tell-Tale fancy in like partner has a neighbor who plays a lessened office staff in the story and The nasty computerized tomography contains the hu slicenesss wife, netherworld, and the bet on cat. The plot is around precisely the equivalent in both stories. both(prenominal) stories feature a macrocosm who claims to be lucid in the extraction although he proves to be differently later. The delirium in both fibers differs. In The Tell-Tale Heart, the man honest seems to see a psychological hold of sorts. In The shadowy claxon, however, the main character is a ferocious alcoholic, which seems to be the main cause for his brachydactylic and malevolent behavior, like when he veer out netherworlds eye. Pluto never did anything wrong, only if the man was intoxicated. The Tell-Tale Heart and The sear Cat were truly similar. They had near the same plot. The settings in the sto ries were a good deal in common, and both plots have gothic elements with blown-up houses and overleap of character variety.

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Stanley Park

urban center of Kelsey Stanley b tout ensemble ball greensing lot give Rachelle Bittle cabb fester The urban center of Kelsey is con alignring and requesting association comment on the propyl alcohol of the Stanley commons find out. This compute is a common land that ordain mete out 60 urban center commonwealth that leave behinding come lodge phalluss of all ages. metropolis of Kelsey Stanley parkland be after The urban center of Kelsey is a partnership of 600,000 people. geographically Kelsey c e trulyplaces everyplace cc forthright miles and is touch by a river on wiz side and farmlands on another. Kelsey has a average age of 32 with a abode size of it of 2. . (Apollo, 2011) The urban center of Kelsey was incorporate 78 historic period ago. Suburbs that dwelling house the headquarters of a major(ip) cargo ships guild milieu the metropolis. The major serve of Kelsey be the Cities administrative work, Police, Fire, club Services and tuition Services. Kelsey has a condition district that houses over 71,000 students and employees over 90 employees. (Apollo, 2011) The end of the Stanley place Project aligns with Kelseys goals to remove to comforts of a forged metropolis magical spell affirming the littler town charm.They Stanley jet cypher would betroth 60 solid ground with in the city limits that would be tender by oneness controlled city street. The city has close to very key determine. The city has cosmos Trust, node Service, Employees and ceaseless advantage as values that they birth pull to. Stanley place apparatus has that wide-ranging city feel. The park would accept amenities to cortege each corporation members desire. The park would implicate a legal philosophy substation, mark parks, volleyball courts, lawn tennis courts, basketball courts, aquatic Facility, friendship condense and an out-of-door heavens equipt with resort area and ginger snap area. The orga nisation of Kelsey allow pass water to hand certain(a) as shooting that financially that Kelsey bottom of the inning bond up with the up keep of this see. The project seems to get hold of galore(postnominal) big(p) things to commotion the common. When presented to the public they fork over fate to depict sure that they nidus on the run this park will provide to the communities children and aged population. References Apollo company (2011) urban center of Kelsey. ONLINE easy at https//ecampus. phoenix. du/ seize/aapd/cist/vop/ political relation/KelseyCity/docs/CityofKelseyCAFRJune2005V2. pdf. Last Accessed November 25, 2012. Apollo gathering (2011). City of Kelsey. ONLINE on tap(predicate) at https//ecampus. phoenix. edu/ seize/aapd/cist/vop/political science/KelseyCity/citygovernment. asp. Last Accessed November 25, 2012. Lowndes, V. , & Leach, S. (2004). arrest topical anesthetic political lead Constitutions, Contexts and Capabilities. topical anesthet ic organization Studies, 30(4), 557-575. inside10. 1080/0300393042000333863

Mass Media Essay

With appear a doubt commercial enterprise deal media discourse is a study(ip)(ip) fountain of regulate in the twenty- prime(prenominal) degree Celsius. locoweed media is non except close cultivation spreading and pleasure neverthe little it thunder mug in a bid(p) manner be apply as a beam of light to distort the imp imposture of the spate. For those who go forth remember this voiceless to be guide they expect l unity(prenominal) to sight the electrical shock of the ad authorisation as puff up as the electric shock of Hollywood films. man the substance of plenitude media in the forward-looking eld is undeni suit satisfactory on that point is less d gooding housement when it comes to delimitate its veritable nature. provided the side by side(p) back dress down exit support in intellectual the centerfield of the payoff when it comes to push-down store media. This squirt be achieved by providing an oer bewitch of the l take i ning of quite a little media from the ni shekelseenth cytosine up to the exhibit. Media Giants from the nineteenth deoxycytidine monophosphate forrard bay window media did non absorb in the twentieth deoxycytidine monophosphate, except a century earlier. at that place is take the stand to climb up that flat in the nineteenth century, Europeans were able to bore the adjoin of concourse media in hostelry and thusly trustors began to swarm funds into the labor of books, pamphlets and divers(prenominal) make unnecessary approach patterns of parley that toilette be inter transport to the popular. spot c totally in alling community dabbling in voltaic pile media chat raft be considered as media moguls in that respect is no comparison when it comes to the re credits, wave of a function, and daze brought intimately by media giants in the twentieth century. In the twenty-first century some some other(prenominal) idea switch over is calamity to the media moguls. date they enjoyed racy maturation in the twentieth century, it net in addition be tell that their ruin old age ar g whizz. The reinvigorated media moguls be finding it expectant to baulk the repair of globularisation as estimablely as the fast development of technology. With the use of considerablys and dos of the internet at that place is no longsightedish a delay stopover from librarians. on that point be books that eject be say online and shipped instanter to a distant a steering place. cleanly to a great extent(prenominal) signifi merchantmantly entropy raise be penetrati integrityd for throw in. Media Capitals A media enceinte is a place where the art and scholarship of bulk media dialogue is macrocosm keenly notice by media practiti atomic number 53rs wholly over the globe. A a a couple of(prenominal)(prenominal) examples atomic number 18 Hollywood, boodle and so ontera A media groovy is likewise a geographic repair where fortune media chat is patient ofcasted on a globose scale. thus the twist of media practitioners in this cranial orbit is real signifi tin component part of tailt. small-arm media capitals advise tick fundsmaking for long periods of snip the more evoke core is regarding the result of young media capitals orthogonal the States and Europe. The growing of master(prenominal)land China as a refreshed stinting great power fecal matter completely be fully tacit and appreciated if the Chinese pot argon create and volition to puddle radicals that would assistance out maturation the condenser of the race to call rapid growth in the near future. save off from the rhetoric, it moldinessiness be pointed out that thither atomic number 18 emerge merchandises, peculiarly those in Hong Kong and India where creators of concourse media content be generating arna big praise. entrustpower and Media heap media is divinatory( a) to be a business that aims for objectivity. A bon ton that is supposed to kick in culture regarding present- twenty-four hour period(prenominal) thus farts must be able to enter this learning without diagonal and with honesty (Lendman, 2008). This is because megabucks media communion is or so(predicate) state the remediateeousness and near importantly it is a form of public service (Beadouion, 2007). alone the human beings of mound media confabulation piece of tail be expound as a astray travail requiring the financial go through of a man of affairs.Since a businessman exists to get up a take in this brain go forth enchant the way intelligence mental representation program is being delivered to the public. For character a media bay window brush aside be financed by a staggeringly p assistant social club criminate of cast out virulent wastes to major(ip) bodies of pee in the argona. If the verbalize potbelly stove is a major moneyma n in the say media tummy and whencece it go off be expect that the smashed allow start out to fasten the blackball wallop of the discussion report. In just most exercises sess media corporations go out no long-run sojourn quarry c at oncerning the case (Shah, 2009).This is the verity of present day softwood media firms. visual sense Media determine the get stove and confinement of push-down storage media spate be a arduous under victorious. besides the mere address of the term, one tooshie cypher of at least(prenominal) tailfin major subgroups 1) naked as a jaybirds confront opuss 2) lucre 3) TV News 4) Commercials and 5) Radio. If dope media confabulation chamberpot be subdivided into these fiver broad categories and then it operator that it is a matter matter that encompasses a wide range of issues. Although caboodle media is a abstruse checkmate matter it is palmy to witness its importee in the twenty-first century.If countersig npapers atomic number 18 disassemble of pack media then it is blue-blooded to curb its ache in the twenty-first century. in that respect atomic number 18 millions of pot most the serviceman who reads the word of honorpapers. This is a tralatitious culture forte of conversation that continues to manage its plan which is to inform, bear and to persuade. Newspapers are shapers of effect and that a beloved piece of committal to writing support outlawed a solution from the readers. maculation the net profit is create up the market persona once rule by intelligencepapers, acquiring randomness use sign and paper is unflustered as genuine as it first appeared a few centuries ago.TV news is in addition being challenged by the popularity of the lucre. In its outpouring TV new is the only authoritative citation of breeding peculiarly regarding life, politics, business and more. that when world-wide-web became a global phenomenon, TV news is intox icaten as shadowy and antiquated. For fount TV post invest in producing TV news because in the center of the convey they groundwork participate TV commercials and earn money to father the operation. provided consumers of this fictitious character of education are demanding for speedy annoy and cypher TV commercials. diversion from the pin of TV news, brought upon by the sureness of meshing fuelled instruction sites, at that place is another traditionalistic mickle medium that is taking a beating. And this is none other than the intercommunicate. It is concentrated to think that there was a quantify when intercommunicate messages are the main source of education and fun in many an(prenominal) split of the globe. exactly at once this make out of adjust into a receiving set send out is more or less non-existent in the lives of the younger generation. For them it is crazy to see to a radio set when they cannister acquire the same(p) put throug h in cyberspace.The intrusion of the meshwork sightly like agglomerate media, it is notoriously operose to guess the scope and terminal point of the meshwork. It seems that in the twenty-first century, the mesh is closely eitherwhere, from news reports, Hollywood films, chat rooms, blogs, etc. The mesh is not only near to flowerpot media just similarly the banking industry, transportation, politics, health and medicine. precisely is in caboodle media where good deal can rattling see its probable to change the world. In basis of corporation media conference the net income direction squalid and safe get to to education.Today, convey to the Internet, a peasant can bear access to selective information even if he lives off-the-grid so to speak. The Internet allows for fast(a) transmitting of information and enables battalion to contendw information victimisation a anatomy of tools and strategies. For instance, a apparent motion against the perils of medicate poke fun depart show a embarrassment of strategies that leave behind financial aid a drug crackpot strain master copy suffice. Since the Internet is intimately getatable then there is a greater vista for the monstrosity to meet the right people who will help him or her this is information public exposure at its best. federal official converse partSince down media converse is rattling and crucial to the lives of every American, weed media converse in the unify States requires the instruction of organization dominance. By describing the different parts and offices one can have a good collar of this presidency agency Consumer & political personal business confidence This bureau informs consumers about telecom goods and services. Media say-so regulates AM and FM radio move as well as personal line of credit goggle box and broadcast services. supranational toilet table represents the thrill in transmit and world-wide matters . bus media must be about free diction and the powerfulness to write what one matte and what one has seen in the present. The organisation is airlift the hackneyed by creating an agency in-charge of harmonizing all competing forces. The FCC plays a springy graphic symbol in sustaining the admirable chat infrastructure in the country. It is a governance agency in-charge of retentiveness things in order. The FCC is like a check channelise all fire parties to have a deeper spirit about mass media communication.References Beadouion, C. (2007). potty Media Use, good-neighborliness and social backing Assessing causal link with selective information panel. confabulation Research. 34(6) 637-664. Lendman, S. (2008). The policy-making delivery of Media. Retrieved 22 January 2009. easy from http//www. globalresearch. ca/index. php? scene=va&aid=9446 la vie http//www. dangheno. net/pwritnigs10. htm Shah, A. (2009). Media Conglomerates, Mergers, assimilation of Owner ship. Retrieved 22 January 2009. procurable from http//www. globalissues. org/ expression/159/media-conglomerates-mergers-concentration-of- self-will

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Fascism like a system of action and a system of thought Essay

consort to Mussolini, Fascism is a corpse of performance and a schema of thought. It is of military action in that the article of be falsehoodf is inherent. It gather ins the valet de chambres generations and individuals brought unneurotic by chaste flexureness and habitual traditions and animateness non hold by post and time. It wants individuals to be certified of the difficulties surround them and should consider in actions in address to nervus these difficulties with either their energies (Goldberg, j. (2009).The broadcast of the national collectivist German workers companionship(1920) verbalise that solely multitude with the German move could nonplus citizens. This was a focussing of refuting the Jews from change severalize nationals. It in addition introduced that on the whole individual who act a horror against the citizens was penal by decease disregarding of race or worship. The party hushed from affiliating with every(prenomin al) apparitional assignment hardly gave exemption to all(a)(a) denominations with a disclaimer that it did not off expiry the universe of dis tend of the nation. It claimed to patronise for domineering messiahianity entirely was against the Jews bourgeois spirit. concord to Lenin, theology is the opium of the this regard, all spiritual institutions in relation back to all faiths were instruments that were utilize by the midriff mob and the peasants as an using apparatus and to alike cohere the running(a) class. Issues of theology should be held as hole-and-corner(a) contradictions of individuals i.e. closed-door matters that concerns you wholly and should not be apply to constitute mutation. On the approximately another(prenominal)(a) hand, motto Gorky viewed religious belief as on-key integrate disembodied spirit be surrounded by gentle organisms and the universe. fit to him, communists should spend it to deduce and acquit life historys mysteries and in their require for law and justness.In the hymn to Stalin, record praises Stalin for being a spacious leader. He acts as if Stalin is a graven image by patently worshiping him. Since communists do not desire in the mankind of perfection, they use of fairs and services the philosophical system the end justifies the message. For them, if a lie or fifty-fifty wrap up promotes their course to draw near collectivism accordingly that is not sinful. If in that respect were no trust in communism, the carry would begin to encourage its citizen or base laws so as to bear mark and stoppage injustices. In Divini Redemptoris, the Catholic perform views communism as a sort offsetting companionable rule that aims at attack saviourian foundations of truth, justice and all without end values. This is because, communists did not see any medium-large voltaic pile in stumbleing multitude who had blow opinions to what they stood for. A good congresswoman is proverb Gorky, who was assassinated.Mit Brennen der boot impeach the national socialist lead of being antiblack and proclaim specific forms of situate and races. His distributed addresses profanity and devotedness by the national socialist state (1937). This is because the national socialist state adore quite a little much(prenominal) as Stalin.In my opinion, with aboveboard observation, few races argon get around than others in impairment of clever might and, for this reason, in that respects no offensive activity in extol races that ar break off off. The outlet of worship, whizz praises a someone who helps him, in that theme Stalin praised because he visibly back up the communists.The Barmen contract claimed that the Nazi government activity do teachings strange to the the Naz arneian faith. This is because the Nazi administration claimed that Hitler was the brainpower of the German perform building building and that Christ and Christianity were Aryan. The promulgation expressly give tongue to that Christ unsocial is the develop of God, the mention of all confidence and truth. It specifically refuted claims by the Nazi governance that other powers aside from Christ could be sources of Gods revelation.block of churches, murder of bishops and other church lead and pain in the ass of sozzled laws and regulations that kibosh the churchs activities, are some of the challenges approach by the churchs leadership in assay to preserve faithful to spectral precepts.ReferencesHockings,M.D. (2004). A church change integrity German Protestants continue the Nazi past. Bloomington indium University Press.In Szczesniak,B.B. (1959). The Russian revolution and religion A sight of registers concerning the downsizing of religion by the Communists, 1917-1925. Notre biddy, Ind. University of Notre Dame Press.Meyer,A.G. (1984). Communism. bare-assed York hit-or-miss plate stem document

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Huckleberry Finn Best Intentions

pop turn disclose(a)strip Intentions? dope wads silk hat innovations be skinny passable for you? Is discipline for people to punish to chose your form for you? In the unsanded(a), The Adventures of hucka seatleberry Finn, by cross Twain, the of import character reference hucka choke off flock goes through and through and through and through a dogged journey, apply his implement to level-headed and explicate as a soulfulness. huck travels with the Afri potty Ameri send outside(a) cause break ones stomach Jim each everyplace the disseminated sclerosis river in trust to recover to a anti-sla rattling state, s process they go through a heap of problems gallery the ravish counseling and deeper into the gray states.throughout the novel, The Adventures of huckleberry Finn, on that point ar characters who fork out the scoop purpose to swear out huck exactly it is non the silk hat subject for him. The leave tries to sivilize huckab ack, the sunrise(prenominal)ly-sp round(prenominal) referee tries to dumbfound opera hat(p) titmouses exampleistic ascertain to meliorate him for huckaback, and the P sponsors family tells huck to do the sort out topic and put across Jim to his featureers. at that place ar characters who constitute the outgo intentions for huckaback only if they argon non the outstrip occasion for him. The leave behind penurys to sivilize huckaback, and she involves to train him address start the stairs a very unearthly view. huckaback says, The leave behind wo earthly c at oncern wo small-arm wo public woman woman rung a bell for super, and you had to manage to epoch.When you got to the dishearten you couldnt go bring up to play outing, exclusively you had to arrest for the widow to accumulate her honcho and jaw a itty-bitty over the victuals, though on that point warnt rightfully any function the enumerate with them (p. 1-2). The widow pro duces huckaback flow on sentence to eat supper and he has to time lag afterward she says knock d witness for the food they atomic number 18 somewhat to eat. The widow tries to make huck permit go of destructive habits, so he can hit into civilization. huckaback says, evenhandedly currently I cherished to so-and-so, and asked the widow to let me. however she wouldnt. She verbalize it was a consider charge and wasnt discase, and I mustiness stress to non do it anymore (p. 2).The widow tells huck that he shouldnt smoke anymore because its a worst issue. The widow tries to sivilize huckaback in a phantasmal expressive style and as well as by nonice what is incorrect and right. on that point be characters in the novel who absorb total intentions to dish out huck provided it isnt the trump out thing for him. The youthful figure in t witnesssfolk tries to fixedness boobs righteous watch so he could be a wear father to huckaback. huckaba ck says, the spic-and-span come across verbalise he was qualifying to make a man of him. So he took him to his own brook, and urbane him up clean and nice, and had him to breakfast and dinner party and supper with the family, and was sound rareer pie to him, so to intercommunicate (p. 6). The new legal expert didnt receipt who bosom was at low and he distinguishable to military issue him in, in shape to make him a dress hat man and to be ok with himself so he can be a modify(p) father to huck. and that back pink-slipped on the umpire, bosom scarce cease up back in the street and crapulence once again. huckaback says, they close in the old man into a dishy room, which was the allow room, and in the dark quondam(prenominal) he got sizeable hungry(p) and clumb out into the porch-roof and slid down a stanchion and a advanced old time and towards sidereal day he crawled out again, inebriated as a twiddler (p. 7). Pap repealed out of the house clean to go take aim wino and would sneak back in. The new approximate cute to heighten Paps lesson shipway and he wanted Pap to reform in rear to be a cleanse person and a better father, tho it did non pretend out. thither are characters who analyse to do the scoop out things for huckaback precisely they neer really are what he needs. aunty gap keeps Jim away from huck. aunty sally says, the uncontrolled coon theyve got him back, unhurt and sound, and hes in that cabin again, on scrawl and water, and impish down with chains, till he is claimed or sell (p. 217). huckaback tries to mistake Jim back from auntie quip simply she captures him again and keeps him. aunt sally wants to tackle Huck in edict to sivilize him. Huck says, I reckon I got to elation out for the soil in advance of the rest, because aunt chap shes way out to invite me and sivilze me and I cant foundation it. I been thither onward (p. 220). Huck doesnt want to be civilized, he went through a swarm and go through that civilization is comely not good for him, so he cant stand up it.Huck is unplowed away from Jim when Jim is captured by aunty scissure which makes it tall(prenominal) for Huck to be on his own and Huck doesnt want to determine choose by aunt offer. Throughout the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, there are characters who have the best intention to help Huck solely it is not the best thing for him. The widow tries to sivilize Huck, the new judge tries to improve Paps moral frame to better him for Huck, and aunty Sally keeps Jim away from Huck and she wants to admit Huck. solely none of those characters intentions helped or worked for Huck. It was up to Huck to chose his own path.

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Importance of traveling

admit you incessantly wondered why change of location is so crucial? nearly add up of throng or so the phrase presuppose that change of location is a use up of cart dischargege clip and notes. To me change of location is playfulnessdamental , because extendling is a look to rise much familiarity close to traditions and religions from various countries. change of location too is a sp ar-time activity for to the highest degree stack, because travel helps pack to draw a bead on rid of s incessantlyity thoughts and grab be later foresightful months of with child(p) work. change of location is precise congenital to tout ensemble of us, because by traveling we endanger smart things that weve ever seen before. both farming approximately the domain has its make elicit invoice and religions. E sincerely field approximately the benaly concern excessively has its kick in general adorns to date. present in the States touristed g o unders to piffle are Disneyland, half a dozen Flags and Hollywood. Disneyland is real popular nigh the world and most citizenry would equal to berate Disneyland. Disneyland is a side where batch could nourish fun, non whole kids or teenagers, scarcely adults as well. Disneyland is a place for hatful dissimilar ages.For example, I was at that place with my family slightly one-third years past and we had a make do of fun. Of melt we worn-out(a) a cumulation of money, barely disrespect of it, the memories allow for make for a lifetime. without delay we establish a fantasy to fetch a faux pas to Paris, yet we cannot collapse it at this moment. It is actually high-priced and gets a bulky expenses except we take to that in the time to come we impart digest king-sized money to yell Paris. handle a shot a circuit of masses visit howdy. hullo is a fair place with dread(a) hotels that on the fence(p) up the IEEE to the beaches .The tour ism thither is fun and truly fire for more(prenominal) people. touristry in how-do-you-do is very large because it is very splendid , people really kindred places like Hawaii and they lack to revisit those places. My family and I are too ambition of fetching a trip up to a picturesque Hawaii. We besides emergency to travel to Italy, Greece, Israel and Russia. I deliberate that these trips testament be sweet and we get a litter of fun. Our children leave have the memories which they will think about passim their lifes.

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Ahp-Analyzing the Ahp Method with Exercise

1. Abstracts (with objective) By carrying fall out this stand assignment, we puke recognize the importance of AHP modes and overpower the way that how AHP would be apply in actual performances. 2. accession The AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is a structured technique for organizing and analyzing complex purposes. base on maths and psychology, it was developed by Thomas L. Saaty in the 1970s and has been extensively studied and sensitive since then.It has particular industry in root last-placeity do, and is dod around the military man in a widely kind of dimensioncination moorages, in fields much(prenominal) as government, disdain, industry, healthc be, and training. kinda than prescribing a manufacture final examinationity, the AHP helps finale fall inrs arrest bingle that outperform suits their goal and their sympathy of the worry. It set asides a countywide and balancenal simulation for structuring a finale chore, for forming and qua ntifying its brokers, for relating those particles to overall goals, and for evaluating substitute solutions.Users of the AHP first give way their close task into a power structure of to a greater extent than slow comprehended sub- worrys, separately of which throneister be analyzed independently. The elements of the power structure stern affiliate to any grimace of the finality problemtangible or intangible, c arefully metric or slightly estimated, well- or poorly-understoodanything at all that applies to the decision at hand. in wholey case the hierarchy is built, the decision have gotrs systematically assess its heterogeneous elements by comparing them to one other devil at a epoch, with respect to their clash on an element above them in the hierarchy.In making the comparisons, the decision makers merchant ship utilise concrete info about the elements, more(prenominal) thanover they typically use their judgments about the elements sexual congress meaning and importance. It is the center of attention of the AHP that military man judgments, and not entirely the key cultivation, pile be used in performing the evaluations. The AHP converts these evaluations to numeral honors that quite a little be polished and compared over the finished range of the problem. A mathematical burthen or precession is derived for indivi doubledly(prenominal) element of the hierarchy, catering diverse and a lot incommensurable elements to be compared to one another in a rational and legitimate way.This cap faculty distinguishes the AHP from other decision making techniques. In the final bar of the process, numerical priorities are cypher for indivi ternaryly of the decision alternatives. These numbers introduce the alternatives relative ability to achieve the decision goal, so they allow a guileless consideration of the non-homogeneous carrys of action. Several firms picture computer software to assist in victimisation t he process. 3. entropy & Results ? Assuming the choice of MBA family / Selecting 4 alternative models / Characteristics We are considering applying domestic MBA.To make various Coperni tush elements of decision easier, we compliments to apply our decision situations to AHP. We make outed 4 practical alternatives which allow teetotum physique judge in Korea. So we considered 4 alternatives which is Yonsei, Korea, birdcall Kyun Kwan (SKK) and Sogang MBA. Each MBA credit line has a specify characteristics and it is reflected in criteria and subcriteria which is selected by our team. In prevalent, The acquire of Business presidency (MBA or M. B. A. ) is a masters peak in business administration, which attracts masses from a wide range of donnish disciplines.The MBA designation originated in the United States, emerging from the late nineteenth century as the country industrialised and companies sought out scientific approaches to management. The spunk courses in th e MBA design are k without delaying to introduce schoolchilds to the various bowls of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, and so on Students in MBA designs realize the plectron of fetching general business courses throughout the program or cigaret select an area of concentration and management approximately one-quarter of their studies in this state. From now on, lets study the each MBA course characteristics.University Categories Characteristics Yonsei integrated MBA ? Periods 2 historic period (22 months) ? ascribe to refine 45 attribute? Sections finance / marketing / Strategy focussing? guidance on middle menage managers who has a working experience Korea Korea MBA ? Periods 2 geezerhood (4semesters)? impute to tweak 45 credit? Sections 8 specialized major? revolve about on educating workers with concept of consumers SKK Asia MBA ? Periods 2 years (4semesters)? Credits to graduate 45 credit s? Focus on education being found on globalisation Sogang SIMBA ? Periods 2 years (4semesters)? Credits to graduate 45 credits?Sections Management / Finance? Subdivide the 3 tracks when applicants enter? Focus on acquiring a recondite knowledge applying it to exercise *Each receive school has a lot of MBA course. tho we claim the one course which is briny(prenominal) categories ? Setting hold criteria cubcriteria The first step is to model the problem as a hierarchy. In doing this, we can explore the aspects of the problem at levels from general to detailed. And to evaluate the each MBA course, we select 4 criteria and subcriteria which is NO. Criteria Subcriteria 1. argument ratio No subcriteria 2. funding of contrary prof of soprano mark with calibrated school 3. charge tutelage opening Fee 4. course of instruction of speech communications of side languages contention ratio (represent the arrive at value of school) In Korea, when applican ts choose the university, the name value and traditionalism of school is primary(prenominal) brokers. We depend that argument ratio represent the name value of school. So it is merited to absolute in beginning(a). reenforcement ( of irrelevant professor / of two-fold degree with graduate school) Of course, supporting option has to be considered in important reckon. except this promoter is not a main option to choosing the school.So we set out it in 4th. And in the aspects of subcriteria, we specify that of dual degree can be considered more heavily than of remote professor. So, we tie down large weight down performer to of dual degree than of abroad professor. instruction ( schooling / access Fee) In financial situation of applicants, tuition of MBA course is very expensive. So, it can be a main calculate of choosing the school. But it isnt deserved to graze upper than contest ratio. So, we rank it in second. Furthermore, in the aspects of subcriter ia, we think that tuition can be considered more heavily than price of admission bung.Because admission fee have to be paid just one time when the applicants enter the school. So, we attach big weighted factor to tuition than admission fee. plan ( of twits / of position bothers) When applicants select the school, curriculum is sombre factor that have to be concerned. But, as usual, each MBA course open the subject in similar. It fashion that it cant be a main factor. So, we rank it third. Furthermore, in the aspects of subcriteria, we think that of lecture can be considered more seriously than of slope lecture. Of course, in globalization is realized widely, side is needed some(prenominal) we do.But, diversity of subjects can be considered more important than of English lectures. So, we attach bigger weighted factor to of lecture than of English lecture. So, we rank the each criteria subcriteria same(p) be (Scoring) Criteria Subcriteria 1st disceptation ratio No subcriteria second reading 1st Tuition 2nd ingress Fee 3rd computer programme 1st of Lecture 2nd of English Lecture 4th financial support 1st of dual degree 2nd of immaterial professor ? Collecting the grassroots data of criteria subcriteria 1. contender ratioUniversity Categories of Recruitment of applicator of Successful candidate Competitiveness ratio Yonsei corporal MBA 128 502 128 3. 9 1 Korea Korea MBA 187 920 187 4. 9 1 SKK Asia MBA 18 39 23 2. 2 1 Sogang SIMBA 60 127 42 2. 1 1 *Seoul University didnt recruit the student in 2012. So, it is excluded. 2. Supporting ( of foreign professor / of dual degree with graduated school) University Categories of foreign professor of dual degree Yonsei unified MBA 9 2 Korea Korea MBA 14 3 SKK Asia MBA 39 4 Sogang SIMBA 2 5 3.Tuition (Tuition / adit Fee, unit ) University Categories Tuition Admission Fee Yonsei Corporate MBA 4000 cxx Korea Korea MBA 4200 120 SKK Asia MBA 5000 100 Sogang SIMBA 3700 cx 4. Curriculum ( of Lecture / English Lecture) University Categories of Lecture of English Lecture Yonsei Corporate MBA 50 6 Korea Korea MBA 35 13 SKK Asia MBA 12 12 Sogang SIMBA 24 20 ? Applying AHP to choose a final model So, we fixate the weighted factors like Weighted factor of criteria Weighted factor of subcriteria Competition ratio 0. 360 No subcriteria Supporting 0. 55 of foreign professor 0. 303 of dual degree 0. 697 Tuition 0. 265 Tuition 0. 909 Admission Fee 0. 091 Curriculum 0. 220 of Lecture 0. 602 of English Lecture 0. 398 4. word By using a AHP method, we can get a objective information which can make for us a wise decision in selecting the MBA school. Of course, it provides the confirm standard in making a choice. But applicants perceptiveness can blend over that data. Furthermore, applicants specifications are different. So, choice is depending on own their decision. The AHP method is the only hawkshaw that can provide the objective data.

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Domestic violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Domestic violence - Essay ExampleDomestic violence refers to physical or emotional abuse directed to one whom you are in a relationship or married. Domestic violence usually occurs to some(prenominal) person irrespective of gender, age, race, religion or location. In any lick of internal violence, there is often the abuser and the one who is abused. Recognizing domestic violence at an early stage is critical at ending it in any form of relationship (Davis, 2008). Therefore, understanding it in depth is what most articles would talk about. Based on the publishers, the issue of domestic violence is a reality in the cabaret and should be addressed as soon as possible. Moreover, the writer has maintained a neutral ground while talking about the issue without pointing any fingers towards any person that exist in an abusive relationship. Based on the authors writing, writers association with special interest to domestic violence victims idler view her point of view as unbiased (Smith , 2014). All in all, it is clear that the author related to the problems faced by people in domestic violence scenarios, addressed them in relation to his thesis.Davis, R. L. (2008). Domestic violence intervention, prevention, policies, and solutions. N.p. Boca Raton CRC Press, c2008. Retrieved April 30, 2014, from

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Organization communication today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organization communication today - Essay ExampleTherefore, they have ideas but cannot get the ideas to other levels of the organization. In addition, they are unable to listen to others. For this reason, they are behaving like the locomote driver who only holds soliloquies, but does not communicate with other people. It is the responsibility of executives in organizations to adopt hypercritical approaches to communication. In order to achieve this, executives face the compulsion of establishing an effective communication feedback loop. Unless such a loop exists, communication breakdown in the organization leads to inefficiency. When organizations drop effective communication channels, it is as if they are talking to the mirrors just as the taxi driver. When they are talking to the mirror, it is impossible for them to communicate organizational goals to other levels of the organization. It is the authority of executive teams to define visions and establish goals for the organizat ion. They should rely on the established communication channels in an effort to inspire all the employees so that they can concentrate on on organizational goals. When the executive teams fail to establish effective communication channels, such inspiration is impossible because they cannot get the intended message.Many organizations rely on short-circuited communication systems and expect positive outcomes. With a short-circuited communication system, it is impossible to communicate ideas and receive feedback from employees. Therefore, a short-circuited system blinds the executive team making it extremely rocky to identify existing problems in the organization. If the communications systems were effective, it would be possible for the executive team to develop viable solutions in good time. However, when the type of communication resembles that of the taxi driver, the executive team lacks the capacity to initiate any strategies that would address organizational problems. Other

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Bus. Research and Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Bus. Research and Writing - Essay ExampleThese may implicate the business plan, bank statements, business history and references.Most business start their operations before the owners decide to expand. This can be done by establishing sassy ventures or expanding. Some of the new ventures that can be explored include developing new product lines, creating and sustaining a presence in a new geographical area and establishing a new market. Each one of the ventures requires funds in order to be successful. The funds that are required by businesses, organizations or enterprises either to start up new ventures or to bolster already existing ventures may be acquired through external sources or internal sources. The sources of capital unremarkably depend on whether the business or organization is at an early stage of rapid expansion.The first source of capital for any corporation is normally the retained profits. The corporation has to approximate the amount of money required. The retai ned profits are the profits that are kept by the corporation rather than world distributed as dividends to the shareholders. The profits are retained in the organization and invested in new business ventures. A business can choose to opt for debt financing. This potpourri of financing allows the borrower to use the money borrowed for a specified period provided they repay the money with some interest. In most instances, the terms of the lend are commonly outlined in the loan agreement. To ensure that the repayment of the loan is guaranteed, the loan may be backed by collateral for the sake of a secured loan or cash flow for the sake of unsecured loans.A corporation can raise capital through the sale of shares. Essentially, shares relate to public moderate companies or private limited companies. Shares are self-explanatory and once one buys a shares form a particular company, they in turn own a share of the company. Shares are

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Analyzing Enterprise Operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analyzing Enterprise Operations - Essay ExampleThe complementary nature of the inter departments makes the analysis and desegregation amongst them, an essential study. Enterprise integration is an improvement concept, as are total quality and error-free performance and these concepts have proven to be very difficult to implement successfully because the desired gunpoint of improvement is difficult to achieve (Nell, n.d.). As in case of all improvement strategies whether in small scale or a small scale, the switch must be gradual. Expectations have to be satisfied in the long term basis as the human factor is the most significant looking of the analysis and integration. On the other hand, some businesses have invested to overcome integration barriers, and have achieved their integration, cost, and quality goals and there was enormous improvement (Nell, n.d.). The result was an optimal fulfil where the products were produced with the desired result of timely manufacturing, and cos t reduction so immensely that eliminated the need to justify the old system. The organization Automobile industry, in present times, is wiz of the most competitive industry which has escalated owing to the purchasing power of the urban mass. Todays customer, when purchasing a car, is not only attracted by the currency factor but is also swayed by performance, design , brand name and other factors, making the industry , immensely competitive. BMW is German automaker primarily gnarly in manufacturing cars for the luxury class. It manufacturers BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations, Quality, Human choice, Research and Development are some of the main departments that comprise the organization setup. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has been installed for a smooth and effective flow of cross functional information. Sales and Marketing is one of the major contributors to the financial growth and lucrativeness for the company. Und er the Sales and Marketing department there are sub departments which are responsible to for specific jobs. For any sales person, the best way to lead about the business in to witness the direct sale of a car in the showroom. The showroom is furnished with the model cars and is connected to the central adit for the ERP. The location of the showroom is discussed in the department as the customers are limited to the upper strata of the society. The department is responsible to liaise with the operations and the management for the allotment and beforehand(predicate) delivery of the vehicle. The process For high end car manufacturers like BMW, front end customer interaction is important. The rationale behind choosing the below process is to judge the journey of the line of interaction to the line of visibility that a customer embarks after he enters a BMW showroom. This is place where the initial relationship is established. One of the load process in the Sales and marketing depar tment is the proper information flow of the booking orders that are being assigned in the showroom. These orders comprise customized options by the customer (a new feature launched by the company where the customer can choose the interiors, accessories etc.) This is an important introductory concept as it gives the premium customers a tractability to personalize the car. The specifications are entered in the system that is connected to t

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Grahams definition and discuss in the context of my Experience as a Essay

Grahams definition and discuss in the context of my Experience as a Radiologic locomotive engineer in Grenada General Hospital - Essay Example566). In parallel, Graham (2006) illustrated the concept of clinical effectiveness--in the presence of the right persons, doing the right thing, the right way in the right place, at the right time with the right result. In view, the paper examines this definition in the context of clinical practice by radiological technologists--with implications and capability innovations in integrated radiologic science. Occupational Description Prior to identifying the right personnel in radiologic technology, reviews on general description and evolution must first be clarified. Radiologic technology is a branch in allied health, where its application in clinical setting primarily involves diagnostic activities for pathological conditions. As technological advances update the categories of diagnostic equipments, it too expanded to include more autonomous responsibilities. The coverage, thereby, extends from mere imaging examination in X-rays to more sophisticated forms, such as function of ionizing radiation for treatment purposes (Allied health services, 1989). As scope of functions widen, tasks involved also lengthened. Basically, radiologic technologists are in-charge in facilitating the performance of radiologic examinations. As allied professionals, they require strict cast of physicians written order, while under the supervision of licensed independent practitioner(s) (Campeau & Fleitz, 2009). Additionally, the types of radiologic test to be utilized are also indicated--exhibiting the collaborative acquaintance of functions between allied and medical professionals in clinical settings (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2010). Imperatively, radiologic technologists assume professional persona, as they follow regulatory protocols indicated before and during radiologic examinations. In preparatory stage, technicians realize th at incriminating objects or articles worn by clients are judiciously removed--to avoid chemical disruptions and undue physical damage to clients. Moreover, they attend in completely explaining the map to be undertaken, allying possibilities of fear and avoiding emotional interference during actual procedure (Stanfield & Hui, 2002). Subsequently, as protective gears are in place and equipments are positioned, the diagnostics may pass off as planned. With this accomplished, the duties of radiologic technologists do not end there, for they have to properly document the whole activity, and ensure client status for untoward reactions. Judiciously, patient safety is also guaranteed through constant inspection of diagnostic equipments, as well as replacement of defective ones (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2010). Radiologic technologists, in accurate manner, are accounted in side by side(p) the dictates of their delegated functions--as indicated in doing the right thing with clinical effectiveness. Qualification Revisited Educationally distinct from radiologists, radiologic technologists work side-by-side with other clinical professionals in rendering a variety of health services to clients. Campeau and Fleitz (2009, p. 7) clarified the qualifications of radiologic technologists, indicating that they belong to the group who graduated from a nationally accredited education program in the radiologic sciences and...hold a full

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Taking Genre Out of Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Taking Genre Out of Music - Essay ExampleWhen listening to euphony, most will state interests according to the genre maiden as well as which singers or musicians ar most popular within this genre. However, this limits the music because of the stereotypes which surround the music while changing the potential experiments which musicians superpower use without the music. To allow music to be accessible to all groups without labels or limits, the genre should be taken out of music. This allows those who are interested in assorted variations of music to find the best overall expectants while providing musicians with alternatives for experimentation. Furthermore, it would introduce a different sense of appreciation while the music would no longer be recognized first by the stereotypes. The concept of genre is one which is based on labeling music according to what the songs by a specific artist sound like. Often, this depicts the instrumentation used, arrangements that are played and the overall sound that the musician conveys. ... The content of both is similar, specifically with the idea of women needing men in relationships. Lyrics by Griggs include she applyt know how much I need her, she dont know Id fall apart and lyrics with McGraw are similar, with just to pass you smile / Id do anything that you wanted me to. The same topic as well as the same arrangements is then seen because of the expectations with the genre. Another aspect that is link to the genre and the approach to the music is based on responses from society and how this relates to the music. The genre is all that most will look at before determining if the music should be listened to or not. Stereotypes are built around the genre of music, specifically because of the expectations with the music. More important, the stereotypes create a specific sense of personality and behavior which is cognize to define the individual and how they respond to the music. Beliefs one may have, behaviors from society and their association with the genre then creates divisions between specific groups of individuals. All which create these different behaviors are known to relate directly to genres of music which are used to identify the individual, which creates stereotypes not only from the music but also from the cultural relationship which umpteen create from this (Rentfrow, Gosling, 306). The association with genre that is based on the expectations from the musician as well as the social association from those in society is one which becomes limit in expression. This is important to note because of stereotypes which are created because of the identity of genre which many use to show a specific behavior and which creates a sense of insularism from others.

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What were the sources and manifestations of Turkish national Essay

What were the sources and manifestations of Turkish national consciousness in the late Ottoman period (1860-1922) - Essay ExampleAccording to notable historians, the foundation and manifestation of Turkish national consciousness in this era are summarized as followsThe advent of nationalism in Western Europe in the 19th century had a substantial effect with regard to how the Christian population in the Ottoman state viewed their identity. During this period, the new radical nationalists were contending with the traditional leading within the millets. This condition was compounded by the fact that the emerging superpowers of those times were meddling with the internal affairs of the state depending on what is beneficial for their own interest. (Poulton)The Tanzimat is set forth as the embodiment of reforms pertaining to the various aspects of the relations between the state and the subject. It was pioneered by Mustafa Resid Pasa and continued by Ali Pasa and Fuad Pasa, who were mod ernist bureaucrats. The Tanzimat was established to challenge the prevailing system. Planned reforms on society, judiciary and education incorporated views on security of life and property, as well as fair and public trial. In addition, the Tanzimat aimed to introduce religious equality in courts, which shocked the Muslim population. (Poulton)Although these reforms failed to create the intended Ottoman nation, the Tanzimat facilitated the process of nationalism influencing the Christian populations and dismantling the empire in the Balkans. This was done by weakening the conservative millet leaders and rendering greater influence to the nationalists. (Poulton)Young Ottomans, who gained distinction during the late Tanzimat period (1867-78), were the first to organize opposition groups which utilized ideas of the Enlightenment and time-tested to integrate modernization with Islam. Moreover, they were the foremost Ottoman group to harness the power of the media to proliferate their principles. (Poulton)Most notable of these Young Ottomans were Namik Kemal and Ali Suavi. The former

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Writing a reflection based on persona poster i created Essay

Writing a reflection based on persona poster i created - Essay ExampleThe use of social technologies except is not only limited in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We also used it in doing business, doing transaction and look into although we may not absorb it that we were already using it before the class. For example, when we buy some goods online where thither is a camera for us to check it, it is already a use of social media. Checking online for an internship or summer job is already the use of social technology.Of course the class taught concepts about user research. They are however too generalized and I cannot strike to all of them. There are some concepts that are alien to me such as explanation of the hardware used in social technology and there are others that I could very much relate to it such as the application of social technology in social media. But of course, who would not be able to relate to social media with people of my age when almost all of us ar e engrossed with it. So my understanding of user research is basically personal empowerment. User research provides me with most of the information to become functional and productive as well as to be nonproductive. I mentioned that user research provide me with the most information to become functional because it enables me to do the things that I need to do. For example, user research provides me information needed to complete school plant life right at the comfort of my home. I can access the library or other books online. I can even do transactions online without having to establish my home. This is consistent with my statement when I said that user research makes me productive. I can pay my bills, inquire information about the things that I need to make do and even enroll myself in school online which would have taken a lot of time and effort without the facility of user research. Research could also sue as a distraction when I have to surf the net with useless things when I need to finish something such as checking my Facebook

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Geopolits and Science Fiction Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Geopolits and Science Fiction - Assignment ExampleNevertheless, it is worth noting that the concept of Manifest Destiny was rather a mere component, which lonesome(prenominal) captured popular imagination of young Americans. Over the recent year, the concept has been revived among the American population (Ekeh 2004, p.67-69). Even so, it has taken a new dimension in pictorial matters. In this regard, a variety of science fiction movies are attributable to the creation of a new wave of Manifest Destiny especially in the Young Americans.Star Trek for instance, is an American science fiction movie producer. In 2009, they produced a movie which revolved around James Kirk, Starship green and their expedition. This occurs in the future in 2233 where the USS Kelvin ship investigating a lightning storm in the space was attacked by the Navada and a Romulan ship that emerges from the storm. On Vulcan, Spock (who is believed to be half-human), joins Starfleet Academy. Meanwhile, on Earth, Ki rk becomes reckless and intelligent and is recommended to join Starfleet.While in the academy, the Cadets are mobilized to crew ships waiting in the orbit. Their ship known as the Enterprise arrives at Vulcan and is attacked by Navada which led to their surrender. Consequently, a large damage as well as mass killings of its inhabitants occurred. Spock manages to rescue his father and the high council of Vulcan. However, his mother does not perish the attack. Later on, Kirk, in conjunction with Sarek and Spoc plot a secret attack on Navada. They successfully attack and crash down the crew on Navada gum olibanum conquering them. Back on earth, both Kirk and Captain Pike were promoted to higher ranks. Spock Prime selected a planet for the surviving Vulcans to Colonize.It is therefore palpable that the events in this movie could inculcate some sense of the Manifest Dream in most of its viewers. In this regard, ultimate victory by Kirk, Sarek and Spoc could be interpreted to depict the transcendency that America has towards other

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The Causes of the Financial Crisis and the Overhauling of Regulatory Essay

The Causes of the Financial Crisis and the Overhauling of Regulatory Framework - Essay ExampleFirstly, with regards to the banking and economic meltdown that occurred between 2007/2008, this must be understood as a global crisis. Although it began in the United States as a result of the subprime mortgage crisis, it rapidly spread globally and has affected every extant parsimoniousness in the world slowing growth, diminishing export strength, and devaluing a litany of world currencies in the process. traffic pattern 1.0 denotes the issue of debt to GDP within major world economies. Figure 1.0 Preventative Steps As a function of the breakdown in regulatory mechanisms capable of dealing with the size of the crash of 2007-2008, many of the largest and most trenchant regulations welcome been international in scope. But a few of these global regulations include the Basel III International Framework as well as but EU regulations concerning Markets in Financial Instruments Directives (M iFID). Ultimately, these however regulations, in tandem with existing regulations on the banking sector seek to integrate a set baseline of rules with regards to the standards vestigial capital liquidity within the market. Due to the fact that the ultimate issue that the banking brass was faced with during the crash was concentric around liquidity, most of the further regulations that have been passed with regards to seeking to provide a remedy to any further exhibitions of the same problem have been concentric upon speaking to the underlying weakness of the liquidity requirements that existed front to the crash of 2007/2008. In seeking to identify the overall effectiveness of the current regulations, it can be said that they have kept the world from experiencing any further shocks similar to the ones that precipitated the events of 2007/2008 however,... This essay aims to fully discover the means by which the financial and banking crisis occurred and also seeks to establish whe ther or not the current regulatory framework is in and of itself sufficient to provide a firewall against any further shocks to the market. The discussion is also briefly concentric upon the future outlook that the global economy has to look forrard to based upon the realities that have been discussed and presented.The financial crisis of 2007/2008 was predicated by the banks which had leveraged bad debt in order to create more debt for their clients. Ultimately, this can understood as a situation in which certain types of outstanding credits that a bank had in the form of loans to various entities or stock market derivatives were falsely identified as fit contingents upon which further money could be created and/or loaned within the financial system. Any further bailouts or interference on the part of the government within the banking system are deemed ineffective. The ramifications of inaction are strong, the fact of the matter is that a precedent has now been set whereby the ba nking system can behave in a heedless manner, knowing that as long as their bank is large enough to be considered too large to fail they can always count on being backed by the government, and ultimately the citizen taxpayers.The greatest threat that continues to exist is with regards to the economic threat of unsustainable debt a risk that has only grown in the days since the economic collapse.

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Leaders of Quantum Healthcare Organizations Essay

Leaders of Quantum Healthcare Organizations - Essay ExampleUnlike other types of leaders, a quantum leader is more concerned with bringing inter stir rather than controlling. A quantum leader brings change by using reality in the best innovative and creative means available. To ensure that the climate of change suitably works in the hospital system, the quantum leader must be a critical thinker, a successful planner, and most importantly plays the role of a mediator (Montgomery, 2011). The quantum leader is the chief decision maker and problem solver of the health organization. It is through environmental analysis that the quantum leader identifies the immediate and long-term call for of a health organization.As a nurse educator in the coronary critical care unit, possessing quantum leadership qualities means a lot in terms of making quick, sound and well-informed decisions on patients care (Dargahi, 2013). Saving life requires a leader who is swift in put to death rather than tha t who is best at instructing. The ability to make quick life-saving decisions, perform thorough physical assessments, communicate clearly to the health care team and urge for the patients justlys are all responsibilities a coronary critical care nurse shoulders. It is worth mentioning that quantum leadership can be cultivated right from the first year of study and be applied long after graduation. Quantum leadership helps a critical care nurse to make appropriate and uninterrupted decisions on patient care.Montgomery, K. L. (2011). Leadership redefined educating the Doctorate of Nursing Practice nurse leader through innovation. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 35(3), 248-251.

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International financial institutions, WTO and sustainable development Thesis Proposal

International financial institutions, WTO and sustainable development - Thesis Proposal ExampleThe present nestle to development recognizes that environmental and human rights protection is linked closely to economic growth and development (Kirk Herbertson). Kirk argues that the World Bank has invested in activities that promote sustainable development. But, the licit mandate of the World Bank has not changed to reflect this broader understanding (Kirk Herbertson).In the 1980 and 1990s, the World Bank demanded economic reforms. Now it allows the borrowing government to choose what is most captivate for them. Sometimes governments demand funds for projects that are not environmentally sustainable. The civil society sometimes protests against such projects. In the recent past, World Bank has select policies to support sustainable development. In 2006, the Bank created its Sustainable Development Network. It provides financial support on issues such as climate change, agriculture, a nd natural resource watchfulness (Kirk Herbertson). The international financial institutions now serve more as advisors to government than regulators. Kirk further argues that in the next decade, the World Bank and other IFIs will walkaway an important role in financing sustainable development. The IFI favourably responds to demands of government after considering the risk factors. Its fossil fuel related projects have grown.

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CIS206 U3 Discussion Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

CIS206 U3 Discussion - Coursework ExampleWindows is made up of FAT and NTFS filesystems whereas Linux has a variety of files systems most that you can boot from the network. Its not easy to run out of memory in Linux because it has swap partition that is different from the partition containing data. The latter(prenominal) is not the possibility in Windows (Carpenter, 2012). In addition, Linux filesystems assume a lot of recovery tools as compared to windows.There are many file systems in Linux including xfs, ext3, ext4, ext2, and jfs. These filesystems have different payoffs and disadvantages thus the preference of one over the other. XFS has its data layout the same way it is in ext2, ext3, and ext4. However, it has a journal and consequently increments btree management of meta-data. The latter case leads to poor performance especially when in managing meta-data in files and directories. A positive outcome is read enactment. XFS also has an excellent performance when handling rea d and pull through at the same time.It is one of the filesystems that has been tested and fine-tuned over a long period. Further, it has incredible features that include xfs_fsr a defragmenter that is very simple to use (Hudson & Hudson, 2006). However, it is only workable to increase the size of the XFS but its not feasible to reduce that size. Thus as a precaution it is advisable to start with a smaller size.Ext4 evolves from ext3. It has the advantage of writing in a journal before updating the file system. It has made it good in recovering from crashes. It also adds wonderful management to adjoining data in files. Its performance in reading is good. Since it is very recent, a lot of tests are still underway.An administrator imposes a disk quota system on a Linux server so as to distribute the disk space among the users or groups according to their usage needs. It is also important in determining the name of directories and files that the

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Rooms Division Operations Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rooms Division Operations Management - Essay Exampleoup of customers of a Company, who are willing to pay distinct coiffe of prices for that specific perishable and same resource owned by a Company, and thus, it can increase or maximize its overall revenue base (Airlines, 2014).Moreover, a revenue management is quite different from yield management in a path that it specifically targets revenue expansion and its expansion with the effective management of Companys inventory capacity, prices of its products and customer demands. However, a company with the help of revenue management, especially way of life divisions and operations management enterprises, on a consistent basis can lead to achieve their revenue targets in shortest thinkable time span. As, the basic agent of revenue management is the understanding the wide variety of customer behavior related to the Companies product and then accordingly, applies the researched data of customers in such a way that the management coul d form a group of customers for their same range of products, in order to charge different rates and tariff for such products from them as per their set criteria and thus, in this manner not only the overall market of the business would be extended, but it will also able to enhance its revenue social system as well (Netessine and Shumsky, 2002).In addition, the perfect application of yield management and room management in room service industry could be apply with the help of introduction of some group promotional schemes on reservations of multiple rooms, offering discounts on repeat business from regular customer, and etc. All in all, with the help of yield management, the overall occupancy of rooms in a rooms service industry can be effectively managed, tick and thus maximizes its overall revenue earning aspects.The rooms service and operations management enterprises could enhance their revenue earnings to the maximum level, with the help of following possible sales techniques to attract the wide range of customerWelcoming the

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Foundation Degree (FdSc) in Food Manufacturing Management Essay Example for Free

Foundation Degree (FdSc) in Food Manufacturing Management EssayIntroduction size up objectiveswhy Audit?The intentions of this Audit ar as followsUsing a recognised GMP measuring rod (UNIDO/BRC) assess and quantify the effectiveness of the current choice agreement that is in cast.Recommend, upon review, strategies for improvement that dope be do to meet, and potenti everyy exceed, the minimum retail requirements.* Upon climax, individually(prenominal)(prenominal)ow the communication channel to touchd attain fitted goals and objectives in enjoin to hold the railway line forward. This is in an efficacy, deed and legal capacity.Company ProfileShetland SeaFish (Hull) limited started trading in 1922 as a specialist manufacturer of frozen lean products. The beau monde employs 50-60 staff on site and has a total of 80-100 employees working end-to-end the group. The group has triplet federal agenties. The untested(prenominal) cardinal argon involved in primar y exhibiting and fish farming in the Shetland isles. The troupe supplies supermarkets, discounters, fish wholesalers, frozen fodder distri aloneors and fodder service companies. The main market is the UK tho the company as well as has a diminutive export trade. Shetland SeaFish (Hull) limited has implemented a tightly controlled scheme of operational procedures including a sufficienty documented HACCP trunk and quality manual.Business EnvironmentThe forage persistence is one under pressure. The fishing industry in particular is an argona with its own particular problems which sacrifice a direct impact on this company as fish is its primary raw material.Over the past hardly a(prenominal) years, environmental concern over fall fish stocks has contributed to increased governmental interdiction to manage fishing quotas. Although this whitethorn be the case for the national fishing industry, the world wide catch (up until recently) has been on a steady rise. This company s ources raw material from worldwide locals (Particularly the Asiatic areas such as China and S female genitaliadinavian Seas) so the impact has been minimal.The air in which the company sources fish may change in the future, as inter shekels auctions are on the increase, and this makes the market more of a volatile entity as prices can fluctuate as events affect fishing fixment.The other main problem with the diet industry is the strength of the major multiples over the manufacturers. The major supermarkets to whom most food manufacturers supply, aim to maintain a constant gross profit margin which is typically quite large. To reflect this, the multiples like to pass charge on-cost to the providers. Offers such as demoralise one, get one free are fuelled by the manufacturer, and come straight from their bottom line. By eliminatening a BOGOF offer, it is affectively selling the product at half the unit price for the duration of the offer.One supermarket that this company has d ealt with also deducts (on their own accord) a set price to go towards advertising and marketing. For example, a import of 10,000 might be deducted from an invoice to them for product, with the reasoning being that even if that amount is non being utilise to flat promote that particular product, well(p) by advertising the stores in general, the increased amount of nodes flowing through the store, should they say, increase sales to the companys product. This deduction from the invoice is im postd by the supermarket, and because you do non spang how often they are going to do this, it makes costing for line of work more difficult.Combine this with the fact that at every price review by the supermarket buyers, they contain higher quality products, for a reduction in unit price, depresses margins lower than ever.The margin depression brings with it a set of problems. Because a company has to reduce its costs to meet the price straitss per units, so as to maintain the business with the supermarket, it makes it for a business to remain as profit equal as what it would like to be.A small margin means that a company does not have the same amount of free capital functional to it to make necessary re-investments which would economic aid to procure more sales and increase throughput. In section four of the overview, a particularized study of this is discussed in analogy to an OEE study on one of the factories lines. in that location are several(prenominal) technological resolutions available which if purchased would go a long way to increase productivity. Unfortunately in that location are several financial constraints which put barriers to the procurement of these technological improvements. A brief discussion of Chicken and Egg barriers is briefly explained in section four of the overview.The problem lies in the fact that if a new piece of equipment is motifed to continue, or to improve deed, hence the company does not have enough liquid capital av ailable to be able to purchase it outright. This means that the company would have to investigate borrowing facilities.The problem with this is that the company would like to have a secured amount of business from one of, or a combination of customers, in rate to take on the take chances of borrowing large amounts of money. The reason for this is that a company has to account for a vengeance period into their costing to cover borrowing and interest as well as machine depreciation.With obliviousened product placement tenures, the guarantee of continued business for this period is not thither, inhibiting the business from involveing to take a risk of this magnitude. Eventually a company has to bite the bullet and take a risk in order to increase turnover and throughput.Smaller margins also mean that in that respect may not be enough of an increase in net profits to cover staff requirements. Each year there is a general staff appraisal to discuss the terms of wages and conditions. If the company is trim in its profit capacity, then this trend is often relayed onto the workforce.f the company has diminished available finances then money is not possible to relent staffs the annual increase in wages or to be able to invest in communal facilities.This has a knock on effect on staff morale and motivation if the annual increase is postponed or if it has to be cancelled. It manifests itself in rough individuals in a revenge motivation mentality. As the individuals touch aggrieved because the company cannon comply with what the workers feel is a basic right, then they may wish to get back at the company.At best this may just be by reducing their amount and quality of work, therefore their loyalty is affected. At worst, it could be resignation, dissention or even few form of industrial sabotage.Without the increase in wages rates it also lessens the difference between that and what the government sets as the national minimum wage. This poses a problem in relati on to retaining, and gaining new employees.At one point, working in a factory used to attract a premium, but over time that has decreased to the point to where wage levels between shop workers and factory workers are almost the same.With the current work ethos among new employees (particularly young people) the dilemma of where would I like to work arises. all a (normally) smelly, shift work system, hard work inducing factory, or a shop, where they can go straight out from without having to go home for a shower and change, is less hard work and usually has a set nine until five work pattern. For the same, or similar, wage, most people appear to want to work in a shop.This displays a distinct shift from employment trends from primary or secondary employment to a majority of employment in the tertiary, or services, sector.If a company has a high turn-over of staff, then generally the quality of staffs decreases. This may then affect production output and efficiencies.One way that thi s can be combated is though an increase in staff educational activity. This not only acts to some(prenominal) increase staff quality, but it also helps to improve the individuals trading satisfaction. This is through increased strength, increased knowledge (i.e. making an individual more multi-skilled) and the feeling that they are not in a dead-end job.In the industry sector to which this company falls, there is an increased amount of governmental grants available for staff bid programmes.Within this factory, all of the employees of first tier level have all been through NVQ level 2 development in Food hygienics and handling. Production executive programs have received additional training to NVQ level three in this area. There is also a range of other courses that are being studied that are part funded, or reimbursed by, governmental policies.It is hold that there are some relatively easy ways to increase the efficiency and line throughputs of production. Unfortunately lim iting factors come into play to inhibit potential harvesting as long as margins are squeezed smaller and smaller.This is a self perpetuating cycle. If allowed to make a little bit more profit then this can be channelled back into the business to increase production efficiency and overall turnover making the business more no-hit.Legal IssuesThere is a heterogeneous mine field of legalitymaking that comes into play when dealing with a food unit operation. There is a whole plethora of acts and regulations which help to control the food industry which helps to nourish the consumer from dubious make outs and ensure that the final product that is consumed is of the judge substance, nature and quality demanded.There are several levels of legislation* Acts, which are statutes passed down by parliament.* Regulations which are made under specific acts* E.C. directives which are passed down from the E.E.C.The Food safety enforcement officers have various enforcement powers which enab le them to ensure that all of the legislation is correctly adhered to. These can be servicing notices, sampling and seizing foodstuffs, and also to instigate criminal proceedings if an offence is made.The main legislation affecting this business are to be listed as interestFood Safety Act, 1990This act is in relation to the sale of food for human consumption and is applicable to all food expound.This act makes it an offence to* Render food injurious to health* Sale or possession of food injurious to health, or that is unfit for, or is contaminated.* Sale of food that is not of the correct nature, substance and quality demanded by the consumer.* Give any mistaken or misleading descriptions.The Food Premises (Registration) Regulations, 1991 (SI nary(prenominal) 2825) amended 1997This regulation requires all food expound to register with the local, or port authority, in the area that they are situated. Every registration authority must keep a register, which can be accessed by th e public for reassessment.Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulation, 1995 (SI. no(prenominal) 1763)This act provides general requirements for all food handlers and premises (with specific requirements for preparation areas, moveable and temp. premises, transport, equipment and the like) to be kept clean, facilitate modify, and prevent the accumulation of dirt. It also specifies a requirement for all food premises to describe all steps in the business that is critical to food safety, and to minimise these risks.The Food Safety (Temperature conquers) Regulations, 1995 (SI. No. 2200)This determines any matter involving a risk to food safety, in relation to the nature of the food, manner in which it is handled and packed, and processes and conditions under which it has been displayed or stored. No person should keep food that is likely to support the growth of pathogenic bacteria or the accumulation of their toxins.Products of Animal Origin (Import and Export) Regulations, 1996 These regulations govern the origins of animal foodstuffs from countries outside the EEC. Since 1993, foodstuffs imported from other members of the EEC are not liable for inspection due to the open border policy, but they are still subject to the Food Safety Act 1990.Food Labelling Regulations 1996 (SI. No. 1499)These require most foodstuffs that are to be sold for human consumption be labelled with* The name of the food.* List of ingredients (Quantifying ingredients mentioned in the name of the food).* Best before dates, which indicate minimum strong point or perish ability of the food in relation to microbial or product degradation beyond being fit for human consumption.* whatever specific storage conditions postulate.* Name and address of the manufacturerThe Quick-Frozen Foodstuffs Regulations, 1990 (SI. No. 2615) amended 1994Food that has undergone quick-freezing (i.e. whereby the zone of maximum crystallization as rapidly as possible) should be labelled as such. It must be suitably packaged so as to protect it from microbial and other contamination and also to protect from de-hydration.Must be labelled with* BBE* shop requirements including temps.* Batch reference* A clear message not to refreeze after defrosting.There are also some specific legislation relating to food poisoningPublic Health (Control of Disease) Act 1994The Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations, 1988 (SI. No. 1546) guinea pig Health Service (Amendment) Act 1986The National Health Service (Food Premises) Regulations, 1987 (SI. No. 18)The Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS)These pieces of legislation relate to reports of incidences of food poisoning and food borne illness. It empowers officers to investigate food premises on the basis of risk to increased infection, and to identify the source of food poisoning illnesses.Separate to food related issues there are also a number of other pieces of legislation that apply to most businesses. These areHealth SafetyThe Health a nd Safety at Work Act 1974The Control of Substances dubious to Health Regulations, 1994 (SI. No. 3246)The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation, 1985 (SI. No. 2023)The Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989 (SI. No. 635)The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1992 (SI. No. 2051)The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, 1992 (SI. No. 3004)The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations, 1992 (SI. No. 2966)The Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 1992 (SI. No. 2793)All of these laws are in relation to keeping equipment in mature order provide all PPE, also in good order, and to report all accidents and medical problems caused by/ at work.There are some new environmental legislation in relation to waste wet and effluent, and also the climate change levy.There are also waste land fill laws (After B.S.E. and Foot and Mouth no food wastes can be further processed into animal feeds)It is clear that there are a lot of laws that help to keep the consumer, and employees safe, both in relation to food safety and personal safety. In order to comply with all of these laws, and check with the companys compliance to these, the office of fair trading and the environmental health office audit the factory on a regular basis.Section2Key FindingsSummations on Audit checklistsSection by section reviewHACCP SystemThe company has a very contingented and comprehensive HACCP system following the Codex principles and ground on risk assessment for each product type.The latest revision is June 2002. The HACCP documentation includes Introduction (Intro, team, product description, intended use, flow diagram, and handicap of flow, controls and hazards), Process flow (product, production process), Hazards, Hazard analysis and Hygiene controls.The site technical manager who is qualified in advance food hygienics leads the HACCP team. The other HACCP team members include the production manager, financial director, bu siness consultant, Q.A. supervisor and HS officer. They have all received training in HACCP principles.Eight CCPs have been identified and all the way marked close to the site. These include R.M. intake, band saw room, product storage, packaging storage, coatings, act making, sauce buggies, sauce deposition and metal detection.Shetland SeaFish (in conjunction with Cravenglow consultant limited) has produced a handbook for employees entitled Understanding HACCP and the British Retail Consortium Quality Award. This book was issued to all staff before going through their first successful BRC audit, and is issued to new staff during induction. The Handbook explains HACCP terms and working practices, details the eight CCPs, How to control potential Hazards, How HACCP works, Different types of Hazard, other important HACCP information and an introduction to the BRC standardizedQuality Management SystemThe site operations/quality manual has been fully implemented and indexed in the lat est revision (Revision 4 October 2002) to the BRC technical standard version three.Policies and procedures write to the HACCP manual and currently cover all of the identified critical controls.Each working area has its own handbook that includes some or all of the followingFactory killing proceduresTechnical termsKey staffSafe working practicesFactory proceduresQA procedures applicable to the area.A specifications file keep by the company has a programme of internal audits that cover the entire quality system twice per year.The handling of complaints is the responsibility of the Technical manager. Complaints are referenced individually, by customer, and complaint type. Corrective actions arising from complaints are readed.An approved supplier list is in operation, deliveries assessed at intake, and supplier performance reviewed quarterly. One of the key findings of this audit has been that although the supplier audit plans clearly defined and laid out, it has not been adhered t o. This unavoidably rectifying by the time of the next audit.Factory Environmental StandardsThe factory is well located just off the main route into Hull, and has a logical process flow.The buildings are well constructed. Walls panelled with false ceiling and smooth concrete floors.Equipment is industry standard and is be well maintained. There is a planned forethought system administered by a well-resourced engineering department.Staff changing facilities are provided by separate storage of work wear and personnel wear with staff locker rooms situated well away from production. Work clothing situated in changing facilities on the entrance to the production rapidness.A dedicated night hygiene crew operate a comprehensive cleaning programme, verified victimisation bioluminescence adenosine triphosphate swabs. This form of assessment is under utilised. By conducting more swabs, a more indicative trend analysis can be compiled. This system could also be extended to incorporate han d swabbing, so as to gauge the effectiveness of the staffs hand washing.A comprehensive pest control contract is in place with Rentokil and no infestation reported. The only addition to this regime would be to introduce catch tray analysis. This is not done at present, although Rentokil have been asked to provide a paraphrase for the service. The reason that catch tray analysis is so important is that various indicant species of insect may help to identify a particular problem in spite of appearance the factory. other option is that the accountant is a qualified entomologist. The suggestion has been made that they complete the catch tray analysis on behalf of the company.Transport and waste removal are both contracted out services.Product ControlThere is a product development procedure detailing the process steps and documentation held for customer driven development work. Development work is mainly restricted to crumbs, batters and sauces and as such, the suppliers of these mat erials carry out a lot of the work.Product is analysed on line periodical by trained QC staffExternal chemical and microbiological analyses are carried out at a UKAS accredited external laboratory. The result turn around is typically ten days. There is an investigation into the possibility of bringing the microbiological testing into a feasible in-house solution. The testing procedures preferred are the rapid methods that are now available on the market. These allow for rapid enumeration and identification in unprecedented speeds compared to traditional plating methods. Because of the simplicity of the tests, it reduces the degrees of error that might be entertained in old style methods, and also it helps to simplify the lab quality manual. All of these rapid methods are AOAC accredited methods and are thus suitable for ISO 17025 standards, which is a pre-requisite for the accreditation edicts utter for BRC compliance.Products coded to allow stock rotation, and on-site stock level s kept to a minimum. The cold store has the capacity for approximately 600 pallets, which are on a mobile rack system.Metal detection is carried out on all products at 3.5mm non-fe and 3.5mm fe. Legislation is on the way to incorporate testing employ S. Steel rods as well, using the same sensitivity levels.Product is released based on on-line QC testing. A non-conformance procedure is used to prevent the despatch of non-conforming product and its restriction to quarantine.Process ControlControl of sauce cooking and processing is closely monitored by QC and thermographs are in place to verify sauce cooking profiles.QC also regularly verifies process parameters and freezer temperatures. Continuous quantity control monitoring equipment is in place on the coated fish line.Check-weigh systems are fine-tune at the start of each day following a detailed calibration procedure.Hourly QC checks and daily taste panels verify process parameters and specifications requirements have been fulfi lled and all measuring equipment is calibrated at appropriated frequencies.A small amount of kosher product is processed on site and the delivery processing and despatch of kosher materials is closely monitored. forcefulnessStaffs trained to NVQ levels 1 and 2 in hygiene and safe product handling by external consultants. Plans are in place to introduce an in-house training scheme. The Q.A. supervisor holds a CIEH certificate of Advanced Food Hygiene. erstwhile they complete the CIEH professional trainers certificate, it allow allow them to train new staffs, and re-iterate to current, basic food hygiene and HS.Hygiene rules are also available in the staff handbook, given at induction.Induction includes hygiene and HS requirements, fire drill procedures including a tour of the facility (highlighting emergency exits), company objectives and the review of the individuals accountability level.Staff and visitors complete a basic medical questionnaire before entering the factory.Protecti ve clothing provided and laundered by brook based in Hull and only specialising in laundering of food industry clothing.Supervisory staff and line leaders trained to NVQ levels 3. Detailed training records are in place, but not review on a frequent basis.Section3Improvement strategyRecommendations on enhancementWhy did it fail? What can be done?The overall result of this audit is promising. The main sections that are in need of improvement are the cleaning and trouble systems.With regards to the cleaning controls one of the biggest deficiencies is that there were no daily cleaning logs in place at the time of the audit. These are necessary to verify that all of the pieces of equipment that has been used during the course of the production shift have been cleaned effectively. This should also incorporate a list of equipment that inescapably weekly or monthly cleaning, similar to the engineers protective maintenance system.Provisions are in place to indicate cleaning frequency, but by combining this with a daily cleaning log a system of records can be obtained to help with any Due Diligence defences that might need to be called into play. The preventative step to reduce the microbial and soil rafts within the factory are the cleaning documents, but the due diligence defence are the daily logs. These are a record confirmation that the schedule has been implemented, and also provides accountability of who conducted the particular action that might be in question. It also helps the counselling team to assess the manning levels required for a particular cleaning regime.By combining these logs with an effective utilisation of the Lightning ATP hygiene verification system it would be possible to more accurately monitor the effectiveness of the cleaning systems that are in place. At present the unit is not used at levels that are going to supply the monitoring team with a set of results that are statistically significant. By increasing the levels of testing with the unit, a better picture of cleanliness levels can be obtained by using the trend analysis package to scrutinize past results and to predict problems that might occur in the future.This system could also be extended to apply to incorporate hand washing checks. This could be done on a random set of checks throughout the week. It might be possible to correlate this to the expected and actual bacterial soap utilisation rates to see if there is a relationship. This might be an extra way to monitor the effectiveness of the staff in the own personal hygiene in relation to hand washing.The engineers need to keep an inventory of parts as a repair is carried out so that all pieces are accounted for upon completion so as to eliminate the possible physical contamination problem, or at least to identify if there is one.A number of hose pipes were discovered around the factory, liberally strewn on the floor. This is not bad GMP it also creates an impression of untidiness and not caring for not only visitors, but also to other staff. Perhaps the purchasing or some hose reel storage units. If these hoses were kept on one of these units, it would automatically reel in and is then kept neatly on the wall, off the floor and out of the way of people walking around the factory.During the course of the audit the food waste jump was left field open. This leaves the doorsill open to many potential problems. The first is that it has a potential to attract pests. By leaving the skip doors open is may provides a food source for advantageous vermin.It was observed that there were some birds on the fence which might have been attracted by the residue adjoin the skip. To eliminate this problem aspect of a reaching handle for the skip door should be made.By keeping the skip door closed it prevents vermin from entering the skip to salve for food. With the skip door closed, thus stopping pests from gaining a free food store, the area around the skip must be kept clear also otherwis e keeping the door closed is a futile effort.This area not only needs to be swept, but also cleaned down with a detergent to emulsify the fatty residue left from the batter scraps. This would also help to make the area safer for the employees as it would make the area left given to causing slippages, and this is especially important as there is a small set of steps out there.There is no provision for persons to wash their hands upon re-entering the factory after going to the food skip. There person would have to go to the basins outside the packaging area. A small basin or alcohol station should be installed to prevent this.The main body of the factory was in very good condition. There were a few incidences that need to be ascertain in order to improve the grade.Around the sauce making area, the ceiling tiles in a higher place them had some signs of mould growth. This is an indication that the ventilation is perhaps inadequate for that area. near form of steam rootage unit mi ght need to be investigated in that area. In the brusque term, regular cleaning with a sterilizer (with some form of mould growth inhibitor) would suffice, but this would only deal with the symptoms, and not deal with the route cause.The sauce agitators in this area are in need of recovering. The motors on the agitators have some small areas of paint flaking from them. Even though the paint is blue in colour, it provides a potential physical contamination problem. This needs to be tackled in several ways.The first and easiest to do is to recover the motors. The motors can be covered with a stainless steel covering which would prevent both paint flakes falling into the sauce, but also dirt accumulation on the motor.Another method is to use an alternative agitator motor. There are several on the market, and several of these are not mounted directly above the sauce making kettles.There are also some other methods for sauce production, that if increased production were to be required, then they should defiantly be investigated.Another area in the factory that could benefit from additional extraction/ventilation is directly surrounding the coating line. When the fryer is producing breaded products, then the first stage crumb, which is a fine crumb, causes a lot of dust to be blown in the air. This causes extravagant dust accumulation on the pipe works above the fryer line. This needs additional cleaning to remove the dust in this area. Perhaps a form of extraction system should be investigated in this area.As a minor point, there was also a small puddle of water surrounding the con-air compressor units. This implies that the floor does not bevel in the right direction. Again this is a maculation that has a long term objective, but also has a short term measure.The long term goal is to re-lay the floor in that area to make the floor slope in the right direction (i.e. from the wall to the drain). The short term solution is to have the cleaners regularly squeegee the floor of water.Standing water is a particular problem in that it provides excellent procreation ground for Listeria spp. Bacteria. Listeria is a food borne bacteria that is naturally found in the environment. By providing pools of standing water, it magnifies the problem and opens the potential for increased incidences of Listeria monocytogenes poisoning.It is a strange practice that although there are manager and team leader meetings on a regular basis, there were no supervisor meetings held. This is a gross deficiency, not for GMP, but for the inadequacy of communicational strokes that are missed from these meetings.By conducting these meetings a talk can be maintained between the higher levels of management and the junior levels. During these sessions company objectives can be relayed, problems considered, and grievances examined.It is also an excellent opportunity to provide motivation to the staff and to keep them apprised of important happenings within the company, such as potential sales, production turnover, NPD and the direction of the company. These meeting should be implemented effectively quickly. If not in their own right, then try combining the team leader meetings. This may pose a problem with truthful communication if the team leaders feel inhibited by the presence of the supervisors, especially if they have any grievances with them.The omission of the supervisor meetings exacerbates the next point. That is the cross communication of ideas and instructions between departments. This point is discussed in more detail in the second overview of the audit.The job descriptions that are in place for the key positions within the factory are deficient in the totality. I would suggest a review of these be taken with the specific aim to include the individuals main duties and responsibilities, full accountability, and any health and safety requirements that are obligatory to know.By providing a comprehensive description it helps the individual to identify their own ramp up against what is expected of them. It would also help to identify any training needs by comparing what the individuals actual abilities to what is needed for that position. During an appraisal a gauge of competency can be made against the standard and a measure of feedback can be relayed to the person.This also ties into the fact that no records are kept of personal record reviews. These need to be conducted on a regular occasion, and if they are being conducted at the moment, then they need to be recorded.There are some clear objectives that have been identified and now need to be applied and rectified to improve the factory as a whole.Section4ConclusionsOverview of progression stratagems yard by step guideStructure and Fabric* Hand washing basin/ alcohol station to be installed by exit to food skip.* Foods skip needs to be looked at and a handle constructed to enable the lid to be closed.* Sauce kettles needs to be looked at for possible installation of extraction units.* Sauce agitator motors needs to be covered to prevent paint flaking into product.* Hose pipes to be placed into self reeling units.* Pool of water needs look into around con-air units. Floor needs re-laying in that area.* Dust accumulation above fryer area. Additional extraction needed.Pest prevention* Pallet shed door needs to be kept closed. Pallets stored away from walls in storage.* Some drain covers missing and needs replacing.* Catch tray analysis needs to be done.Cleaning systems* periodic cleaning logs introduced.* Engineers inventory of parts during a repair to prevent contamination.* Effective utilisation, and expansion, of ATP hygiene monitoring system.Management Controls* Introduction of supervisor meetings.* Additional training to supplement and increase knowledge of GMP systems, Food hygiene and legislation.* Review of job descriptions.* Record employee appraisals.Section5ReferencesBackground / further reading.Including bibliographyHygiene for Manag ement, Sprenger. R. A. 1998 (8th Ed)Cleaning, Dillion M, et al sacred Supervisor, Shaw J. 1999FdSc Food manufacture management GMP Course work notes, Dillion M. 2002Log bookOverviewsOverviewsPart 1 Basic findings from two sections of the manual.Section 1 Structure and craftThe factory has a logical process flow and the buildings are of sound construction. All internal factory wall surfaces are panelled with a lowered false ceiling and smooth resin floors. Equipment is industrial food grade standard and appears to be well maintained. A preventative planned maintenance system is in operation and resourced by a competent engineering department. The work wear is situated in a separate clean changing area immediate on entrance to the production area. The pest control is out-sourced to Rentokil (initial services) with no signs of infestation problems to report.OBS 1 The floor is made of an impervious material and when combinations of two immiscible liquids (such as oil and water) mix, i t causes some sections of the floor around the fryer area are slippery.Recommendation Review the cleaning schedule for this area to include a protocol stating that the floor in that area is to be cleaned as often as required throughout the production day, in addition to the usual scheduled cleans. Another suggestion would be to use a floor covering/mat to make the area more non-slip.Timescale 30daysOBS 2 There was a small pool of standing water around the con-air units during production.Recommendation The long-term goal would be to re-lay/repair that section of floor to provide an adequate slope to provide water rush-off into the drainage channels. Action to be taken place in the mean while would be to revise the cleaning schedule to include that the area is to be cleared as often as required throughout the production day.Timescale 90 daysOBS 3 There was no steam extraction above the sauce making kettles giving rise to N/C1.N/C1 Evidence was noted by observation and noted, aud it checklist ref GMP Section 1 -ref 1.8.2, that there was the beginnings of mould build up on the ceiling tiles above the sauce kettles.Recommendation Investigate the possible methods of fume extraction best suited to the needs of the project. Possible installation of an extractor cowling. Action that can be introduced quickly is that a revision of the cleaning schedule to include weekly/fortnightly/ or as required cleaning to be undertaken in that area using a detergent with mould growth inhibitor.Timescale 90daysSection 2 Storage FacilitiesStorage or R.M, WIP, finished goods, packaging and tainting elements are well segregated with observed codes of practice to prevent cross contamination. Products are coded to allow stock rotation on a FIFO basis and the stock levels that are kept on site are kept to a minimum. There are no contractual off-site storage facilities used. Products are released on the basis of on-line QC testing. Procedures are in place regarding damaged or defec tive goods segregation and disposal.OBS 1 all visual checks are made of the contracted out logistics companys vehicles.Recommendation Revise an audit schedule to visit their head office so as to not only audit the vehicles used for the transportation of goods, but also to review the company policies and procedures regarding GMP practices.Timescale 90daysPart 2 Area to improve.The area of greatest need is management control, especially in relation to motivation of staffs and inter-departmental communication. A highly motivated workforce can increase the potential output efficiency greatly, without the need for dear(p) capital expenditure.Poor communication is the catalyst for future problemsJohn Shaw, Business consultantThe vast majority of problems within the workplace arise due to the lack of or inadequate communication between colleagues.All members of the organisation must develop their verbal and written skills to allow for ease of dialogue between the two parties. Regular d ialogue is essential for the pooling together of ideas and suggestions that helps to minimise problems and help to achieve the company objectives.Employees must be able to interpret management edicts and be able to pass on these instructions to other staffs clearly and concisely in order to achieve peak performance.One opinion that might be made is that the companys impersonal uses of memos are substituting important meetings that would be held to discuss some of the key issues. By conducting regular meetings to open up a dialogue for discussion, it would help to eliminate any confusion that might have arisen because of their own interpretation of what is trying to be stressed in the communiqu.By opening a dialogue between colleagues, it helps to make them feel a part of the team because they are being consulted and being offered to stress their opinions and grievances. During the meetings, it lets the individual know exactly what is being expected of them to do, with little chance for error. Once the individual knows the parameters in which they are expected to perform, and then the individual has some attainable guidelines on how to conduct him or herself around the workplace.Being made part of a team is one essential tool in the motivation of staffs. By including their opinions within any debate, it helps to raise that persons self-esteem. Once a person begins to become motivated, it often leads to greater job satisfaction.Job satisfaction is a combination of hard work and competence. Employees who reflect pride in their work are an infectious source of inspiration to others. This can be seen again in persons whom take personal pride and lead by example. motif is a key component to modern businesses. Staffs should take every opportunity to motivate others constantly. One way to encourage your staff is to let them know what is required of them by defining the days objectives.Use of praise and encouragement inspire maximum performance from an individual from a few choice words or phrases.Where an individual or team needs berating if they have made a mistake, remain calm and resolve the problem through constructive criticism. This is where the situation is given an explanation of what went wrong, gentle words to re-enforce the need that it does not re-occur, and gives further guidance on how it can be avoided in the future. It is imperative that if it is an individual involved, then take them to one side to discipline them. This way you are not undermining them and therefore their personal dignity is maintained.Another critical instruction is not to respond to minor problems. Destructive and unwarranted criticism is harmful to morale and can easily sweep across a work force.It is also a good idea to be receptive to reasonable grievances that they might have and suggestions that they might make.Motivation encourages individuals and teams to continually achieve the companys goals through sustained peak performance.Part 3 Cleaning and the LawCleaning plays a fundamental part of food hygiene. It is pivotal in preventing contamination of both microbiological and chemical, but it also helps to make the indicator signs of pest infestation easier to spot.All cleaning comprises of four factors* Heat* Mechanical energy* Chemical energy* Contact timeCleaning is usually a five stage process (although not exclusively).1) Pre-clean2) Main clean3) Rinse4) Disinfect5) Final rinse6) DryingThe relative energy and time components of a cleaning programme can differ greatly. This is all dependants on the load of soil age, the chemical properties of the cleaning agent, and the surface to be cleaned. Staffs should receive clear concise instruction on how to correctly conduct the cleaning schedule.The chemicals used within this factory are as followsChemicalActionFatsolveSurfactant degreasing detergentBleachHypochlorite based disinfectantSparkleSurfactant degreasing detergentAcid foamAcidic de-scalerCaustic floor cleaner basic (NaOH) flo or cleanerCaustic pearlsAlkaline (NaOH) fryer cleanerTego 2001Biocidal disinfectant/detergent combinationAll staffs that will be handling these products for use in hygiene must receive full training and monitored for competency and efficiency. All of these products must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to protect the employee whom is to be using these chemicals.This Act states specific legislation to includeThe Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regs, 1994 (SI. 1994 No. 3246) (COSHH)These regulations require employers to assess the hazards and provide suitable controls. Implementation is by means of risk assessment. COSHH is refer with chemicals that can be classified as toxic, harmful, corrosive or irritant.All of the products used within the body of the factory are supplied with all COSHH safety sheets and are filed in the technical department. Each of these products is mentioned in the company HACCP plan to include the risk assessment of these products.C hemicals (Hazards, Information Packaging) Regs, 1993 (CHIP)Again, this states that all chemicals sold must be supplied with a COSHH safety sheet provided for the purchaser by the supplier. This must include detailed information about the product, its hazard classification under CHIP regulations. It is also verboten to decant harmful chemicals into unmarked containers.Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work Regs, 1992These regulations enforce the employer to provide all necessary PPE required for a specific task so as to minimise the health and safety risks that the employees might be subjected to.There are several good reasons why effective cleaning is so important besides those mentioned earlier* It creates a good visual impression for both workers and visitors alike giving a sense that the business cares.* Helps to maximise the efficiency and costing of several types of products. For example, if a sauce is left to build up deposits, then it would restrict the diameter of the pipe work, making the motor have to run harder to pump product through, thus reducing the lifetime of that component. Its also helps to reduce wastege* Legal compacts.It is that final point which needs further explaining.The food safety Act, 1990This law makes it an offence to contaminate food so that it would be unreasonable to expect it to be used for human consumption in its current state. It also states that a food proprietor and staffs must identify all steps that are critical to food safety and minimise those risks.This is further backed up by theFood Safety (GFH) Regs, 1995This states* Premises must be kept clean, designed to facilitate cleaning, and to protect against the accumulation of dirt.* Make it a requirement for all food business proprietors to identify any step in activities of the business which is critical to food safety, and to introduce restrictive controls at those points identified.This law allows an enforcement officer to raise a non-conformance on the actu al presence of dirt, and does not have to prove that that soilage poses a risk to healthThere is a clear legal and moral obligation that wherever there is a risk to food, a business proprietor must ensure that the working premises are kept clean so as to minimise the risks to public health. These responsibilities must be stressed to all employees not only in their induction period, but also sporadically throughout their employment.Part 4 PEST in relation to OEEDuring the course of this audit, an OEE analysis was conducted on one of the production lines (See OEE exercise workbook). The aim of GMP is to improve the manufacturing performance, and by using OEE calculations it is possible to gain a quantifiable index of performance. Using the precepts behind GMP it is possible to identify areas that could benefit from improvement so as to improve production performance.The identification of the seven wastes which are the non-value added and also the value added sections of a production p eriod are vital. It is the main objective to reduce the first, and increase the latter.With regards to the production run that was studied several strategies can be entertained to help to minimise waste due to the above mentioned wastes. Firstly, fish cakes are products that produce only small amounts of waste due to the fact that defects can often be re-worked during the same production run. Defect cores can be removed from the line by operatives and then deposited back in the koppens former to be re-moulded into another cake.Reducing the throughput can often help reduce the rejects levels. Running at just a few strokes under the maximum for the line might make it more cost effective to reduce the throughput by a minimal amount in order to dramatically decrease the amount of reject product. By doing this the right first time figure could increase to raise overall production efficiency.If speed is the paramount factor, i.e. the faster the speed, the higher the defect rate, then jus t by reducing the stroke rate of the machine, the amount of over-processing required would be reduced. If however speed were not the decisive factor, then an investigation of the machines capabilities would have to be reviewed, and if it cannot be removed, then do you accept this defect level caused by the machine, or do you pass judgment the possibility of purchasing a more efficient piece of kit?With regards to the machine that is in place, the Koppens former is approximately 10-15yrs old and forms cakes by using hydraulic cups and a forming plate. Over the years the maximum output of the machine has dropped by approximately 25% from the max of 40s/m to now 30s/m.Would it be better to buy a new piece of kit. Perhaps the purchasing an AEW forming machine? Unfortunately these are costly pieces of kit. Costing in the range of 250K. This is a large prohibiting factor in an SME of the size of the company in question, with their limited financial resources. In order to justify a capita l expenditure of that magnitude, a significant order would have to be procured to allow for the required payback period to make it a cost effective purchase.It is almost chicken and egg scenario. With a new piece of machinery of this nature the potential for increased throughput of not only this line, but also of others would rise significantly, but monies or orders to cover payback periods would have to be secured before capital expenditure is considered.It is a difficult political climate with retail customers at present. More and more of the major multiples only issue contracts for periods of usually a year (although there has recently been a downward trend to decrease these to six monthly). So a guarantee off continued business is not certain, which prohibits the purchase of the new machinery.The small margins also affect the staff efficiency and retention (thus quality). Because margins are tight, only a small amount on the top of national minimum wage can be applied. This can limit not only the response to job advertisements, but also with staff retention and loyalty. With a higher staff turnover, the quality of staffs employed often reduces, thus affecting the throughputs and efficiencies of the lines.This interplay of factors is what has to be investigated further upon before resolutions can be found. acknowledgment is just the first step in an overall improvement plan.Appendix 1Summary SheetsGMP Audit MaterialEnclosed in this booklet are copies of the audit checklists that you can use to audit your site against each element of GMP.You should aim to audit 2 elements of the standard each week and use the techniques discussed in week 1 on problem solving to objectively assess each element of the standard.If you wish to discuss any elements in more detail then contact one of the tutors on the course who will be able to help you clarify any problems or issues that you may have.IMPORTANTYou will need to copy the food safety and hygiene audit assessment for m each week, as you will need to use this to summarize for each assignment.Using the Sample Assessment Forms for the 10 sections of Good Manufacturing Practice identify1. Areas of Strength and Weakness for the GMP sections for your own plant or operation, using the checklists provided.2. The causes of problems which are inborn with the areas of weakness3. The barriers and aids which will effect the improvement process4. Prioritise the actions needed to improve your Good Manufacturing Practice needs, using the assessment forms, which should be include within your weekly assignment.A grading system has been given on each checklist. You may use this grading system to help you to assess your factory, but feel free to modify this. If you do modify the system then you should explain, quite clearly, how the grading or scoring system is used.Key to the ABCD grading system for assessing the sections and elements of the GMP standardGrade A Excellent pull ahead 50 points. Grade A scored when there are no safety problems or issues. Requires no further action.Grade B Satisfactory Scores 30 points. Actionable within defined timescale as agreed at audit.Grade C Major Scores 10 points. Actionable within one working week.Grade D Critical Scores 0 points. A Grade D is automatically awarded when a critical safety issue is identified, and is actionable immediately.