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Second Life Ready for Business

1. What problems can Second Life help businesses solve? Second Life provides businesses with tools for online conferencing, online collaboration, knowledge management, and prototyping. Companies can test new products using Second Life’s 3-D rendering programs. They can experiment with new marketing and advertising campaigns to see how people react. They can receive feedback on real-world products or services. 2. Considering what you have learned about Second Life, how could you, as an individual, create a modest start-up business on the Grid? What goods would you sell? Why would this be a good choice of product? What, in simple terms, would your business plan be? Why would it work? One potential new business would be to sell furnishings for online spaces. People inherently want to furnish and decorate their private spaces. The products could be bought and sold using Lindens. The start-up costs could be low since there aren’t any inventory costs. You can create the furnishings as they’re ordered. A business plan would include advertising ideas, marketing ideas, how to deliver the products, customer follow-up ideas, and financial planning. 3. Visit eBay on the Web and see what Second Life items you can find listed for auction. How would you rate the activity surrounding these items? Are you surprised by what you see? Why or why not? Obviously the information for this question will fluctuate. As of this writing, eBay offered 211 items. They included how-to manuals for making money on Second Life, a guide to selling land, and business opportunities on the site. One item in particular was a vending machine business package available for $4.99. The individual offering the item was an eBay Power Seller with 6,483 feedback postings. He was obviously an established eBay seller. Other items for sale include a Gym Workout package for $4.99 and a macro that makes navigating the skies of Second Life easier. It sold for $12.99. Answers to the last three questions will vary by student. The point is to have them realize how advanced and pervasive sites like Second Life have become. 4. How important is interoperability between 3-D worlds like Second Life and other Web sites such as Amazon, MySpace, and YouTube? Do you think that Second Life can survive and prosper on its own? What is the future of these entities? Separate or integrated? Interoperability between 3-D worlds and other Web sites is very important because of the increasing popularity of all the sites. People don’t want to continually learn new and different skills. Rather they want to transport their skills and software from one site to another. It’s doubtful that Second Life could survive and prosper on its own. Demand for the site will increase if it becomes more entwined with other sites and even real life. As people continue to combine offline and online activities, they want easy ways to transition from one to the other. This is where the people component of the three dimensions of information systems becomes apparent. Obviously this leads to more integration in the future. 5. What obstacles does Second Life have to overcome in order to become a mainstream business tool? Does it face fewer or more obstacles to become a mainstream educational tool? To what do you attribute the difference? Second Life needs to overcome the idea and perception that it’s â€Å"just another game site.† Other obstacles include ease-of-use, interoperability between pre-established business systems and Second Life’s proprietary system. It needs to create ways to import and export data between its system and external business systems—don’t require data to be re-input into either system. Second Life faces more obstacles in trying to become a mainstream educational tool. Educators are inherently opposed to online, distance education because it supposedly lacks the face-to-face communication between teachers and students. However, as more education is carried online, Second Life has all the tools in place to make it easy to conduct classes, especi ally its online collaboration tools. 6. What kinds of businesses are most likely to benefit from a presence on Second Life? Why? Retail businesses that are already used to doing business online may have an easier time of establishing a viable presence on Second Life. They are used to advertising and marketing to customers online and have the systems built for taking orders, accepting payments, and shipping products. Other companies, like IBM, that have established online collaboration systems and online knowledge management systems will probably have an easier time using Second Life as another outlet for these activities. 7. would you like to interview for a job using Second Life? Why or why not? Obviously the answers to this question will vary from student to student. Some may prefer interviewing for a job using Second Life since they may see face-to-face interviews as extremely nerve-wracking. Other may prefer a face-to-face interview rather than trying to create an avatar that adequately represents them. 8. Is Second Life a precursor of how business will be conducted in the future or a corporate experiment? Justify your answer. Second Life probably is a precursor of how business will be conducted in the future. Online presence and activity is increasing, not decreasing. Businesses are continually turning to online services to change the way they do business and move many of their offline activities to online ventures.

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Modern Distribution Channel

? WHAT IS DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL ? According to Kotler (1991: 279) distribution channel is a group company or individual who has ownership of the products or rights of ownership to help move the product or service when it is moved from producer to consumer. According to David revzan.. pathway used by the flow of goods from producers to intermediate goods and eventually into the hands of end users Manajemen distribusi berbasis teori dan praktek â€Å"david sukardi kodrat† ? 3. factor of distribution channels Producer Product intermediaries (warehouse transportation, distributor, retail) Management sytem Manajemen pemasaran kotler ? . Function of Distribution Channel Acording to Philip Kotler (1997 : 531-532), in a distribution channel, distribution channel members perform multiple functions Information Promotion Ordering Payment Title. Physical Possesion, Financing Risk Taking Kotler (1997 : 531-532) Manajemen pemasaran kotler ? 5. Modern distribution channels, is a new wayModern distribution channel to distribute goods through retail stores are modern and comfortable. provide addedproviding service and good quality goods to consumers,, value in shopping for consumers,, http://oluwabamidele. logspot. com/ & manajemen pemasaran kotler ? retail6. retail management business is covering all activities in direct sales to consumer end, for personal needs , not business.. Acording, kotler (2001;56) Manajemen pemasaran kotler ? 7. Retail retail store isstore companies whose Minimarket Supermarket primary function sells Hypermarket products to consumers Convenince store end for personal use grosir Manajemen pemasaran kotler & manajemen distribusi teori dan prakterk â€Å"david sukardi kodrat† ? aily needs implement self-service system small-sized (100m2 s / d 999m2) a modern grocery store8. Minimarket ? medium-sized (1. 000m2 s / d 4. 999m2) Have parking area full and varied products9. supermarket ? Have parking area Full facilities Have parking area full and varied products10. hypermarket ? 11. Convenience stores are retail like a mini, but moreConvenience store selling food and drinks ready meals and is open 24 hours. comfortable waiting facilities,, Convenience stores usually can be found in crowded places, gas stations, and other public spaces ? 2. wholesale Here all the items available. loading and unloading in the wholesale Have parking area 5000 m2 area cheaper price ? 13. Marketing mix Acording to Philip Kotler (1997 : 531-532), ? 14. increased consumer absorb laborpositive impact of retail stores Asosiasi perusahaan retail indonesia(Aprindo),satisfaction ? 15. threat threat to traditional marketsnegative impact of retail stores poor distribution of income in societySource: acto the micro sector nielson,appsi,kompas ? Indrajit and16.Distribution in SCM Djokopranoto According Winardi (2005) â€Å"supply chain† is a (1989:299) is the series of relationships distribution channel is an between companies or intermediate group closely activities that carry out the related to each other and distribution of supplies of distribute the products to goods or services involving the buyer. a continuous relationship of goods, money and information from the place of origin to the buyer or customer, either from upstream to downstream or otherwise ? 17.Chopra and Meindl (2001) thatthere are five main actors IN SCM SUPPLIER MANUFACTURER DISTRIBUTITOR RETAIL CUSTOMER ? is modern distribution channels18. CONCLUTION is a new way of delivering goods to consumers using intermediaries modern retail stores, including mini market, supermarket, hypermarket, grocery and convenience stores, APAKAH CHANNEL DISTRIBUSI? Menurut Kotler (1991: 279) saluran distribusi adalah perusahaan kelompok atau individu yang memiliki kepemilikan produk atau hak kepemilikan untuk membantu memindahkan produk atau jasa ketika akan dipindahkan dari produsen ke konsumen.Menurut David revzan .. jalur yang digunakan oleh arus barang dari produsen ke bar ang setengah jadi dan akhirnya ke tangan pengguna akhir Manajemen Distribusi berbasis Teori Dan praktek â€Å"david Sukardi kodrat† 3. faktor perantara (gudang Produsen Produk saluran distribusi Manajemen Sistem Manajemen pemasarantransportasi, distributor, retail) Kotler 4. Fungsi distribusi menurut Philip Kotler (1997: 531-532), dalamSaluran Distribusi saluran distribusi, distribusi anggota saluran melakukan beberapa fungsi Pembayaran Pengurutan Judul.Informasi Promosi Pembiayaan Risk Taking Kotler (1997: 531-532) Manajemen pemasaran Kotler possesion fisik, 5. Saluran saluran distribusi modern, merupakan cara barudistribusi modern untuk mendistribusikan barang melalui toko ritel modern dan nyaman. memberikan pelayanan dan kualitas barang yang baik kepada konsumen,, memberikan nilai tambah bagi konsumen dalam berbelanja,, http://oluwabamidele. blogspot. com / & Manajemen pemasaran Kotler 6. manajemen bisnis ritel yang mencakup semua kegiatan dalam penjualanritel langsung ke konsumen akhir, untuk kebutuhan pribadi, bukan bisnis ..Acording, Kotler (2001; 56) Manajemen pemasaran Kotler 7. Toko Supermarket Minimarket perusahaan yang toko ritel adalah ritel end toko Hypermarket kepada konsumen fungsi utama menjual produk grosir Manajemen pemasaran Kotlerconvenince untuk penggunaan pribadi & Manajemen Distribusi Teori Dan prakterk â€Å"david Sukardi kodrat† 8. Minimarket berukuran kecil (100m2 s / d 999m2) sebuah toko kelontong modern kebutuhan sehari-harimenerapkan self-service sistem 9. menengah (1. 000m2 s / d 4. 999m2) Memiliki area parkir penuh dan beragam produk supermarket 10.Memiliki parkir Fasilitas lengkap Memiliki area parkir produk lengkap dan bervariasi hypermarket 11. Toko-toko retail yang seperti mini, tapi lebih banyak menjual makanan makanan dan minuman siap dan buka 24 jam. Toko Fasilitas tunggu yang nyaman,, Toko-toko biasanya dapat ditemukan di tempat-tempat keramaian, pompa bensin, dan ruang publik lainnya 12. harga murah daerah 5000 m2 grosir Memiliki area parkir bongkar muat di Di sini semua item yang tersedia. grosir 13. Acording ke Philip Kotler (1997: 531-532),Bauran pemasaran 14. ampak kepuasan konsumen menyerap tenaga kerja positif dari toko ritel Asosiasi PERUSAHAAN ritel Indonesia (Aprindo),meningkat 15. dampak ancaman bagi ancaman bagi pasar tradisional negatif dari toko ritel distribusi miskin pendapatan di societySource: acsektor mikro nielson, APPSI, kompas 16. Distribusi Menurut Winardi (2005) â€Å"rantai Indrajit dan Djokopranoto di SCM pasokan† adalah (1989:299) adalah rangkaian saluran distribusi hubungan adalah antara perusahaan atau kelompok menengah erat kegiatan yang melaksanakan terkait satu sama lain dan distribusi dari pasokan mendistribusikan produk barang atau jasa yang melibatkan pembeli. ubungan berkelanjutan barang, uang dan informasi dari tempat asal ke pembeli atau pelanggan, baik dari hulu ke hilir atau sebaliknya 17. Chopra dan Meindl (2001) thatthere lima aktor utam a DALAM PRODUSEN SUPPLIER PELANGGAN SCM DISTRIBUTITOR ECERAN 18. KESIMPULAN adalah saluran distribusi modern adalah cara baru memberikan barang ke konsumen dengan menggunakan perantara toko ritel modern, termasuk mini market, supermarket, hypermarket, toko dan toko-toko,

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Is US foreign policy driven by oil Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Is US foreign policy driven by oil - Essay Example The U.S. foreign policy is thus energy driven and security driven and these factors are integrated to exhibit the American dominance over the world (Bromley, S 2005 p.225 - 227). ‘Blood for oil’ is the term coined by social and political analysts to explain the overt actions of the United States to secure the oil fields in the Middle East. Michael Klare critises the national security policy of United States in Blood and oil. The author argues that the military and foreign policy of US has been driven by the need to ensure a safe method to source foreign oil specifically from the Middle East. Dependence on oil from foreign sources is continuously gowing and the US forces are deemed to fight to secure oil producing nations and supply routes. It is further argued that even if the United States diversifies its foreign oil supply sources, there is very less probability that the dependence on Gulf oil would reduce and the diversifiication of sources may increase the probablities of American involvement in conflict in other parts of the world. In the race to secure major shares of oil from other competitive nations, the U.S. is also highly probable to engage in war with China and Russia. Klare concludes by suggesting methods to reduce the costs involved for oil dependence that comes in the way of war and disharmony. The alternative methods suggested include a better national energy strategy of integrity and autonomy that detaches its method to secure energy from security obligations to governments abroad, reduction of oil consumption and to speed up methods to develop alternative energy sources. In short, Klare critices the foreign policy of U.S. that brings in consequences that are much underappreciated (Klare,M 2004). The national interest of United States is to remove any encumbrances or obstacles that obstruct the Americans in their pursuit for a better living and happiness. In

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Impressionism Paintings Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Impressionism Paintings - Research Paper Example The essay "Impressionism Paintings" explores paintings of impressionism. Impressionism defines a painting movement that originated in France in the 19th Century. Impressionism was predominantly an art movement that dealt with painting at the time it was established, but later extended its scope and integrated music into its practices and artworks. The major activities of the movement became most popular towards the end of the 19th Century and at the beginning of the 20th Century. During this period, France chiefly ran the activities that comprised what the movement was engaged in. The years 1867 and 1886 were the core of expressionist painting, and the artworks produced within this period were more or less associated with artists who shared similar or almost similar mindsets. The approaches and/or techniques that artists in the impressionism movement employed in developing their work were shared amongst themselves, thereby establishing strong ties and relations among the involved par ties. One of the most outstanding factors in impressionism is the accurate and objective visual representation of reality through manipulating light and color effects. The approaches and/or techniques that impressionist painters used uniquely captured reality in variant ways, all of which were unique to individual painters and confined within impressionism. Although there were many impressionist painters in this movement, there are a number of painters that shaped and influenced the entire movement.

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Report 'Holyhead to Cowes' Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Report 'Holyhead to Cowes' - Essay Example It is in line with this that the report was prepared to give stakeholders a very vivid idea of the final costing and planning of the event. The report focused on key aspects of the planning that has been done so far and how the event is hoped to be delivered on the due date. Key areas of planning that has been put in place so far include completed work structure, costing structure, health and safety preparations, risk management, and communication plans. Based on these preparations that have been completed, it has been concluded that the university is in a position to successfully start off its race on the planned date. 2.0 Event Management 2.1 Pre-planning The pre-planning focuses on answering the 5W questions (Brenke &Wagner 2006). On the question of why the event is important, it would be noted that this is an event that will serve as a platform for the union to be of relevance to its society through the raising of fund to support society welfare. On the question of what will be p resented at the event, a simple answer of a cycling race will be given. There will be detailed information on where the event will take place but this could be summarised as following a route from Holyhead to Cowes. The event is planned to take place on the 4th of May 2014, in the open lanes of the identified route from 6am to 5pm on each day; and this answers the question of when. Lastly, the question of who is answered by identifying the stakeholders of the event, who include executives of the union, event planners, cyclists and community members 2.4 Event overview Generally, this is an event of fund raising cycle ride that is to take place from Holyhead on Angelsey to Cowes. The event can therefore be said to be made up of two major broad goals, the first of which has to do with the need to have a cycling race in place for selected cyclists. As part of the cycling component of the event, event planners are expected to gather thirty (30) cyclists in good standing who will be engag ed in competitive cycling sport from Holyhead to Cowes. The second component of the event is the fund raising, which requires the event planners to be in a position to put in place structures that will ensure that philanthropists and other donors give to a good course, which is being championed by WUCC. The whole event is scheduled to take place on the 4th of May, 2014. 2.3 Work Structure The structure of the event is expected to have five (5) major divisions or parts, which will be made up of route management, hotel booking, registrations, operations and marketing. The structure is however expected to follow a multi level approach, meaning that each of the major components will have its own sub divisions. For example under the route management, there is expected to be the appointment of team leaders who will further map out the required areas for the race. Under the hotel booking, it is expected that search will also be made for bike

Cathay Pacific Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cathay Pacific Analysis - Essay Example ines industry, with heavy commercial business in terms of passengers and cargo movements along the globe, and conversely, economic slowdowns and recession casts its gloom over the airlines industry in terms of empty seats and unused cargo capacities. This is precisely what has happened in the case of Cathay Pacific which was a victim of the East Asian Crisis way back in 1997, which resulted in massive falls in local currencies as against the harder ones. Thus the depreciation in currencies caused heavier debts in terms of reeling fuel costs, interest payment and debt repayments, that provided acceleration of crisis that left many airlines in virtual doldrums and staggering losses. 2. Stiff competition offered by smaller, no frills airlines, which are alarmingly lower on ticket fares and yet maintain excellent levels of service, causing high levels of passenger migration. Larger airlines, with heavy overheads, operating costs and bureaucratic attitudes, cannot match these smaller airlines in terms of fares and benefits offered. 3. In the case of Cathay Pacific, it is seen that they have not been able to successfully hedge fuel costs, as a result of which, their woes are compounded. With oil prices fluctuated from $140/barrel at one point of time to just $45/barrel at another time, it became increasingly difficult for airlines to reasonably predict and hedge fuel prices, resulting in heavy losses. â€Å"The fall in fuel prices, though welcome, caused unrealised mark to market losses of HK$7.6 billion on our fuel hedging contracts for the period 2009-2011 which were entered into in order to give a degree of certainty as to future fuel prices and protection against price increases.† (Cathay Pacific Airways Limited. 2008). 4. During the Asian currency crisis sparked off by the fall in the Thai baht during 1997, the tourist traffic in this part of East Asia virtually collapsed. Nearly 85% of tour bookings were cancelled or postponed, and nearly 40% fall in tourism

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Financial Crisis in South Korea Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Financial Crisis in South Korea - Essay Example The financial crisis in South Korea was worsened by the wave of bankruptcies that occurred in the corporate sector of the South Korea. 1 In spite of the fact that the cause for financial crisis in South East Asia was common for most of the countries, the observers could not agree upon some specific reasons pertaining to the development of Korean economy and especially the level of leverage in the corporate sector of economy of the South Korea. For instance, according to the research of Paola Bongini and Giovanni Ferri, the leverage in pre crisis period was high both for profitable companies and poor performing, less profitable ones. Thus one could not assume that the leverage had been caused by the ingrained inefficiency of the corporations; moreover the results of their research showed that the companies were leveraged because of the high growth; thus the authors concluded that direct relationship between the growth rate of the company and the level of leverage was present.2 The sec ond question that authors addressed was the role that the level of the leverage plaid in the bankruptcies of several corporations in the South Korea. The results obtained by the researchers confirmed the hypothesis that reliance on the banking financing could decrease the probability of bankruptcy whereas the reliance on intermediated credit might increase the possibility of bankruptcy; these results were explained by the fact that bank credits in contrast to the intermediated were more negotiable ones. 3 The findings also showed that there was a correlation between the interest coverage ratios and the probability of the bankruptcy. Companies with low interest coverage ratios had higher probability of the bankruptcy and visa versa; as low interest coverage ratio might indicate the vulnerability of the company that could be worsened by the unexpected sharp increase in the interest rate. Trade credits as the experience of the South Korea showed may increase the possibility of the bankruptcy of the enterprises as trade creditors are less inclined to modify the credit conditions, thus those companies that relied on the trade credits were especially vulnerable. At the end of the nineties many economic researchers attempted to access the role of the huge enterprises plaid in the accumulation of the capital in national economy; most of the researchers agreed that large conglomerations created national capital, however there were some controversies surrounding the efficiency of the internal market capital. On the one hand such scientists as Stein claimed that internal capital market are more efficient than external ones as they decrease transition costs as well as provide better incentives in the process of credit allocation, whereas other researchers asserted that internal capital might reduce value-added process within the group as the managers of the conglomerate may be engrossed in the cross subsidizing process that could hamper the development of the company and would not add the value to the group; apart from this the companies- members of the conglomerate usually have less financial constraints than other companies in the market, that have to rely on their cash flows or on the credits from other financial institutions So the researchers came to the conclusion that leverage coupled with liquidity constraints was the most

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Earthquakes in the media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Earthquakes in the media - Essay Example A good example of induced susceptibility to earthquake due to plates moving past each other is the San Andreas Fault in California (Hough 25- 27). Earthquakes are fast and unexpected motions of the earth’s surface and are a result of seismic forces. These forces emerge from specifit points and their immediate effects are experienced at the epicenter. Such forces also occurs in oceans, in which case they result in tsunamis. Earthquakes have adverse effects on the environment that extent to effects on human beings and their activities. Its physical destruction of structures and buildings, for example, may leads to crumbles over people and other property and therefore lead to physical injury, deaths, or even morbidity. In addition, earthquakes may destroy property and therefore create economic loss. Effects of physical injuries and associated emotional instability may also transfer the negative effects on economic activities and economic potentials. consequently, an understanding of trends in occurrence for forecasting risk of earthquakes and communication thereof is necessary for well being. Earthquake Early warning System (EEWS) is one of the tools for ensuring the well being. It ensures development of information on possible risk occurrence of earthquakes and communication of the information at the right time. the tool serves two primary roles, one of which is offering a strategy for mitigating disaster. Its key role is however to minimize associated perils with occurrence of earthquake and to facilitate proper response. The scope of EEWS involve development of information on risk of occurrence of earthquakes, assessment of the data, forecasting using the data, and communication of the predictions for coordinated response. These occurs in a sequence and an inefficiency at one stage compromises the entire system. When

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Haitian poverty crisis and the state of their economy now and then Essay

Haitian poverty crisis and the state of their economy now and then - Essay Example Along with the poverty has come all of the problems associated with the disadvantage of being relegated near the bottom of the world's socio-economic class. Rampant crime, health problems, high infant mortality, and limited life span all further burden a society already faced with the struggle of trying to provide the basics of life. The political system has been wracked by upheaval and instability for two centuries as dictators and the military have vied for power with no thought of elevating the standard of living for the people. The failure of leadership in Haiti, and racist policies in Washington DC, have allowed two hundred years of exploitation and kept Haiti locked in a cycle of poverty. By almost every measure, Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. The situation is getting even worse as the last 50 years have seen a stagnation in the Haitian economy and a real decline in the gross national product (Sletten and Egset 5). The gap between the wealthy and the poor is extreme in Haiti and average incomes or median incomes do not tell the whole story. The top 10 percent consume almost 50 percent of the country's resources (CIA). No meaningful official unemployment data exists, but two-thirds of the population have no formal jobs and 80 percent of the people live below the poverty line (CIA). Almost 60 percent of the people are classed as extremely poor and live on less than $1 per day (Sletten and Egset 9). This is almost double the rate of El Salvador and four times the rate of Guatemala and Bolivia. According to Sletten and Egset, "Haiti is not only the poorest country in Latin America, but also the most unequal in a region that is already the most unequal in the world" (9). These are the statistics that form the backdrop of Haiti's poverty. While the statistics on Haiti's poverty are bleak, the location of the poverty imparts an even more disparate picture. Most Haitians live in rural areas and almost 4 out of 5 extremely poor people live in a rural area (Sletten and Egset 10). When poverty is measured in terms of access to public services, this segment of the population suffers further. Access to services such as electricity, education, roads, clean water, and health care is dependent on where a person lives in Haiti (Sletten and Egset 15). In addition, the policy of privatization has placed almost all public services in the hands of the ruling class. According to Gros, "Nearly two-hundred years of informal privatization of the state have left Haiti lacking the capacity to deliver even the most basic of public services; security and justice" (223). The better neighborhoods are better served by these services and the denial in the rural areas of access to basic services further impoverishes this portion of the populatio n. The extremely poor in the rural areas are left with a subsistence wage and no access to the public services, such as education, that might hold some hope for breaking out of the cycle of poverty. The reasons that Haiti continues to be locked in poverty in today's world of globalization can be better understood by examining their history. Haiti claimed independence in 1804 when there was a slave rebellion. This freed the slaves and gave them independence from France. However, through the lens of the US and European powers, "independent Haiti would be viewed continually as a threat to hemispheric and

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R&D Proposal TMGT421 (Vaccines for Children Computer Input Manual) Research Paper

R&D Proposal TMGT421 (Vaccines for Children Computer Input Manual) - Research Paper Example Parents, therefore, find themselves looking for their immunization records. We have adopted Vermont Immunization Registry (IMR) at the Family Medical Center, which is a powerful tool to ensure proper treatment and timely immunization. This has helped in saving many by ensuring that the right vaccine is administered to the children (Maciosek et al., 2006). The efficiency of the offices is also improved since the required time to gather review records of immunization is reduced. When there is a disease outbreak, it is very easy for public health departments to identify those individual at risk by the use of registry. Our healthcare facility is accredited with vaccines for children. Data input should be correctly done to be able to guide on the appropriate type of vaccine administered and the relevant time to vaccinate. If this is not achieved, there will be a loss of program, and services will not be offered to the public. The objective of using Vermont Immunization Registry (IMR) at Family Medical Center is to increase efficiency in accessing immunization documentation at the center. With an electronic health record system in place at the medical centre, physicians will be able to submit data to the Vermont Immunization Registry from the electronic data record system directly via the interface. This will be such a superb tool that will ultimately lead to reduced data entry, improve the accuracy of data, fulfill the requirements of data reporting, ensure faster delivery of data, promote timely vaccinations, quick updating of records, easy printing of reports, maintain vaccine inventories, flag contraindications, increase vaccination rates and ensure ultimate improvement of patient care ( The Vermont Immunization registry will be an exceptional tool to support health care practices at the centre in tracking vaccine information for children at the Family Medical Centre. It will allow the professionals at the

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Pro Capital Punishment Essay Example for Free

Pro Capital Punishment Essay According to my research there are some people who believe the death penalty is right just because it is safer to end one condemned life than to risk the lives of other innocent people. The death penalty is most commonly legal only for the most extreme cases, such as premeditated murder. Even in the event of murder, out of the 15,000 committed each year, we are only now reaching the 1,000 execution mark after thirty years! This plainly shows that those who may be pro capital punishment still use it sparingly. Also backing up the belief for using capital punishment are numerous stories of murderers who, after being released from prison, simply killed again. One such account reads, â€Å"In 1985, 13-year-old Karen Patterson was shot to death in her bed in North Charleston, S.C. Her killer was a neighbor who had already served 10 years of a life sentence for murdering his half-brother Charles in 1970. The murderer, Joe Atkins, cut the Pattersons phone lines, then entered bearing a machete, a sawed-off shotgun, and a pistol. Karens parents were chased out of their home by Atkins. Karens mom ran to the Atkins home nearby, where Joe then murdered his adopted father, Benjamin Atkins, 75, who had worked to persuade parole authorities to release Joe from the life sentence.† Other accounts show that a life sentence simply is not always enough to stop a person from repeating their crimes. â€Å"In 1965, Robert Massie murdered mother of two Mildred Weiss in San Gabriel, Calif., during a follow-home robbery. Hours before execution, a stay was issued so Massie could testify against his accomplice. Massies sentence was commuted to life when the Supreme Court halted executions in 1972. Receiving an undeserved second chance, Massie was paroled, but eight months later robbed and murdered businessman Boris Naumoff in San Francisco.† From a religious standpoint a religion that does endorse capital punishment under certain circumstances is Islam. According to the Qu’ran in Al’ Ma’idah 5:33 â€Å"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make corruption (Fasad) in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be banished from the land; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement† This shows that they believe in the death penalty for those who simply cause corruption or bring disgrace upon Islam, especially if the perpetrator is a former Muslim. The other justification for the death penalty, according to Islam, is murder. If anyone kills a person unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land it would be as if he killed all people. And if anyone saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all people (Quran 5:32). This obviously states that murderers should undergo the same penalty as the crime they commited. My personal beliefs about capital punishment are fairly in the middle of the road. On the one hand I do not believe it is sinful for criminals to be put to death, as the Bible clearly endorsed the idea in the Old Testament In Genesis 9:6 it says â€Å" Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.† The New Testament of course contains more of the â€Å"grace† approach and therefore I tend to lean more that way. Although even in the New Testament the Bible states in Romans 13: 4 â€Å" For he ( the police, judges, etc.) is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.† Clearly this endorses capital punishment for evildoers. On the other hand, people in America are judged as guilty by a group of people who do their best but can hardly be 100% sure on their verdict. Human error may cause and no doubt has caused some innocent people to be condemned to death while some of the guilty roam free among us. That makes me uneasy, and is very disturbing. But is that a legitimate reason to do away with the death penalty? That is a hard question to answer, but I believe the answer is no. I believe there are certain cases where capital punishment is absolutely necessary, but I have to say that I would not want to be the one who makes that decision. How do you judge which life is more valuable than another? The other question has to do with whether or not capital punishment is truly a deterrent to others from committing crimes. There are strong arguments on both sides of that question but it is hard to judge when because of the appeals process and other delays and red tape, only a small percentage of those sentenced ever get put to death. I refer back to the fact that only about 1000 people have been executed during the last 30 years when there have been nearly half a million murders in America! So the argument that capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime carries no weight to me. Therefore, it is still my personal belief that capital punishment should be used, with discretion, after a fair trial, and in certain cases, but I also believe that once the decision has been made, it should be executed with much greater speed. Death row shouldn’t be a mile long. I believe that once the judge has given the sentence, there should be a much faster process to the day of execution. I hate the thought of an innocent person being executed, but even worse are the hundreds of thousands of victims who are left without feeling that justice was done for their loved ones and the millions who are at risk because of the leniency of our justice system. My partner and I got along quite well. We had an easy time discussing our material and he was not difficult to deal with. He spent the time given researching, and kept in touch with me to review our presentations. When we met the next day, he was there at the time agreed upon and +wasn’t full of complaints, which I appr eciate. Brandon is a good partner and I would work with him again.

Macbeth Essay Example for Free

Macbeth Essay Macbeth is a play that is written by William Shakespeare, who is a famous poet and playwright. William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is a tragedy. The earliest account of its performance was from 1606. Tragedies contain distressing events that involve the main character or characters. These types of plays usually contain the death of a liked character or the main character or characters. Macbeth’s genre is a tragedy due to some of its themes. One theme of the play that portraits a tragic event is the theme of ambition. This is where Macbeth gets the idea of being king, but for him to become king he kills multiple times by committing a murder himself or getting others to kill on his behalf, like with the killing of King Duncan, Banquo, Lady Macduff and her child, which are tragic events due to death. The other theme is prophecy where the supernatural exists with the three witches, who give the prophecy to Macbeth about him becoming king, and that’s where Macbeth’s ambition starts, which turns into evil and also leads to tragic events. There is also the theme of reality that shows a tragic event as this leads to the death of Macbeth. Due to his belief in his own invincibility and he is killed by Macduff. A Greek philosopher called Aristotle said that all tragedies must have these characteristics: a man of high social standing, experiences a downfall, because of the flaw it is revealed only as a result of a tragic action of the narrative. Macbeth fits Aristotle characteristics by its structure of the play. It fits the characteristics by this: rising action of exposition is the very begging at the play. The complication, which is the witches’ prophecy, that leads to the rising action of the murders of people in the play. The climax is when Macbeth is the king. The falling action followers by Macbeth kills more to retain his title of king and Lady Macbeth dies and the catastrophe which is where Macbeth gets killed due to his ambition turning evil, and the resolution which is where Malcolm becomes king. The structure fits Aristotle characteristics as Macbeth the man with high social standing, experiences a downfall, which is the climax of killing for his ambition, which then, leads to a result of tragic action of which Macbeth the main character is killed. In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare uses different types of language like verse, which is written as poetry. Most of it is blank verse and rhymed couplets. He also uses prose, which is everything that is not in poetry. In the play, Shakespeare uses a blank verse, which has ten syllables with five stresses in each line. Shakespeare uses rhymed couplets in Macbeth to let the audience know it’s the end of a scene due to the fact the theatres in the 16th and 17th century did not have curtains or lightening effects like ours today due to show the end of a scene. In Macbeth act 2 scene 3 Malcolm says at the end of the scene. â€Å"But shift away: theres warrant in that theft. Which steals itself, when theres no mercy left† Here is a rhyming couplet as the pairs of line rhyme by the words theft and left, by this rhyming couplet signals the audience and actors back then that it is the end of the scene. Macbeth also has prose language in the play. Shakespeare uses prose for those characters that have comic and low statuses, as the prose structure does not have a formal structure of poetry and it can mean many manners of ideas. In Macbeth prose is used when Lady Macbeth is sleep walking in Act 5 scene 1 when she says â€Å"Yet heres a spot. † The use of prose here shows Lady Macbeth is ill and going mad by her losing her high status as she speaks in prose which is normally used by low status characters. Macbeth also uses paradox in some of his lines like with the witches saying at start in scene 1 act 1, â€Å"Fair is foul, foul is fair†. This quote from Macbeth is where the witches are saying things are not what they seem, but Macbeth writes the line differently than that in paradox, which is when it contrasts itself. Therefore, it makes the line more interesting to listen to, and it get us the audience to think more what is being meant, as it can be very ambiguous. The meaning of this line is more embraced, as it does seem things are not what it seems when the line is paradox. In Macbeth there is a lot of imagery text like with metaphors, which are something, called something else like with this quote Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell: Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace†. This is when Malcolm describes Macbeth as a fallen angle, which implies Macbeth is perfect, and cannot do wrong and shows Malcolm thinks very highly of Macbeth. When Shakespeare uses metaphors it gives a great image to the audience, as you can see it gives us a better picture of what Malcolm feelings are of Macbeth. In Macbeth imagery text is used by similes as well, which is something is described as something else like here, â€Å"And on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood, which was not so before. This is where the floating danger which Macbeth see in front of him turn bloody and the simile describes the blade as â€Å"dudgeon gouts of blood† which says it has lots of blood on it. When Shakespeare uses similes it gives a powerful image of what something looks like as the blade give the image of loads of blood rather than just a bit. Also Shakespeare uses personification in Macbeth which is something is described as human like â€Å"Stones have been known to move, and trees to speak. Here the environment is being described like humans saying the stones move and the trees speak which is give a very unusual image to the audience but make them more engaged to watch and listen. Macbeth is a play that is loosely based on events in the past in the year of 1040-1057 in Scotland. The events are based on a real person called Macbeth, who ruled as king in Scotland in 1040-1057. He did overthrow the previous king Duncan. The real Lady Macbeth was a granddaughter of another king, who was actually murdered by king Duncan’s grandfather. Malcolm and Donald Bain were sons of King Duncan, with Malcolm becoming king after the death of Macbeth. You can see Shakespeare’s play had the similarities of the past with the some of the character names and their position like the real Macbeth became king after Duncan who died who was king previously, but the difference is that there was no murder of King Duncan in the past like there is in the play. But I think Shakespeare would have got the idea of murder of Duncan by the real Lady Macbeth’s grandfather who was killed by the real King Duncan’s grandfather. The audiences of 1606 who watched the play would have been shocked of the death of Macbeth in the play as they see him in war and succeeding, they see him being loyal to the king, and that he could have been seen as a hero. However, when he turns evil by killing for his ambition to come true he is seen as villain in some audiences eyes, but they also see him die. This would shock the audience as their hero turned into evil and died. This may make the audience think whom they can actually trust; especially the king would at that time have been King James, in case the same happened to him like King Duncan in the play. King James of Scotland would have seen Macbeth and I think his thoughts of the play may have shocked him. It would have shocked him as he would have empathised with king Duncan, and when he see him getting killed by what he had believed to have been a loyal friend, this would of worried him. King James would rethink his loyal friends, and would have been cautious in case a loyal friend would kill him as King Duncan was killed. The witches at the start of the play would have affected the audiences as in 1611; witchcraft was seen as real and very scary, so this would have attracted the audience’s attention and spooks them a bit. In England at 1563, there were laws placed against witchcraft by Queen Elizabeth. In 1603 queen Elizabeth died, and when the play was performed I think the first scene of the witches would have irritated some people due to the fact that it was disrespecting their previous queen Elizabeth’s law against witchcraft. I think some audiences may have thought Shakespeare was a witch of some sort, for writing witchcraft into his play Macbeth, which may lead to people to think his plays was good though witchcraft was being used to write them. I also think male audiences in 1606 would have been offended by Lady Macbeth overruling and controlling a man in the play which is Macbeth, when she orders him to kill King Duncan. In 1606 women were lower and that men were leaders and were not suppose to be controlled by women. But in the play it shows Lady Macbeth controlling Macbeth which I think may made male audiences angry, for seeing a women controlling a man. I think women audiences in 1606 would have been shocked by Lady Macbeth controlling of Macbeth, as this was not reality for them. I think this play may have offended women by the fact that Shakespeare’s character Macbeth did what a women told him to do and ended up being killed, which could imply the message do not listen to women as it turn out bad. Today’s audience of men or women would not be offended by the play of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as there is equal rights today between both genders, and that women can tell a man what to do as this is reality these day. As well audiences today would not be spooked by the witchcraft scenes as people today do not believe in witchcraft due to science proving a most of it wrong. Nevertheless, I do think the death scene of killing of Macduff’s son would have offended both audiences. A scene of a child being killed is chilling for both audiences of today and in 1606. The first scene that I will analyse that guides the audience to a tragic event is the one which is Macbeth’s soliloquy, act 2 scene 1. In this scene Macbeth imagines a dagger floating towards Duncan’s chamber where he is sleeping. Macbeths talks to himself saying â€Å"is this a dagger, which I see before me? â€Å" Macbeth cannot believe what he is seeing and questions himself. Before this scene Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to commit murder by killing the king Duncan. This scene results in the murder of king Duncan who was a noble, great king. The language in the quote asks a question with the question mark and the word â€Å"is†, Macbeth here is imagining a dagger, which the audience could not see due to no props, so with Macbeth questioning himself shows the audience that Macbeth is imagining something. The audience listening to Macbeth question himself would put them on edge, as they would see a person having a strange hallucination in front of their eyes. The question Macbeths asks is rhetorical, as he does not expect an answer as he talking to himself. With Shakespeare using a rhetorical question here I think it helps the audience understands Macbeth is seeing something in his imagination. If this scene was staged with Macbeth more in a panic, worried and scared rather than just confused when imagining the dagger, this would make audiences more disturbed I think, and would have caused them to share some of the emoion of macbeth. Macbeth‘s character could have even cried during this scene which would have shown more emotion of fear. The audience would perceive the character of macbeth as frighted and much more hesitant to commit murder and therefore would have felt sorry for him at one point. The second scene that i will analyse that guides the audience to a tragic event is the one which features the killing of Macduff‘s child, which is in Act 4 scene 2. Before this scene happens, you have Macbeth ordering for Lady Macduff and her child to be killed. At the end of the secne the son is killed, with murderers following Lady Macduff to kill her as well. The child says to his mother which is Lady Macduff â€Å"He has killed me, mother: Run away, I pray you! â€Å". Here the child is shouting to his mother to run, so she does not get killed. The language shakespeare uses here is quite emotive. For a start the boy is shouting as by the exclamation mark, this will get the auidence attention from watching the play as its more dramatic. Its also dramatic by the words â€Å"pray youâ€Å" as the boy is asking God for her safety. This makes the audience upset here becuase as the boy who is himself doomed, does not want his mother to die, which we know it is going to happen. Its quite emotive as the boy shows affection for his mother and not wanting her to be murdered, this give the audience strong feeling of sadness. The way this scene is staged is that Lady Macduff runs off set with the murderers following her. It would be much more upsetting for the auidence to watch her be killed in front of her son. Audiences watching this scene would now have seen macbeth as even more evil as they have now watched another murder which he ordered to be committed. The most chilling scene for myself would have been the murder of Lady Macduff and her child, as i think its upsetting for seeing a child being killed. I think that Macbeth is greedy and evil has he had his ambition come true for others missfortune which i think is greedy, and doing murder of a innocent child is just plain evil in my opion. Overall i think the play macbeth has a good, easy to follow story line.

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The Japanese Culture of Drift

The Japanese Culture of Drift Introduction In this paper, I will do a topic about a movie Initial D which release on 2005, produced by Andrew Lau (Osmond, 2006). Initial D is a movie based on the Japanese anime, Initial D. It is about a son of tofu seller known as Takumi Fujiwara. He is a high school boy that take over his fathers job to deliver the tofu every morning to the customer. It had been a routine for him to take the same route to deliver their tofu by went through Mount Akina. The story background is based on Gunma province, in the Kanto region. A very popular place for drift street racing. Even though Initial D is Japanese based story, it was produced by Media Asia Films, Hong Kong company. Moreover, the crews and actors were also a Chinese themselves. It is quite interesting so the perspective of Chinese people on Japanese drift culture. Thus, in this essay, I want to write about one of the famous Japanese culture known by the worldwide that is drift culture. A driving technique What is drift? The definition of drift from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the act of driving something along. Conceptually, drifting is a driving technique when the car oversteers due to loss of traction usually on the rear wheels or sometimes all wheels (Stallwood, 2016). This is done to maintaining such smooth control when taking a corner. For example, from the movie of Initial D, Takumi always perform drifting for every corner he passes through on the Mount Akina. Also, in some scene, Takumi perform the drift action without spill any water in his cup. Shows that he already masters the drift technique. There were many arguments about the origin of drift driving technique, but for surely it was popularized by the Japanese. When drifting is done, the direction of front wheels must be opposite to the direction of the turn. This is to give the car some balance by introducing counter-steering also known as opposite lock. This action is quite intuitive as the direction of a front tir e does not move along with the direction of the turn. Although it takes a lot of times of practice to master it properly, but it is not hard to grasp the drift concept. From the film, it is shown that the drivers can still drive fast in the corner when performed the drifting technique. Due to this, it becomes very popular Japanese culture that known by worldwide. To prove it, the third franchise of The Fast and the Furious, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift feature drift racing in every scene of their movie. On professional drift racer eye, a good drift technique can be performing when the driver oversteers at an optimal angle while able to maintain a high speed (Nausbaum, 2013). From that, they able to judge a good style of drifting just from the tires lines on every corner. The Drift King The drift driving technique is popularized first in the motoring sport. Kunimitsu Takahashi a motorcycling legend is the one who introduced the drift technique in motorsport (Patrascu, 2009). The technique of drifting gives him many advantages. This technique earned him several championships. Not long after that, the driving technique introduces by Kunimitsu Takahashi catch the attention of Keiichi Tsuchiya, known as the Drift King or Dorikin in the Japanese language (Tom, 2007). He learned that drifting style will give him several advantages during a race despite the enjoyments of the car oversteers but still under control when taking a corner. What made him earned that title because the use of drifting in non-drifting racing such as in National championship, Le Mans, and NASCAR (Tom, 2007). Even though he did not win many titles but he did popularize the drifting technique into international level. Thus, he becomes a hit and inspired many professional drifting drivers till today. A lso, several popular magazines and tuning car garage produce a video of his drifting skill. In was an act to shown the greatness of drift and fun in it despite people can learn from it. From the movie of Initial D, it showed that Takumi began practicing drift on the Mount Akina. Similarly, to Keiichi Tsuchiya, he began to practicing his driver skill on the mountains road. The reason why is the mountain because the road on the mountains has relatively many corners compare to normal land and city road. They constructed the road like that because instead of cutting down the mountain, it is better to go around that less cost and no harm to nature. Back into the movie, the creator of Initial D made Takumi to resemble Kunimitsu Takahashi, but he more a lot to Keiichi Tsuchiya. Not just Takumi practice drift on the mountain, he also used the same car, Trueno AE86. The Significance of AE86 in the film The AE86 car has a great influence in Initial D movie. Due to the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-V AE86 Super Street Version was used by Keiichi Tsuchiya (Tom, 2007). Therefore, the creator of Initial D thinks that AE86 has its own class compare to other race cars out there. He thinks that it was ideal to featuring AE86 alongside with the anime hero, Takumi Fujiwara. In the movie, Takumi uses his father car AE86 Trueno apex hatchback both for racing and deliver tofu. Also, Itsuki Takeuchi drives an AE85 that he mistakenly though the AE86. To show how big the influence of AE86 in Initial D, in the anime series Shinji Inui the compete head-to-head with Takumi drive the Notchback coupe version of AE86. Since the AE86 was made introduced by Toyota in 1983, the specifications of the car cannot beat the current generation cars featuring in the movie. The AE86 non-modified car has a 4 cylinder twin cam 1587 cc. It came with 5-speed manual gearbox (, n.d.). Thus, like the Drift King, in the Initial D movie, Takumis father a formerly experienced racer modified and tuned in the car to his own liking and optimal level. By this, even an old car like AE86 can give a great competition to a newer car. Takumi able to beat Nissan Skyline GT-R driven by Takeshi Nakazato with just the AE86. If the AE86 not modified it is nowhere near to beat a current generation car. Takumi that seems already a master of driving technique can feel something is different when he drives a non-tuned in the car from a scene when he drives Itsuki AE85. Itsuki car without a doubt is a cheap car that designed not for race. It is also the same case for AE86. Even though a non-race car has a limit if compare to a race car. The significant different is the engine. For AE86 able to catch up a fast car like Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV, it needs to work more than normal load. After it reaches its own limit the engine will die eventually. Takumi car died even before he able to catch up the Mitsubishi drive by Emperor Teams racer. Thus, for the racing event, it is ideal to race using a race car. However, the creator of Initial D wants to stick with the Japanese tradition and honor the AE86 driven by Drift King himself. The creator took a very big step, he embedded a race car engine into the AE86. This is an illegal way of modifications since AE86 is for conventional use not for race. However, to make it fair an AE86 need a great engine. So, then Takumi can fight other racers with his full potential. In Japan, this car was sold as Corolla Levin or Sprinter Trueno (Dennis, 2008). Due to its popularity, the AE86 was imported to other countries. For example, in North America, it sold as the Corolla GT-S. The car has also been featuring in many motorsports outside of Japan. The AE86 was entered in the European Touring Car Championship, showroom, rallying and circuit race. In is no way to deny it after people still choose the older car to compete against the modern and more powerful car. Drift not just on circuits In Japan, there is secret illegal drift scene. The fabulous driving technique has also attracted many people to try by their own. In Gunma province, in the Kanto region, on Friday night it is time to experience firsthand Japans secretive illegal drift scene (Stallwood, 2016). In is also the same region where Initial D movie based on. Usually, the start to gather around the hill side at 2 am. It is the best time for them since there is unlikely interruption from the public cars. Like in the film of Initial D, they use the fully operating road as their race track. The outlaw street racers also are known as hashiriya came from many different backgrounds. Some of them are young rich kids that snuck money from their parents to invest in their car. Middle-aged guys also involve in this arena. Even though they are different in many aspects, but they have something in common, to get the outmost excitement by performing a drift. Of course, there is still some that find their own limit and cha llenge the others to race. Like Takeshi came to Gunma to challenge the Ghost of Mount Akina. However, most of the racer does not like to show off who is the best. Even though drift is the most amazing form of motorsport. Japanese is well known for their modesty and humility. For the racers, they believe in kenson: skill before swagger. Unlike the drift race scene is shown in the Tokyo Drift movie, the place was a full bunch of people with their modified car. There is no background hip-hop music, models to wave flags. When the race started, there would be a crowd formed in corners to see the hasyiriya skill. Also, there is might old generation racer to watch how fast the new generation. The Hashiriya In the end of the film, Takumi decided to become a racer himself after he caught his girlfriend cheating on him. Also, we know that Takumi father is a former racer. In not just because of he found out about Natsuki but it is also part of Japanese culture. A lot of younger drivers inherit their love in drifting and machinery from their fathers. Future drivers have the sense to carry on their family legacy. In not just to honor their family but to make the older generation proud of them. Takumi interest to become a racer not shown obviously but it can be seen from the film he enjoys drifting. Takumi has a very good talent himself as his father blood flow in him. However, he needs to decide whether he want to become a serious racer since he falls in love with Natsuki. After he knew that Natsuki cheats on him, he already knows what he wants to become next. He called back Ryosuke to confirm that he wants to join his team. The life of a racer is different compare to Bosozoku. Bosozoku just a bunch of high school delinquent that want to enjoy their life in a very dangerous way. By driving at very high speed on the road, it not just danger their life but also the public people around it. In contract, hasyiriya not a delinquent or yakuza, the drifters are friendly (Stallwood, 2016). They also race during midnight around mountain area to avoid any traffic. In the Initial D, there is a scene where an informant told the three drivers to slow down as there is a car approaching from the front. Drift racers concern about the safety of the others people. It not just because they dont want any trouble, it also because they come there for fun in drifting. Life of racer portrayed in the film need to travel around Japan to compete well know racer before they can become the King. Thus, if Takumi wants to build a family with Natsuki, the life of racer would not be good for both Natsuki and Takumi. Also, in the film sh owed Takumis father quit his racer life when he married his wife. Conclusion In conclusion, the drift culture in Initial D is firstly popularized by Drift King. The influence of Drift King in drift arena brought back AE86 in the Film. In the movie, it shows many times the AE 86 car. Drift have a great future for Japanese youths. While young people around the world drunk on Friday night to have fun. The drift racers have other definition of having fun. Also, the life of racer has many glorious moments but it is not an easy decision. 2074 words References Agunday, A. (n.d.). Drift Hunter: Japans Underground Drifting Scene. Retrieved from Dennis, C. K. (2008). Toyota. Wesport: Greenwood. MacWilliams, M. W. (2008). Japanese Visual Culture. Taylor and Francis. Nausbaum, D. (2013). Catching drift at Grand Prix: Long Beach race looks to gain traction with new fans on the slide. Los Angeles Business Journal, 1. Osmond, A. (2006). Initial D Drift Racer. Sight Sound, 56-57. Stallwood, O. (2016, December 1). An Inside Look at Japans Secret Illegal Drift Scene. Retrieved from Annotated bibliography Osmond, A. (2006). Initial D Drift Racer. Sight Sound, 56-57. This article gives me a short synopsis about Initial D. The author also give a little description about the movie directed by Andrew Lau. Since it is a Japanese based story, the film is quite controversial when featuring non-Japanese actors and crews. However, the authors able to describe even though it is not made by the Japanese but them director made a very good cinematic that represent Japanese Anime. For the director to work very hard on that, probably the drifting element motivates him. So, that it can appeal Japanese audience. This gives a thought that drift culture in Japanese is well respected and known over the world. Dennis, C. K. (2008). Toyota. Wesport: Greenwood. This book written by Chambers is about the company of Toyota. Toyota was the maker of AE86. From the book, I help me to learn about the history of Toyota and their technology. They able to beat the western company cars after with their strategic business plan. So, it is important to learn about the AE86 from the book. The AE86 is less powerful compare to the western car, but it able to compete with the others car in many championships. Also, I learned about Toyota enter the western market and sold many cars in there. It not just cheaper but also high in quality. Nausbaum, D. (2013). Catching drift at Grand Prix: Long Beach race looks to gain traction with new fans on the slide. Los Angeles Business Journal, 1. From this article, the writer helps me learned about the drift Grand Prix hosted by Toyota. It might be a coincidence that Toyota involves in drift since AE86 so popular in drift arena. Drift race is an extreme motorsport popularized in Japan. To attract more people joining the drift championship, they offer a good prize for the winner, car show, and concert. In the Grand Prix, the winner will be judged on their speed, angle, and line taken through the course. Drifting firstly was introduced by Kunimitsu Takahashi in motorsport. Thus, to maintain the drifting technique in motorsport arena, many championships are hosted. MacWilliams, M. W. (2008). Japanese Visual Culture. Taylor and Francis. Even though this book does not compose of Initial, it helps me learned about the Japanese culture in Japanese Anime. Initial D movie is based on the Japanese anime. It has many influences from Japanese culture such the obvious one is drift culture. This book gave me an insight how to tackle the Japanese culture through their history and place. This book describes how the Japanese culture shaped the narration and values of the anime. Since Initial D movie made directed by Andrew Lau, it is very good idea to find the relationship of that movie with the anime based on the others perspective.

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Free Euthanasia Essays: We Have the Right to Physician-Assisted Suicide :: Euthanasia Physician Assisted Suicide

We All Have the Right to Physician-Assisted Suicide Physician-assisted suicide presents one of the greatest dilemmas to the medical profession. Should someone who is mentally competent, but deemed terminally ill, be allowed the option of physician-assisted suicide? According to the First Amendment of The Constitution of The United States, "one hasthe freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances." The Fourteenth Amendment states, "The Statecannot deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny any person within itsjurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." The group believes that a terminally ill patient has the Constitutionalright to decide whether or not to end his or her life with the help of a licensed medical doctor. There have been many cases overthe years where a terminally ill patient who is mentally competent has made the choice to either partake in physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia. Â   "Physician-assisted suicide occurs when the physician provides thepatient with the means and/or knowledge to commit suicide"(Death and Dying,91). "Euthanasia is when the physicianadministers the death causing drug or agent"(Death and Dying,92). The most recent case is that of The Stateof Florida v. Charles Hall. "Charles Hall is dying of AIDS and challenged the State of Florida to let him die bya self-administered lethal injection without fear of prosecution"( deathnet/open.html). On January31, 1997, a Judge ruled that Charles Hall could take his own life with the aid of a doctor. Senior Judge S. JosephDavis, brought in from Seminole County, "found that Florida's strict privacy law and the equal protection clause in theU.S. Constitution entitled Hall, 35, and Dr. McIver to carry out an assisted death without fear of prosecution" (Sun-Sentinel,1A). On February 11, 1997, Charles Hall's ruling was overturned by the Florida Supreme Court: he no longer hasthe right t o end his own life. He will have to wait until May 9, 1997 until new arguments will be heard. Hall, whohas been deemed mentally competent, contracted the virus in 1981 through a blood transfusion. "Some of the complicationshe is encountering from the AIDS virus are arthritis, hepatitis, pneumonia and a brain cyst" The Oregon Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill adults who are mentally competentto ask for a prescription for medication "for the purpose of ending his or her life in a humane and dignified manner"( This act, "Measure 16," was approved by the voters in 1994.

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Canterbury Tales Morality Paper -- essays research papers

Eternal Bliss or Life Amiss?: Analysis of Theme in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales The Christian Church has been a driving force in politics and morals for hundreds of years. In the medieval time period in Europe, the Church was particularly strong, a majority of the European peoples and rulers were followers. The set of moral codes and virtues the Church sets forth dictates how each person should live. Provided that one follows these morals, the Church guarantees every follower a place in Heaven, a paradise for a soul after its body’s death. Although the Christian Church offers salvation to each of its followers, nevertheless, certain people’s desire for immediate reward leads them to sin because the idea of an immediate reward outweighs that of a reward promised by the Church for the afterlife. In The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, the Pardoner, the Summoner, the Oxford Cleric, and the Friar seek immediate reward in cheating unsuspecting victims, in doing as little of what displeases them as possible, and in seeking extravagant posses sions and pleasures. Characters in The Canterbury Tales see opportunities for riches, however immoral, and in pursuing them lose the Church’s promise of entrance into Heaven. The Pardoner and the Summoner in particular display a desire to cheat out anyone they can in order to further their own personal wealth. The Pardoner carries with him â€Å"†¦a pillow-case/Which he assert[s] †¦[is]†¦Our Lady’s veil† (Chaucer 712-713) and he is said to find â€Å"Some poor up-county parson to astound,† (720) charging them to see and touch this false relic. Though he seems a virtuous and trustworthy man, the Pardoner is just a fourteenth century con artist. His official job in the church is to sell ... ...eds of years and remains as such. When inducted to service with the Church, each of the characters: the Pardoner, the Summoner, the Oxford Cleric, and the Friar, are given a place of paradise for their souls after death. As officials in such a highly respected institution, each is expected to maintain his responsibilities and behavior in a proper manner. After seeing the opportunity for personal gain, however, each of the men ignores his job and does exactly what pleases him most. The choice of an immediate pleasure over an eternal pleasure is too great, and thus, each does things that they can not seem to help themselves from doing. These include accepting bribes and cheating unsuspecting holy men, sinful and wicked crimes. It is therefore evident that because each of the characters mentioned prefers his way to the Church’s, he sins and gives up his place in Heaven.

Karen Horneys The Distrust Between the Sexes Essay -- Karen Horney Di

Karen Horney's "The Distrust Between the Sexes" In Karen Horney's "The Distrust Between the Sexes," she attempts to explain the problems in the relationships between men and women. She writes that to understand the problem you must first understand that problems stem from a common background. A large amount of suspiciousness is due to people's intensity of emotions. Early in Horney's essay, she defines passion and discusses why it is rare. People do not feel safe putting all of their faith and trust in only one other person. Horney explains that self-preservation is part of human instinct, and people have a fear of losing themselves in their loved one. Next, Horney explains how people often overlook their own impulses. The pressure from their conscience causes them to project these impulses onto their partners. Projection results in distrust of their partner's emotions toward them. As Horney moves on, she accounts for an almost unavoidable source of disappointment in our love life. It derives from intense feelings of love stirring up secret hopes for contentment. Intim... Karen Horney's The Distrust Between the Sexes Essay -- Karen Horney Di Karen Horney's "The Distrust Between the Sexes" In Karen Horney's "The Distrust Between the Sexes," she attempts to explain the problems in the relationships between men and women. She writes that to understand the problem you must first understand that problems stem from a common background. A large amount of suspiciousness is due to people's intensity of emotions. Early in Horney's essay, she defines passion and discusses why it is rare. People do not feel safe putting all of their faith and trust in only one other person. Horney explains that self-preservation is part of human instinct, and people have a fear of losing themselves in their loved one. Next, Horney explains how people often overlook their own impulses. The pressure from their conscience causes them to project these impulses onto their partners. Projection results in distrust of their partner's emotions toward them. As Horney moves on, she accounts for an almost unavoidable source of disappointment in our love life. It derives from intense feelings of love stirring up secret hopes for contentment. Intim...

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Nonstop of Musical Innovation Essay

In recent times, pop culture had been one of the most evident products of media which had strongly influenced many, many generations including our present society. Legions of different rock bands from the very famous groups such as Beatles, The Who, Metallica and Aero Smith and other different bands and artists have sprung out through the years and have influenced the kind or genre of music that can be currently heard by many people. Different age groups had been affected the lyrics, rhythm, and trends that all the bands had brought to the public. The popularity of the pop culture had spread in different parts of the United States as well as other countries. Aerosmith: In the early times of rock music artist such as Elvis Presley and the band called Beatles had been invading the airwaves. Most of the albums made by these artists had been best sellers in the world having sold millions and millions of copies in every record that they have made. Because of the uniqueness and charm of these artists many people had been captivated by them. Millions of fans adores and put them in a pedestal like they were gods. Devotion to these people was too much that there were horrendous acts done by people just in order to see them live. The frenzy of admiring rock and roll bands had been absorbed by the next generation and was passed to the incoming rock bands of the next generations. In the 1970’s a new rock band paved its way in the rock music scene called the Aerosmith. This group became the most popular hard rock band of the 70’s that have set the sound and style of heavy metal and hard rock for two decades given their rough bluesy attitude. This Boston based group of five discovered a sound between the menace of the band Rolling Stones and campy, grubby grandiosity of the punk rock band called the New York Dolls. In the flowery words of writer Stephen Thomas Erlewine Aero Smith â€Å"developed a lean, dirty riff-oriented boogie that was loose and swinging and as hard as a diamond† (Erlewine n. p. ). The rock band was originally from Boston and was also known as â€Å"The Bad Boys of Boston† and â€Å"The Greatest Rock and Roll Band† due to their attitude on stage and the transform that they have contributed to the American music and its society. The band had mixed the sound of hard rock, metal, and R&B which was imitated by many artists and bands of the following generations. The band have musically innovated this type of music which had been their signature sound. However, this band did not start from the top of the music industry thus they started in Massachusetts, Boston and eventually they were able to acquire supporters that followed them through out their career. The band Aerosmith is composed of 5 group members with Steve Tyler as the lead vocalist, Joe Perry and Ray Tabano as the guitarists, Tom Hamilton as the bassist, and Joe Kramer as their drummer. After a few months of playing together, Ray Tabano was replaced by another guitarist named Brad Whitford. After only 2 years of continuous gigs the band already has recorded songs for Columbia Records and their album was first release in 1973. Their album was entitled Aerosmith which already sold millions of records. Their following album was released and became successful. In 1976, their album Rock has made their existence in the music industry stable. Due to this album, the band had been named as one of the most significant artists that are in the hard rock genre. Through the continuous rise of the band’s career, conflicts within the groups have risen. Misunderstanding among its group members became a problem that they needed to face. Another issue that they have to overcome was the drug addiction of members of their group Due to these concerns two of the band members Perry and Whitford left the band in 1979 and 1981. In the following years of Aerosmith’s career, they have received nominations and gained more fans through the years. Due to the unchanging popularity of the band and their songs, the new generations of listeners were grabbed by this band gaining more support and influence unlike other band did. The ability of the band to relate their lyrics to the current listeners and their talent to mix genres of music had been very helpful for the group because they had been flexible for all their listeners. Though the years, many different songs had been popularized by the band. Many songs made by Aerosmith have topped the charts of MTV, Billboard and the likes. They were also nominated in different parts of the world and had performed in different stages may it be in Europe, Asia, or Latin America. Their songs had been soundtracks for different movies like Armagedon, Charlie’s Angels and other long list of other movies. All the songs that were done by the Aerosmith had been a hit for most people and one of the most popular songs that they had made was â€Å"Walk this Way. † The song was made in 1970s and became one of the most popular songs at that time. The heavy rock blues of the song became one of the most significant symbols of the era due to the honestly of the lyrics and the upbeat rhythm of the song. It had captured the ears of mostly the teenagers who would definitely relate to the lyrics of the song. Walk this Way: Aerosmith and Run DMC In the August of 1975, the song â€Å"Walk this Way† was released by Aerosmith that was in the â€Å"Top of the Attic† album. The song itself had topped the Billboard Charts 100 and America’s top ten (Power 22) when it was released. Based on Maury Dean the author of the book â€Å"Rock ‘N’ Roll Gold Rush: A Singles Un-cyclopedia,† said that the song â€Å"Walk this Way† of the year 1975 said that â€Å"its lyrics get often smushed by screeching guitars, smashing crash drum thunder, whooshing keyboards, and keening guitar phrasers. Then the bass uppercuts the overwhelmed singer off an amp the since of a Rolls-Royce† these were that words expressed by the author as he describes the song launched by the Aerosmith. In another book written by Martin Power, he also described the song and said that the song â€Å"Walk this way† is a â€Å"wise –cracking tale of lost virginity† (Power 22). In Songfacts. com, it was understood that the song was about a â€Å"promiscuous cheerleader who leads a school boy through his first sexual experience. † In the following facts, it was said that the song was inspired by the movie â€Å"Young Frankenstein. † In the movie, Igor tries to teach Frankenstein to â€Å"walk this way. † Franskenstein then imitates the walk of Igor and learns how to walk. Aerosmith finds Frankenstein’s walk funny and then they decided to make it as the title of the song. Immediately, the song was written by Steve Tyler however, when they were about to record the song, he left the lyrics in the cab that they rode. Steve Tyler immediately ran outside of the studio but he was not able to neither call the cab nor obtain the lyrics again. In the last minute, Tyler wrote the lyrics on the wall. A fresh material such as the talk box was used in making this hit song. For your added information, a device box is used by guitarists to create vocal sounds through a vinyl tube that is fastened to the unit that is attached to the output/speakers of the guitar amplifier. An example is in the video of the Bon Jovi â€Å"It’s My Life,† where in the guitarist was controlling the sound of the guitar to create new dynamics of sounds being radiated by the guitar. In the continuing years, the song â€Å"Walk this Way† was stuck into the minds of people as well as many artists. The song was well appreciated by many and due to this a remake of this song was made in 1986 by a group called Run DMC. The group is composed of 3 African-American men that had made a mark in the musical industry similar to Aerosmith. The genre of this group is Rap and Hip-Hop which is very different from the genre of the rock band. Parallel to the rock band Aerosmith, Run DMC are legendary in their specialized genre. They had also won awards in the MTV music awards and Billboard Awards. Currently they are seen as hip-hop legends and an inspiration for many aspiring artists of the present time (Sony BMG Music Entertainment n. p. ). The remake of the song â€Å"Walk this Way† by Run DMC made a unique strike in the music industry. The two very different musical genres have come together in one song without over powering or overlapping the unique sounds of the two bands. The rugged sound of Aerosmith and the upbeat tempo of Run DMC were both evident and enjoyed by their followers. Due to remake and the collaboration of the song, the lyrics of the next version were changed to fit the rap part of Run DMC which elaborated the theme of the song. In the book written by Anthony De Curtis, he stated that â€Å"it was one of the first rap videos to get heavy play on MTV† (DeCurtis 248). In another phrase stated in the book of DeCurtis he said that, â€Å"the video was a successful attempt to introduce rap music to the white audiences† (De Curtis 248). In the point of view of DeCurtis, he sees that the collaboration of these two legendary artists have opened up the white Americans and African-American supporters of these groups to open up the minds of in the types of music that they are hearing. Although in the 1990s, racism was not a big issue unlike in the history of the United States, the types of music that person chooses reflects of the cultural background of the listener. The labeling of the hard rock genre is the type of music that white Americans wants to hear while the African-Americans listen to rap and hip hop music. Through this song, the strictly limited genres of hard rock and hip hop opened up to the whole society while showing that White American music and African-American music could be combined and eventually creating a new type of music. In addition, the video of the song was very symbolic in a sense that the video showed a wall separating the two artists—which were purely whites (Aerosmith) and purely African-Americans (Run DMC) on the other side. In reality, the invisible wall that is separating the two races was very present due to many factors of the society. As mentioned earlier, the connotation of white Americans as listeners of the hard rock genre and the African-Americans as listeners of the hip hop culture. In the conservative view, any person that is showing interest in a genre not usually appreciated by his/her race is seen as unfaithful to his/her community but through the music made by these artists. In some sense, the capability to hatch up the two very different musical genres was made possible. Aerosmith and Run DMC were able to reach the masses and were able to communicate their intentions. The successful collaboration of these two legendary artists led the way for the younger generations to appreciate the new genre created by these artists. In much recent times, the very obvious collaborations of various artists with different types of genres had somehow been a trend. Current artists such as Linkin Park, Limp Biscuit, Korn, Papa Roach, Incubus and Blink 182 are some of the most popular bands who had been exemplifying the great influence Aerosmith and Run DMC. The mixture of hip-hop, rap and rock is in fact manifest in the music made by these artists. Still, the upbeat tempo of rhyming words and the heavy screeching of the guitar had been a great influence for many artists today and is continuously developed to create new genres of music. Looking at the current music industry, more and more artists had been collaborating with one another. One example is Mariah Carey which never fails to include collaborations in her album and it eventually became her signature style. Artists such as the Black Eyed Peas have collaborated with a couple of various artists that has different genres such as Sergio Mendez (Bossa Nova) , Justine Timberlake (pop/ R&B) just to name a few. Jack Johnson an acoustic artist allows his music to be mixed which house music in order to create new a fresh sound out of the old ones. Timbaland a very well known producer and artists is one of the most famous individuals in Hollywood that made collaborations of artists. Most of the collaborations that he produced topped the charts in different parts of the country and the world. Through the continuous creativity, innovation and talent of the current generation as well as the influences that they had in the past, the simple genres of pop, rock, rap, had became much more diverse and fluid. The conservative notion of just following the current trend in music, brave souls that are willing to be rejected and ridiculed by the society due to the music that they believe is beautiful are very well known and very much appreciated by the listeners not only in the United States but also in various parts of the world. Conclusion: Through the analysis of the artists: Aerosmith and Run DMC, the song: Walk this way (1975) and Walk this Way (1986), the video of the song, the current artists and their new innovation in their music, it is evident that the song and the legendary artists who bravely produced this song made a history in the music industry. The groups have opened up the creative minds of the new generation in creating new types of genres which could be more appreciated by various types of people because of the diverse mixture of sounds and rhythm. The one-time collaboration of Aerosmith and Run DMC have paved the way to many artist not to fear in creating the type of music that they really believe is striking and also be appreciated by many people. The constant innovation of music creates diversion of the music appreciated by everyone. The social construct of limiting a person or a race with the type of music that she or he should listen is now gone. The racial separation within the choice of music within the society had now been lessened. This creates a more diversified society and limits the barriers that are restrain the society from totally mixing with one another. Music is evidently one of the strongest influences that the society has. The wide scope of media and technology has allowed everyone to listen, and watch how various artists live their lives and inspire themselves in creating good music. The availability of the internet had created a much more intimate relationship between the artists and their supporters which creates much stronger connection between them. More and more artist had been influencing the people and society which creates more power and persuasion towards the people. WALK THIS WAY Aerosmith feat. Run DMC (1987) There’s a backseat lover, that’s always undercover and I talked till my daddy say, said â€Å"ya ain’t seen nothin till your down on a muffin, and theres sure to be a change in way† now theres a cheerleader, that’s a real big pleaser as far as I could reminice and the best thing lovin’ was you sister and your cousin and it started with a little kiss, like this She start swingin’ with the boys in school and her feet are flyin’ up in the air singin hey diddle diddle with the titty in the middle, and you swingin like you just dont care so I took a big chance at the highschool dance with a lady who was ready to play it wasn’t me she was foolin’ cause she new what she was doin when she told me how to walk this way, she told me to CHORUS walk this way, talk this way (x2) she told me to walk this way, talk this way (x2) just give me a kiss†¦ like this school girl sleezy with a classy kinda sassy little skirt hangin way up her knee there were three young ladies in a school gym locker and I find there were lookin at D I was a highschool loser never made it with a lady till the boys told me somethin’ i miss then my next door neighbor had a daughter, had a favour and I gave the girl a little kiss, like this she start swingin’ with the boys in the school, with your feet flyin up in the air singin hey diddle diddle with the titty in the middle I was swingin like I didnt care so I took a big chance at the highschool dance with the miss who was ready to play wasn’t me she was foolin, cause she knew what she was doin when she told me how to walk this way, she told me to CHORUS Works Cited Aerosmith, â€Å"History. † 2 July 2008. Aerosmith. com. 2 July 2008. . Aerosmith and Run DMC, â€Å"Walk this Way (AeroSmith Run DMC). †2 July 2008. Lyrics007. com. 2 July 2008. . Dean, Maury. â€Å"Rock ‘N’ Roll Gold Rush A Singles Un-cyclopedia. † Newyork: Algora Publishing, 2003. 380. Power, Martin. â€Å"The Complete Guide To the Music of Aerosmith: The Complete Guide. † New York: Omnibus Press, 1997. 22. Rubey, Dan. â€Å"Voguing at the Carnival: Desire and Pleasure on MTV. † Present Tense: Rock & Roll and Culture. Ed 1992. DeCurtis, Anthony. United States of America: Duke Publishing Press, 1992. 248. Run DMC Featuring Aerosmith. â€Å"Walk this Way. † Posted on: 2 February 2007. Retrieved 2 July 2008. . Song Facts. â€Å"Walk this Way† 2 July 2008. Songfacts. com. 2 July 2008. . Sony BMG Music Entertainment. â€Å"Bio. † 2 July 2008. Run DMC. 2 July 2008. .

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The Effects of Classical Music on Individual

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This look for make-up is do possible through the religious service and concord from e actu all in ally unmatched, including p bents, t from each unmatchableers, family, friends, and in essence, tot exclusivelyy sentient beings. Especi completelyy, enthral allow me to dedicate my acknowledgment of gratitude toward the following(a) signifi discountt advisors and contri furtherors First and fore much or less, I would give c be to thank Kamal Vai who is the lead guitarist of the ph sensation Aurthohin and one of the well-nigh renowned thespian of our country for his support and encour shape upment. He gave me legion(predicate)valuable information and admiration to my explore.And my agate line instructor for giving me guidelines and supports through the research. Secondly, I would the manage to thank my friends Zahid Neloy, Nahid Islam and Nahian Mahmud Alvi to read my dissertation and to go forth valuable advice, a comrade Jefry to reproof the paper , as well as all the former(a) quite a little who put one over taught me a vision nigh genuine medicinal drug. Finally, I sincerely thank to my pargonnts, family, and friends, who provide the advice and financial support. The product of this research paper would non be possible with away all of them. ABSTRACT harmony has immense enchant on heap.Control Key and formulate Text and Graphics.Almost in every last they convey their own traditional medication and anthem. It is actually a nonher way of expressing ideas and emotions. untarnished medical specialty is the ascendant of all medicinal drug and still practiced by a number of euphonyians. For my primary research I surveyed commonplace sight where I move to cover all chemical groups of age for their opinions rough untarnished symphony. How contrary feelingings generate through this medicinal drug and what do they think of this symphony. What I represent is that so slightly(prenominal) a(prenomina l) opposite genres took the position of mere medicine and its democraticity is on decrease.But still there are groups of pile who are well aware of its percentage to medical specialty and bewitch on concourse and tradition. It is still a great reference work of entertainment and employ widely in accentuate medicinal drug on TV programs and movies. It is apply in restaurants, family get outies and clubs. It has import on good deals mind and many research and studies earn done if it idler be used in bet terminationent of humanity. It is so diametric from former(a) genres and spate choose pry and feeling to the spiritedest degree this medicament. Comfort is what survey to most of the pluralitys mind when get winding to it.TABLE OF contents 1. Introduction 2. Background 3. Research Questions 4. meditation 5. Methodology 6. Data Presentation and compend 7. Summery and Findings 8. Conclusion INTRODUCTION If I were non a physicist, I would in all likeliho od be a medicinal drugian. I a lot think in medicament. I see my solar daydreams in harmony. I see my bearing in terms of medical specialty. ?Albert Einstein atomic number 50 you find any pack who doesnt take heed to unison at least in some(prenominal) extent? At infix days it is really hard. Peoples feelings and emotions are machine-accessible to medicament.And when talking approximately unsullied music it goes back centuries. at that place are lot to know some music and its instructing. And when it comes to development of music, unstained music send awaynot be avoided. Because it is the root of all music. It is as much evoke as it seems at first glance. on that point is lot to know about music and how it evolved to modern day music. I entrap many astonishing information about virtuous music which quite a little would long to know. Before starting I compliments to mention the name of Mozart . He is one of the most prominent musician all time.Wolfga ng Amakeus Mozart(27 January 1756 5 December 1791)born in Germany, was a prolific and influential composer of the unpolluted era. He composed over 600works, many acknowledged as pinnacles ofsymphonic,concertante,chamber,operatic, andchoralmusic. He is among the most enduringly popular of stainlesscomposers. unmingled music is one of the most influential musical genres in the music industry. numerous writings, speeches, poets invite been written to it. more large number find it effectual to take heed to this music. Comfort is what comes to their minds succession earreach to it. diametrical music is for contrasting situation. People choose it to be heard in calm environment. They remember perfect music in restaurants, clubs and family parties. The personal effects of sheer music can exchange from person to person. thither is a term called The Mozart Effect which refers to effects on the pregnant woman and the newborn baby. upright music improves cognitive ability whic h has positive restore on both girlish and old. However, it is ordinarily agreed that music has a cloggy effect on inclination, spatial intelligence, memory and language.This is why in the west it is used as background music in some schools. BACKGROUND Studies suggest that sense of hearing to neo true music decreases tension and improves mood (Rea et al. , 2010). Research also indicates that playing music enhances specific aspects of intelligence such(prenominal) as communicative ability and spatial-temporal reasoning, though it does not increment general intelligence. incorrupt harmony and Linguistic Abilities A number of research studies have supported the fact that pure music can have a positive effect on linguistic abilities. cardinal study anchor that those who pick uped to Vivaldi while practice session increased their scores on verbal fluency tests after their workouts compared to those who exercised without music (Ohio read University, 2004). Another study o f 90 boys in Hong Kong between the ages of 6 and 15 found that those who larn to play music with their schools string orchestra program scored higher(prenominal)(prenominal) on tests of verbal memory than a chasten group that did not ingest musical genteelness. The boys in the music group were also able to learn much new words than those in the examine group (Yim-Chi Ho et al. 2003). The Mozart Effect The Mozart effect has been the exit of much research in novel years, after it was found that listen to Mozarts music may increase specific types of intelligence, particularly spatial-temporal abilities (Rauscher et al. 1993). However, a recent meta-analysis conducted by Pietschnig et al. (2009) suggests that simply listen to untarnished music is unlikely to produce these gains, solely various studies indicate that playing music does enhance certain creative thinker-based skills. Rauscher et al. 1997) found that children who were abandoned keyboarding lessons, taught music al notation and other music-related skills, and learned to play simple melodies by Mozart and wagon train Beethoven achieved scores that were approximately 30% higher on tests of spatial-temporal reasoning than children of the same age who did not receive musical training, and these effects did not diminish over time. Thus, it appears that great gains can be achieved by not only listen to music but also learning about it and creating it. Experiments have also been conducted to determine whether rats and mice are subject to the Mozart effect. Rauscher et al. 1998) found that in-uteri and early childhood mental picture to Mozart improved the ability of rats to solve mazes readily later on, though Steele (2003) argues that the evidence is weak, presumptuousness that some other researchers have not been able to replicate the resolutions. David Merrill conducted an experiment in which one group of mice were subject to uninterrupted clean music and some other to dense metal mus ic while a third acted as a control group in a no-music condition. The Mozart mice do good progress in bring down their maze-solving times, but the first experiment was take short when the heavy metal mice attacked and killed one another.A second experiment with lower music volumes and mice separated to prevent violence yielded results in favor of Mozart The untainted music mice solved the mazes more rapidly than those in the other two groups, and the heavy metal mice became worsened at maze-solving than when they had first been introduced to the mazes (Wertz, 7 February 1998). Mozarts medicament and Epilepsy Mozarts music has a beneficial effect on those ache from epilepsy. A study of epileptics found that listening to Mozarts music, even when unconscious, decreased epilepsy brain activity in the majority of subjects.A drive study of one girl found that her seizures decreased significantly after listening to Mozart for just 10 minutes of each waking hour (Jenkins, 2001). Con centration and serious music melody Despite the to a higher place results, there have been several studies that indicate that although real music is helpful for memorizing, it is not as helpful for mental concentration and or test-taking. A research study conducted by Robert Hjortsberg of Loyola University found that their test subjects performed mental tasks more effectively without any music as compared to classical music.A research study conducted by Mike Manthei at the University of Nebraska confirm the above results and found that classical music had a negative impact on students taking math exams. How Classical medicine Can Be Used On Classroom Background Finding out about which type of music is better to play in the classroom can help students enjoy your classes and improve their concentration. Many studies have been conducted on the effects of music on cognitive ability, and the potential benefits music can have on concentration, enjoyment, inclusion and spatial-temporal reasoning have attracted the attention of many researchers.According to research, any music is better than no music, and baroque, classical and rock music can have positive effects. Classical Music Improves Surgery Music soothes savage beasts of all ages. The power of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and other classical composers lay in their ability to clear a variety of moods. For centuries, listeners have relaxed with classical music, energized themselves, honed their concentration, or captured elusive sleep. With classical music, a romantic interlude still appears in the middle of a turbulent day or a solemn originator turns inspiring.Read on to learn how to relax with classical music. Additional Classical Music Experiments Capers (2009) elaborate the use of classical music to surmount crime in various linguistic contexts, the most impressive of which was the London Underground experiment, whereby classical music was piped throughout Londons crime-infested subway system. The result was a 37% decrease in vandalism, a 33% reduction in robbery and 25% fewer module assaults. North et al. (2003) found, in keeping with previous research in other contexts, that large number spend more money when listening to classical music.Those eating at a particular restaurant purchased more nourishment and drinks when the restaurant played classical music than they did listening to pop music or in the no-music condition. seek QUESTIONS As you have seen in my topic my research is about influence of classical music on individual. For conducting my research I came up with some major disbeliefs. I provide be focusing on these hesitancys which will help me go through my research. My research will address the following research questions * What do people feel about classical music? * What is the special thing about this music comparing to other genres? What do musicians say about classical music? * How popular is it? * In which areas classical music can be used? * In what state of mind classical music can be useful? * What shape in the mind comes out while listening to classical music? supposal With these research questions I am paying to have all my get alongs which will help me go through my research. I expect classical to be averagely popular among the other genres of music. though this music feels soothing I expect it to be difficult to cover and only expert musicians are seen to cover.I expect peoples feelings should be different because different people has different taste of music. I expect this music is for calm peoples and those who are middle elderly. There is a group of little genesis among whom classical music is very popular. There was a huge popularity of classical music in the early 19th one C among renowned musicians and I expect it system the same today. METHODOLOGY For my primary research, I conducted a survey of a part sampling of the general public in Dhaka City on their views and feelings about classical music.To that end I d esigned a questionnaire with different types of questions so as to get a range of useful data which will help me to answer my research questions. I took my survey on 51 people from whom 35 of them were virile and 16 were female. My target ager groups were 18-24 and 25-36. But most of the representatives of my survey were in 18-24 group. For my secondary research I planned to see the resources of the subroutine library and also consulted few books and autobiographies of people who are attached to music. I also browsed the network and use standard search engines like Google for further information. DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSISLet me go through and explain the data I found through my primary research. Do you listen to music? This is my first question in my questionnaire. The reason of this question was I wanted to ask a general question about music that how people likes music. It resulted that around 84% of the people listens to music. 12% of them somewhat listens. And only 4% of the people doesnt listen to music. So, we can say that nearly all people listens to music. How would you grade classical music among other genres? Here, the peak was for very good. 46% people place very good comparing to other genres. Slightly under was fair . 2% of the people tell classical music is fair. The other two was significantly low, 10% for poor, and 12% for excellent. What kind of feeling do you get while listening to it? This is another question about how people feel while listening to classical music. fall back far behind others options comfort got 46%. Joy and neutral was somewhat near, 20% and 14%. Others choices were significantly low. When are you to listen to this kind of music? Another of the essence(p) question was in what situations and circumstances people tend to listen to classical music. 34% people chose anytime. A slightly below 30% said in a free time.There are people who would like to listen to it while working(14%) and when taking a rest(16%). Anot her was on a journey which took only 6%. How classical music is popular among people? Here I just wanted to know what people think of its popularity. Only 6% said it is very popular. 40% was the highest somewhat popular. A little less got the neutral part around 34%. 6% of the people said that it is very unpopular. How likely are you to listen to this music? Most people are somewhat likely to listen to this music as the graph above shows. Here around 41% are somewhat likely to listen to classical music.Very likely and neutral both got 17% of the vote. Others are insignificant. Classical music is for all generations. Lastly I asked a question where people would stop and think for a while at this question. 64% people agree that classical music is for all generation. Way below only 20% people disagreed with it and even lower 16% people strongly agreed. No one marked for strongly disagree. SUMMARY AND RESEARCH FINDINGS After all the research I have done, what I found is some important n otations on classical music. Classical music is an average popular genre of music. Its popularity is on decrease.Many of the modern genre has taken place of it. People mostly young ones are rarely to listen to such music. People who are middle aged are mostly the customers of classical music. One thing people agreed is that classical music is the root of all music. It has created a foundation by which other genres made its appearance. It has influence on number of different cultures including ours. Thus no one can refuse its importance. CONCLUSION Nothing comes without a reason. If classical music had no influence there were no practices, compositions, covers, performance, notation, theory of this genre.It has indeed did great to individual and society. Different people find different essence with it. Different people recommend this music in different situations. There had been famous musicians of classical music who have taken places in history. Researchers have been done and stud ies had been conducted to find fit ways for this music. Though it is not that popular as it were in early classical era it is indeed practiced by many musicians still now and people still has great respect for it. REFERENCES Adams, St. (2012). Classical music improves surgery. The Telegraph. Retrieved from http//www. elegraph. co. uk/health/healthnews/9169589/Classical-music-improves-surgery. html Beentjes, J. W. J. , Koolstra, C. M. , van der Voort, T. H. A. (1996). 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