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ICT in society Essay

Introduction: ICT is a major part of my life, many jobs require ICT skills, therefore, computers are becoming increasingly more useful to me, they are fantastic for work, school, or just for fun. Just about everything can be done on a computer, and just about anywhere in the world! I could write an essay, sell some old pyjamas, talk to a friend on the other side of the world or even order a pizza! In this assignment I will be focusing on 6 features of the computer, which I use in everyday life. These are: * Music downloads * Word processing * Online Gaming * Personal spaces/websites * Online Auctions * Instant messaging Technology P/S/WR Where used Category Limewirre Personal Home Entertainment Microsoft Word Personal + Work Home and school Education Online games Personal Home Entertainment Myspace Personal/Social Home Social Personal Home Shopping MSN messenger Social Home/School Social For people of my generation, you would find it hard to find a job in which you don’t need ICT skills, as in the next 10 years, I think all jobs will rely on computing. 20, even 10 years ago you would of found it very easy to find a job that doesn’t require computing skills, as computers were rarer, a lot less advanced and a lot more expensive than they are now! Most people in England of my age have been bought up with computers therefore we would find them a lot easier to use, and perhaps a lot less daunting than some older people. However I think we take it all for granted. There are many millions of children around the globe that haven’t had the opportunity to be educated on computers many have never even seen one! The way in which I use ICT at home and at school. Music Downloads: Home personal CD’s have not always been the leading music medium, there have been many other ways to listen to music, including, Vinyl discs, cassettes and wax cylinders. However since their introduction in 1982 CD’s remained the most popular source of music up until around 7 years ago when Napster (a music swapping site) was released. Music download software has been ever evolving since then, and is now commonly used all over the world. Music downloads allow you to get access to millions of songs right in front of you, whenever you want. You can buy songs off itunes (the world’s biggest online music store) for 79p each. However many illegal software’s have been produced, this way you can get your songs for free, but you could face a big fine. i used to use a P2P sharing software called Limewire, but I later realised that I was downloading my files illegally, and the quality of songs was of a low standard. However I opted for my own files not to be shared, this way nobody could access the files on my computer.. I could receive pretty much any song/file I want at a touch of a button. The speed of download depends on how fast my Internet connection is, how fast the source of the file’s Internet connection is and how large the file itself is. A song can take anything from 30 seconds to many hours. This programme is illegal as you are breaching the copyright law. However copyright for a song only lasts for 50 years, so if I was wishing to download a song more than 50 years old, it is legal to download this song without having to purchase it. It is not only music that I could download from Limewire, I could download, PowerPoint presentations, word documents, films, Internet pages, pictures and many more. MP3 files are the most commonly used form of digital music, and this is what I use. I have an Ipod, and MP3 files are the only digital format it recognises. There are many other file sharing programmes other than Limewire, including, Napster, Aries and Bareshare. I did not only use the songs I downloaded from Limewire for putting onto my ipod, but I occasionally made compilation CD’s, where I downloaded various songs and burned them all onto a CD using Windows Media Player or iTunes. The advantages of using illegal P2P software such as Limewire * Files I download are 100% free * There is generally a bigger range of files on programmes such as Limewire * I do not have to enter any bank details The disadvantages of using illegal P2P software such as Limewire * You could face a hefty fine * Most songs come without album covers/artwork * Files are more likely to be corrupt * Viruses are spread through programmes such as Limewire * I may not always get what I ask for, e.g. the song I want may be cut short, or maybe the wrong song entirely! Word processing: Home personal and school personal. Of all the things you can do on a computer word processing is one of the most frequently used. Before computers were around you would have to use a typewriter or even just pen and paper. But as technology has evolved so has the way in which letters, essays, and books e.t.c. are written. I use word processing at home and at school, at home mostly for bits of homework, and at school for school-work, mainly in ICT or sometimes we would go down to the ICT rooms to visit websites related to various subjects and then we would have to write a report on that website, using Microsoft Word. I find Word processing incredibly easy, all you need is a keyboard, the software, and of course a computer! Every letter you type on the keyboard will then be displayed on the monitor. I have used Microsoft Word (a word processing software) for this piece of coursework. Microsoft word is by far the worlds favourite word processor and now comes as standard with most computers you buy. Not only can you type on a word processor but you can, add pictures, format fonts (the size, colour, style†¦), spell check, mail merge, draw and lots more†¦ After having written a document on Microsoft Word it is best to check it for spelling and grammatical mistakes, you can do this by using the spell check tool, just press F7 or click the button at the top of your screen. This will then go through all the mistakes it recognises and will give suggestions on how to correct them. You can accept the change by clicking â€Å"change† or ignore the change by clicking â€Å"ignore† However, spell check does have its downsides, if I was to write â€Å"when are you going to right your essay?† spell check would not pick up that I have written â€Å"right† instead of write. Therefore, I have to be extra careful and always proofread my work after I have performed a spell check. Since I got my computer around six years ago, my awareness of the keyboard has become greater. This has increased the speed in which I write a document and I now feel that I can type a document or letter quicker than I can write it with a pen. I also feel if I was to make a mistake on a letter written in pen on paper, then I would have to start again, where as if I make a mistake whilst writing a letter on the computer I can easily correct it using the keyboard or spell check, without it looking a mess. Advantages of using a word processor such as MS word * Word processed documents look neater than pen written documents * Spell check facilities are available without having to start your work again * There are many fonts available, so you can format your work depending on how you want it to look * You can insert pictures easily * If you loose a document you only have to print it off again, instead of writing it again. Disadvantages of using a word processor such as MS word * Work can be lost if your computer crashes * Spell checkers do not always pick up mistakes Online Gaming: Home personal and Home social. Games have been around for millions of years, you can play games outside, inside, on your own or in a group. There are many different sorts of games, board games, video games or simple games like hide and seek. In this part of this assignment I am going to be talking about online gaming, an aspect of the Internet of which has boomed within the last 5 years. Online gaming has made an incredible rise; today it is one of the major aspects of the Internet. There are hundreds of websites around offering games, some free and some you have to pay for. Children can play these games and so can adults, no matter how old you are or what your hobby is, there’s a game out there somewhere for you, in that big wide world of the Internet. You can play games to win money, or just to have fun and be placed on the leader board. Some of these games are for download and many of them you can play on a website, games that are strictly for download are often better or bigger than games on a website. Some games including World Of War Craft have over 10million players! These aren’t all children, millions of these are adults, games like this are appealing as they let you play the role of a character. I can chat, make friends or just fight against an enemy. Online gaming is not just available on a PC but on other games consoles such as the Xbox or the Playstation. Many games released for these consoles include services such as Netplay (a online service provided by Sony’s Paystation) or Xbox Live (an online service provided by Microsoft’s Xbox). These services allow me to play my game as usual, but I can also log into the appropriate service and play the exact same game but against millions of people all over the globe. I can speak to them through a headset or chat to them via a keyboard. Advantages / Disadvantages bookmakers such as Ladbrokes and William Hill have provided online gambling sites that allow you to win money via betting or having a game of poker without having to step out of your front door. I have not experienced any gambling websites and I am underage 18 (the legal age for gambling.) Not all online gaming sites offer cash prizes however. Sites such as offer free, harmless, gaming fun, for people of all ages. â€Å"Miniclip† is proud to host over 400 online games fitting in to 17 categories. â€Å"Miniclip† has multiplayer games or single player games that I play by myself. Multiplayer games can either be played against people around the world, or against a friend sharing the same keyboard as me, but using different control keys. Computer outlets have now brought out special game related hardware (controllers) for specific online games, as some of these online games have grown so big! I believe that within that next 5-10 years there will be no need to buy games consoles, as computers will have them already built in, and all gaming will be done via a computer. Personal spaces/websites: Home personal and Home social. 15 years ago it was a privilege for a large company to have a website, as they cost a lot of money to design and the Internet world was just beginning. In this day and age almost anybody can get a website, you can pay or even get one for free. Personal website hosts, such as myspace and msn offer free personal websites, for you to basically advertise yourself. Myspace the world’s most popular personal space host has almost 200million members, and there is more signing up everyday. Whether you are an amateur musician or just a member of the public, myspace will have specific designs for you. Many musicians’ careers are started via myspace, for example the arctic monkeys, they made a profile on myspace and just a year later they had the UK’s fastest selling album ever! Myspace has now become more of a fashion statement; most celebrities even have a Myspace profile. On myspace I can add other profiles as my â€Å"friends† so basically the more profiles I add, the more â€Å"friends† you have. These friends appear on my profile, I can either choose to display 4,8,16 or 24 â€Å"top friends† or not show any at all. I can add anybody to be my friend, but I can restrict whom I want to be my friend by putting a block against people that don’t know me. I can chat to others via â€Å"comments† or message others via â€Å"messages†, each comment I send to someone is displayed on their profile, but only the last fifty are directly displayed. I can personalise my profile using layouts supplied by other websites, I can add songs, videos, games and pictures. To start with, my myspace domain is displayed as my myspace â€Å"friendID† but as I join I have the option to change it to a personalised domain. Myspace has many features that are designed to entertain the public, and its growth has been inspiring to many other websites of its kind. I find myspace very useful, as I can visit friend’s profiles, and chat to them via comments, messages and even myspace instant messenger. I live quite far away from school, so it is more awkward for me to visit friends after school time, however I can keep in touch with them via myspace. Online Auctions: Home personal Most people have been to an auction at one point in their life, whether it be to bid for an item or just to experience what an auction is like. Along with pretty much everything, auctions have been transferred onto the Internet, websites such as offer online auctions, and sell thousands of products everyday. Ebay is not the only website offering this service, but it is the one I am going to write about as both my family and I use it. Ebay has grown from a small business, to one of the worlds most frequently used/visited websites. As long as you have an account with Ebay you can buy or sell almost any product you wish (within the law of course). Some products sell for 1p and some for hundreds of thousands of pounds. I can find everything on Ebay, useless or useful, from a chocolate bar wrapper, to a luxury villa in Florida. However Ebay not only supports auctioning, but I can buy items at fixed prices as well, this service is called â€Å"buy it now†, in many cases the seller may include both a â€Å"but it now† and an auction. If the buyer wanted an item there and then, then they would choose â€Å"buy it now†, although the price is normally a bit higher than that of the auction. Another service has also recently come into action, which is basically a service where I can buy the item for a fixed price or if this was a bit to expensive for me, I could enter an amount that the I would consider to buy it for, if the seller accepts, the item is mine for the price i suggested. Ebay offer lots of services to determine how many hits your auction will get, these are optional but will cost extra, as it is likely that your product will fetch a greater amount of money. Ebay is a great service however it is not 100% free, they charge a listing fee for every item I put on Ebay of 12p plus any extra charges I want to include this include. * Gallery pictures – Add a small version of your selected picture to search results * Gallery plus – Display a larger picture in search results when buyers mouse over â€Å"Enlarge†. Free Gallery Picture included. * Subtitle – Display a larger picture in search results when buyers mouse over â€Å"Enlarge†. Free Gallery Picture included. * Highlight – Make your listing stand out in search results with a brightly-coloured band * Plus many more Ebay is available in 27 different countries, each website being adapted for each country. Not everybody makes a profit on Ebay, either because their item may not sell. If I wanted to I can decide to donate a percentage or all of my profits to charity. Ebay have grown so big and so successful that they even have shops located all around the UK which offer a pawning service, if you take items into the shops they will offer an amount to buy that item off you The advantages of using an online auction site such as Ebay. * I can purchase an item on the click of a button. * The item is advertised to millions of people worldwide. The advantages of using an online auction site such as Ebay. * Your goods may be faulty * Your good may not turn up * Your computer may crash. Instant Messaging: Home social Instant messaging is nothing new; the telephone has always been a quick way of getting a message to a friend. However with the world moving onto computers so has instant messaging, for the last ten years now, Windows has provided a computer based instant messaging service. It involves downloading a software (however, this comes as standard with most computers) called windows messenger. All I need to be able to use this software is an msn or hotmail email address. Many other companies followed in windows footsteps and also released instant messaging programmes, including Yahoo and AOL (America Online) I personally use Windows Live Messenger, an update of Windows Messenger. And it helps me to keep in touch with friends and family after school, I prefer using this to using the phone as messenger is free, where as you have to pay to use the phone. You can only speak to or message someone if they are on your contact list, for someone to be on your contact list you have to have had added their email address and waited for them to accept your â€Å"invitation†. I can not only message people using text on messenger, but I can even draw using an additional feature than windows provides with its software. Or if none of these appeal to me, I could even chat to them using my microphone and watch them, if I/they have a web-cam. When I sign in to windows live messenger I have the option to appear: * Offline * Busy * Be right back * In a call * Away * Out to lunch * Or online This can determine whether people speak to me or not, as sometimes when I sign in to messenger I am bombarded by people wanting to chat to me, this can get very frustrating as it is hard to speak to more than one person at a time. Messenger gives you the option to save your â€Å"ChatLogs†, â€Å"ChatLogs† are a record of a conversation I have on msn, so if I forgot what I said to somebody I could simply check my â€Å"ChatLogs† which are saved in a folder of my choice. I do not have to keep my conversation window up all the time, I can minimize it, and every time someone messages me it will flash orange at the bottom of my screen. This is handy as if I was writing a document at the same time as chatting to a friend, I would not have to keep the conversation window open. Contacts recognise by the display name I chose, and the display picture I chose, my display name could be anything I wish, but may only contain numbers and letters. My display picture may also be anything I wish, but animated pictures will not work. Computers affect my life a great deal, without them I would not be able to complete work to the standard which I do so at the moment. I use computers almost everyday for homework, I not only use the features I have mentioned but many other programmes/features as well, which help me in completing and presenting my work. At school I study ICT and I am constantly learning new things, and my understanding of computers is forever broadening.

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First Five Years/ Descriptive Essay Essay

I was born on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores which is part of Portugal. Sao Miguel is also known as â€Å"Green Island† due to its lush meadow landscape, rain forests and waterfalls. I was blessed in being born to Eduardo & Olga Pereira. The story begins with my father; he entered the military â€Å"Army† as soon as he was of legal age. My mother was a live-in nanny for a wealthy family who lived in a white house on the hillside overlooking the city. She has told me how she loved being a nanny for the little boy who was called Roberto Reis. She often talks about the family because she has found memories of caring for the little boy. Also, being of a young age of 15 the family cared for her as one of their own children. This was the beginning to how my parents met. According to dad he was walking one day down a cobblestone road and spotted my mother on the grey iron veranda†¦ she was wearing a white dress, slim with long dark hair and very pretty and holding the l ittle boy. He tried talking to my mom at the time but she said she couldn’t be bothered. At least that’s how she tells the story. Nonetheless he started walking by every day at high noon in hopes of talking and courting my mom from the veranda. The family that she worked for had strict family values when it came to respecting someone’s daughter. The father figure in the house†¦said to my dad, Olga lives underneath our roof so I’m held accountable for her safety and well-being. She is a part of our family so I expect only honorable intentions. My dad respectfully informed him, his interest were for a long-term commitment. A couple of years later my father and mother got married and I came along shortly a year later. When I turned 2yrs of age my mother told me the story of how my maternal grandmother told her that she would not watch me again because I’d given her a heart attack. It seems that I was fond of kittens so I apparently saw one outside and decided to follow it right to a 2ft rock wall which I climbed and began crawling towards the orange colored kitten. When my grandmother finally noticed me she’d just about had a heart attack because behind that wall was 25 foot drop over rocks into grapevines. She slowly and carefully walked slowly calling my name to come to her and get off the wall. As she inched her way close enough she grabbed me and held so tight. She was just so  thankful that nothing happened to me. So as I stated earlier no more quality time at vovo’s house for me without my mom being present and accounted for. Once I reached 2  ½ years of age is when my parents and I migrated to the United States of America in April 1971. The â€Å"American Dream† is what my parents were in pursuit of which led them to the City of Fall My father’s sister lived here with her husband and children. It was very early on as to the goals my parents had set for themselves. My dad was a carpenter and built sailing yachts, and mom worked in a mill as a sewing machine operator. It was all about working hard and long hours and saving money to buy a car and then a house. Both parents didn’t go to college in Portugal but had enough education to reach the goals they set for themselves. I remember we always had everything we needed at least that’s what they showed growing up. The culture Roman Catholic was an enormous part of life. Going to church weekly and participation in church functions â€Å"The Feast of Our Lady of Health† were celebrated every August. The church held Saturday night dinner dances the men wore casual bell bottom pants and women wore white gogo boots†¦ was all for raising money for the church often usually once a month as well as the New Year Party which brought the parishioner’s together to celebrate the new coming year. I was enrolled at SS Peter and Paul School. Learning Religion was very important to my parents. One memory in the 2nd grades I remember was the annual Halloween party at school. The PTA would decorate the hall with black and orange streamers and setup a witch’s cauldron with smoke coming out of it and we would bob for apples and get tricks or treat bags. It was such fun. I also enjoyed when we did fundraisers at school I liked bringing home the huge boxed kits full of items to show and sell on tracking sheet. I would constantly take items out and repack them I remember enjoying to the touch, the feel of things and even the smell of these little blue car erasers. I was so proud of selling my items I was known as the little brown haired girl who was assertive in selling all the different trinkets. I remember long ago how my parent’s friends would many times say to me â€Å"How time passes so quickly with respect to growth and time â€Å" I didn’t realize  how many fond memories I had of my early childhood until today. As I finish this essay the sun is shining bright yellow and my background music is calm meditation.

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Nurse Practice Act Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nurse Practice Act - Essay Example This means all hospitals should have a staffing plan that provides adequate, appropriate and quality delivery of health care services and protects patient safety; and is consistent with the requirements of this title. The bill explains nurse-to-patient ratio in various settings. Like, in trauma emergency care unites, this equates to one nurse with one patient; in operating room units, it is one nurse to one patient along with an additional scrub assistant; in critical care units, it is 2 patients to one nurse; 3 patients to one nurse in emergency room units and so on. From the Nursing Practice Act perspective, this allocation should be regarded as highly critical for nurses because a nurse who leaves an inadequately staffed unit could be charged with client abandonment (White, 2000, 92). In addition, the bill also specifically describes certain restrictions and prohibitions to the staffing function. Hospitals are required to maintain and display uniform notice to evince registered nurse-to-patient ratios in each unit. In case of failure to do so, or found incoherent with reality, the hospital as well as nurses can be charged with responsible for dangers and/or damages. In case of inadequate staffing or absence of nurses, it could result in substandard care and be charged with legal complications. Staffing that does not comply with requirements in critical care unit and pediatric units could be at high risk of attracting physical damage to patients and child abuse, respectively, which may render dangerous legal consequences to the hospital as well as nurses. In spite of this bill, and its related consequences on the Nursing Practice Act, hospital nurse staffing still does not really seem to be adequate, looking at huge number of vacant positions in the nursing field. The bill requires the state board to assist hospitals in implementing this bill

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Working on a Vital Quest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Working on a Vital Quest - Essay Example I have always been outgoing. Coming from San Francisco de Macoris of the Dominican Republic at the age of nine, I enrolled in my adopted country and have always enjoyed school. However, the most enjoyable part of my childhood probably would be the times I have been around my siblings, taking care of them and helping them with their chores. When I entered high school, I made up my mind that when I go to college I will take up a course that would allow me to help children, maybe influenced most by my experience with my family. First, I thought of becoming a social worker but then I decided on childhood education because of the more active participation I can involve myself with in the education of a person. From that time on, I purposefully sought jobs that could teach me new skills, develop my abilities and give me a sense of fulfillment, believing that I have to work hard to reach my goals and dreams. With my capabilities and abilities, I am making it my lifelong objective to be a pa rt of the lives of people whom I could influence and who knows where this could take them in their own future endeavors.

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Economic Impact of Imperialism in India Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Economic Impact of Imperialism in India - Essay Example Britain applied the most complex methods to abuse India's vast rich economic reserves. 200 years later of the British control India's economic set up was completely shattered. India in 1947 was a picture of economic underdevelopment with hunger, poverty; low national income etc. Indian agriculture had been cared for by the East India Company. This was chiefly because the major generators of state income were land revenue. Apart from this, the British government wanted to make India as its agricultural base. Since agricultural produce from India could make available cheap raw materials to industrial England. The Company tried a variety of experiments to make the most of the land revenue by falling back to the technique of domination and suppression of the peasants. The system of farming and collecting land revenue became obsolete. Cornwallis introduced the 'Permanent Settlement' which is nothing but a system of collecting land Revenue in Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa in the year 1793. Following decision makers brought in the Ryotwari system in the Bombay Presidency and it was introduced in most parts of the Madras Presidency. The Mahalwari system showed exceedingly ravaging in the part of Uttar Pradesh. The Zamindary system promoted absentee landlordism. It final ly produced a host of mediators between the state and the cultivator. This complex system of land revenue created a group of moneylenders. These money lenders, in turn, oppressed the poor peasants by lending them at high interests. The poor cultivators could not repay those high interests and finally submitted their lands to those moneylenders. As a result, famine was the common feature of the time. Indian industries bore maximum atrocities under the British domination. The authority and wide-ranging sale of the Indian handicraft in Europe was aimed at the commercial interests of the Company. The Whig governments during the early years of the 18th century enforced heavy duties on Indians textiles imports in Britain. At the end of the Napoleonic wars, the Indian markets were opened to the British for free trade. The British government was now allowed for British machine-made goods to be poured in India duty-free or at minimum cost only. A policy of one-way free trade was also introduced in India which made the Indian handicrafts lose its market. This brought about a great wretchedness to a key section of Indian population.

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International law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words - 1

International law - Essay Example International law sets the limits on and relations between and among states. International law is not a new concept. Keep in mind that rudimentary international law was evident as far back of the fourth millennium B.C, when belligerents consented to observe truces for holidays and other similar situations. Homer\s The Iliad and Thucydides\s The Peloponnesian Wars are abounding with references to armistices, acceptance of heralds in addition to other customary standard behaviour connecting peaceful or warring parties. But is should also be remembered that such references are equally filled with instances of agreements being dishonoured. Modern international law, customary international law being part of it, gradually evolved as states gained status. Denial S Papp1 states that Hugo Grotius is usually taken note of as the father of modern international law with references to his work, On the Law of War and Peace, published in 1662. His publication paved the laying of the foundations of the rights and responsibilities that states are obligated to each other. It is on the writings of Grotius that the entire systems of treaties, tribunals as well as similar codes of international conduct take their extraction. From the readings of Grotius’s publications, at least four separate interpretations of what international law is, exist.2 These include: the naturalist school of law exemplified by Samuel Pefundorf (The Law of Nature and of Nations, 1672); the positivist school of law, led by Cornelius van Bynkershoek (Forum for Ambassadors, 1721 and On Questions of Public Law, 1737); the eclectic school of law led by Emmerich de Vattel (The Law of Nations, 1758) and finally the neorealist outlook. The more general view is that states interpret and adopt whatever view of international law that best shores up the most preferred course of action. There are various sources of international law to which states can tie

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Your opinion about illegal immigration ( is it good or bad for the Essay

Your opinion about illegal immigration ( is it good or bad for the U.S.) - Essay Example Looking to explore immigration policies and the recent desire in the United States to allow immigrants to apply for legal immigration despite the fact that many have resided in the United States illegally for years, the following essay will argue that the United States has a duty to protect the most vulnerable citizens of the world. Accordingly, this essay will argue that the legalization of migrant workers is a positive step for the United States of America (Pew Research Center, 2009). Migration is an important issue which is gaining increasing attention in an era of economic interdependence, the movement of people across borders and the globalization phenomenon. Today, it is estimated that up to million people live in the United States illegally as undocumented workers and illegal aliens (Pew Research Center, 2009). Why do people choose to migrate from one place to another? Economic opportunity is one of the most important factors which draws people to the United States of America, the unequivocal land of opportunity. Accordingly, the decision of the Irish to immigrate to the United States during the height of the Potato Famine – it estimated that approximately 3.5 million Irishmen and women immigrated to the United States alone from 1820 to 1880 – supports some the idea that economic opportunity draws people to the United States. As a result, extreme and unfavorable conditions in Ireland paved the way for a large influx of migrants to the United St ates following economic crisis in the homeland. According to the Pew Research Center, California is the home of the largest number of undocumented workers and illegal migrants, largely as a result of the belief of opportunity in that state. Immigrants today, particularly from the poorer regions of the world, immigrate to the United States for similar reasons and their status should be legalized in order to facilitate the growth of this country, a nation of immigrants since it

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International labor standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International labor standards - Essay Example The ILO is perhaps the only institution of its kind in the world which has the capability and credibility to ensure that international labor standards are implemented and this has lent credence to its continued existence. This agency’s recommendations tend to mainly provide guidance to its 183 member states but while this may be the case, its various conventions tend to be given the status of treaties, which are often binding on its members. Despite this being the case, it is a fact that these conventions do not go into force in the ILO member countries until such a time as they are ratified by individual governments. It is through the establishment of labor standards among ILO member states that it is possible to promulgate and enforce those national laws that are in line with its conventions (Warnecke & De Ruyter, 2010). Thus, it is through these means that the ILO work towards ensuring that international labor standard are enforced in order to protect the labor resources of the world from abuse. The ILO was established in 1919 during the Paris Peace Conference, the aim of the latter being an attempt to ensure that there was a lessening of public support for communist ideals. It is because of this that the allies chose to insert clauses into the peace treaty which would ensure that there would be the protection of labor unions as well as the rights of workers in the diverse industries of the world at the time. It was agreed that an international body, whose main purpose was to help in the guidance of international labor relations, would be established in the future. The first annual conference of the newly created organization was took place on October 1919 i Washington D.C. and it is during this conference that there was the adoption of the first six international labor conventions. These conventions dealt with the working hours in industry, how to define and handle unemployment, maternity protection, the minimum age to work,

The Tea Party Movement Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Tea Party Movement - Research Paper Example While there is no central leadership, per se, they have caucuses in both the House and Senate with varying agendas. Though they don’t offer a particular candidate for election, they endorse selected candidates, mostly Republican, though supposedly 87% are opposed to the current GOP leadership. Their overall agenda is not so much oriented toward any particular position; rather they attempt to block votes as oppositionists. They use both overt and covert methods to support their endeavors which usually involve opposition propaganda as opposed to a real stance on issues. Their claim to fame is their need to speak out about what’s being done across the nation, while not yet offering viable solutions; claiming to be the voice of the people. A survey in March, 2010 revealed that approximately 28% of Americans agree with the Tea Part Movement’s approach. (Rowen, 2011) The actual launch of the Tea Party Movement is credited by CNBC commentator, Rick Santelli, who made an announcement at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on February 19, 2009 in response to the bail out program for mortgages to prevent a collapse of the housing and banking industry. He drew an impassioned response by shouting through the crowd about the validity of the US government and taxpayers picking up the tab for saving the mortgages on ‘losers who can’t pay their mortgages.’ This was recorded and posted on YouTube with support rolling in almost instantly, setting off a national reaction. (Rowen, 2011) Earlier protests were aimed at taxation, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, as well as at various health care reform bills. Keli Carender was credited with setting off some of the earlier protests, notably regarding the stimulus package, from Seattle. She is a blogger, non-profit local math instructor, and improvisational comedienne who enjoys bringing her audience to action. (Kaste, 2010) Although not actually supporting one party over another, most of the freshmen Republicans in the House of Representatives are closely aligned with the Tea Party Movement. So much so that prior to introducing a budget package to prevent the government shutdown in March, 2011, House Leader John Boehner and the Republican leadership met with the 87 freshman members to discuss the package in order to get their support. Another gain was from the Contract From America, a Tea Party manifesto requiring proposed legislation to be posted onl ine for three days prior to vote in order to demonstrate transparency to the constituent base. (Time Topics, 2011) The typical profile of Tea Party Movement supporters is described as usually white, male, married, over 45 years of age, and, wealthier and better educated than the general population. Nearly 18% is Republican, with almost all being very dissatisfied with what is occurring in Washington, D.C. They are especially focused on the Obama administration and describe themselves as being angry. Their protests are well aimed at drawing attention to the negative direction in which they feel the country is headed with out of control spending due to programs and policies that are focused more on alleviating poverty; particularly for minorities rather than a balanced approach to benefit all Americans. (Of Thee I Sing,

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Soft skills vs. hard skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Soft skills vs. hard skills - Essay Example Over the years in learning, individuals are able to develop the hard skills required for business growth. Language development is achieved during the process leading to success in the acquisition of the hard skills. However, soft skills require the individual to be able to achieve greatness through personal development and growth (Klaus, 2009, p. 23). Soft skills may not be easy to evaluate, but is revealed in the way a business manager or owner make a decision or relate with the customers. Hard skills may be easily rectified through training, but the soft skills take a longer time to be achieved or developed. Therefore, soft skill development is integral in business operations and development. Imperative hard skills are taught in some programs offered by universities and colleges. These hard skills require that the professional must have the prerequisite soft skills making soft skills vital in the business field. Effective language is an integral hard skill, which leads to understanding of the materials and the oral communication process (Rao, 2010, p. 56). For example, if the employee is tasked with dealing with customer issues such as the customer relations department, professional communication skills would be integral in process. The specific role given to the customer would influence the hard and soft skills required in the completion of the specific task. In addition, the speaking skills and presentation of the major points in the process is vital in communication. The ability to understand the basic mathematical concepts are vital in the business is vital for employees in the management level. Therefore, the level and task associated with the employee will influenc e the prerequisite skills. The basic numeracy skills are vital because it allows the understanding of the charts and graphs presented. Computer usage in the world has led to the need for the business professional to have

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Advanced Audio Coding and Walkman Essay Example for Free

Advanced Audio Coding and Walkman Essay Technology has played an important in part in market and in the society. It has brought positive as well as negative changes. The progression from sheet music to the invention of a phonograph to the walkman, CD player and the iPod has created a modernized society. People tend to move along with these changes creating a market. The idea of transferring digital music to your iPod without purchase of a CD or an audiotape may seem like an extraordinary idea but the idea of digital music has led to the downloading of illegal music. The Walkman may have been the turning point in the music recording industry. It was a chain reaction for later products such as the iPod and the CD player. Long before the iPod made its way into the market making millions; the Walkman was the trendy technology. Sony introduced the Walkman in the 1970s, a new invention that led to be a massive hit. Sony ended up selling around fifty thousand pieces by the end of two months after its release. Eventually, other famous brands such as Toshiba and Panasonic entered the walkman market creating a market in the early 1980s. Surprisingly, the production of the Walkman led to an increase in physical activities. This portable device could be carried anywhere and had a hook to attach to any item of clothing. People started exercising more as one can listen to his or her choice of music while working out especially in gymnasiums. This brought a change in the society as people began to implement physical training more often. This also had a disadvantage since people who had their headphones plugged in tend to be more indifferent to their surroundings. This created an environment, where everyone is tuned in into their little environment being oblivious to what is happening around them. With the creation of walkman, the sale of digital audio tapes also increased. As iPods are the 21st century popular forms of music player technology, the walkman was the latest thing. This generation became more ‘wired’ as teenagers started to grow apart from the notion of young people together singing the songs of the day or the old songs in front of their houses. Sheet music became obsolete, as fewer and fewer people moved to a more modernized technology and era. Comparing to the advances in the 21st century, the walkman is seen as an old portable audio cassette player, where rewinding and forwarding a song would take twenty or thirty seconds. The latest music technology, mp3s or iPod, have put people at an ease with sophisticated technology and its touch screen display has bought a change in this profit-making business. The slick structure and the advanced A Walkman today would cost you merely twenty dollar where as an iPod can cost anywhere from a hundred to a couple hundred dollars. How digital music is illegally downloaded and used today on music players, Walkman on the other hand required the purchase of audiotapes. As Paul Du Gay notes in his book ‘Doing cultural studies: the story of the Sony Walkman’, the walkman accustomed individuals to tune out from the surroundings and caused them to be reclusive. This also led to a cause of a gneration gap between teenagers and their parents or older siblings. The walkman was used by people when in crowded places, such as trains or buses as a means to drown away noises. This seemed as an effective way to creating your own space but this eventually leads to people tuning themselves out even when at home. Teenagers liked to keep their headphones on throughout the day; I believe this led to a distance between them and their peers. Eventually, a type of distance grew among people, sheet music was nearly extinct and the customary ritual of singing together was far disappeared. In conclusion, the Walkman has definitely been a jump from the traditional tape recorder players to portable audio players. Its creation has had its advantages and disadvantages. The increase in the level of physical activity has increased among the owners of Walkman due to the fact that it is portable. Although, on a downside the Walkman has also led to the creation of a secluded attitude.

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Management accounting information and criteria

Management accounting information and criteria Management accounting information should comply with a number of criteria including verifiability, timeliness, comparability, reliability, understandability and relevance if it is to be useful in planning, control, and decision-making. Management accounting information should comply with a various number of criteria including verifiability, objectivity, timeliness, comparability, reliability, understandability and relevance if it is to be useful in planning, control and decision-making. Shall discuss the criteria to serve its natural purposes, which is for planning, control and decision- making. The first criteria of management accounting information are verifiability .Verifiability means observable to outsiders, in the context of a model of information. It refers to the ability of accountants to ensure that accounting information is what it purports to be. It also means that the selected method of measurement has been used without error or bias. The outsiders cannot see them and so references to those variables in a contract between the two parties cannot be enforced by outside authorities. An example of verifiability is that of two accountants looking at the same information like inventory valuation and coming to similar conclusions. Objectivity is also one of the criteria that useful in planning and making decision. Accountant reliance on verifiable evidence such as delivery notes, invoice, orders, physical counts or paper in the measurement of financial result. Objectivity makes it possible to compare financial statements of different firms with an assurance of reliability and uniformity. For instance, management accountant should not alter or change when provide the information to top level managers so that the manager can make the accurate decision without being influenced. Besides that, timeliness is one of the important parts for management may need to balance the relative merits of timely reporting and the provision of reliable information. More accurate information may take longer to produce. Therefore, to provide information on a timely basis it may often be necessary to report before all aspects of ma transaction or other event are known thus impairing reliability. For example, a company may test-market a potential new product in a particular city. However, a long wait for the accurate marketing report may unduly delay managements decision to launch the new product nationally and the information will be of no avail to the decision making process. Thus, the managerial accountants primary role in the decision-making process which is decide what information is relevant to each decision problem and provide accurate and timely data, keeping in mind the proper balance these often-conflicting criteria. The next criteria will be comparability. Comparability helps to make compare the financial statements of an entity through time in order to identify trends in its financial position and performance. Besides that, it also helps to compare the financial statements of different entities in order to evaluate their relative financial position, performance and changes in financial position. Hence, the measurement and display of the financial effect of like transaction and other events must be carried out in a consistent way throughout an entity and over time for that entity and in a consistent way for different entities. By giving an example, management accountant prepare the accountant information is a consistent way for every year, it is much easier for company to make comparison with the past accounting information or related entities. Next, reliability is the quality of information that allows those who use it to depend on it with confidence. The reliability of an item is the probability that the item will perform a specified function under specified operational and environmental conditions, at and throughout a specified time.   The best way to specify the reliability of an item depends upon how the item is expected to function. Here, our focus among the above four demand times is on the interval and continuous time demand cases. In the interval case, we are concerned with mission reliability or simply reliability. This is defined as the probability that an item will operate without failure throughout a specified interval. For example, where we are scheduling the next weeks production, the equipment reliability or probability that the equipment will operate throughout the week is our concern. However, if we want to evaluate the performance of a piece of equipment with a continuous demand, for instance, within th e last two years, the focus should be on the expected mean time between the failures events that cause the equipment to go down. In this case we may also focus on the availability of the equipment, which can be defined as the fraction of time that the equipment was actually operating. The next criterion is understandability. Understandability is assumed users to have a reasonable knowledge of business and economic activities and accounting and a willingness to know more the information with reasonable diligence. Information about complex matters that should be included in the financial statements because of its relevance to the economic decision making needs of users should not be excluded merely on the grounds that it may be too difficult for certain users to understand. For the example, management accountant should prepare the accounting information or summarize of the report and analysis that easily understood to the decision maker in order to let them easy to make final decision. Lastly, relevance is also one of the important parts in planning, control and decision-making. To be useful, information must be relevant to the decision-making needs of users. Information has the quality of relevance when it influences the economic decision of users by helping them evaluate past, present or future events or confirming, or correcting there past evaluations. Different decisions typically will require different data. The primary theme of this chapter is how to decide what information is relevant to various common decision problems. For example, an analysis on a project should not have any information on indirect costs because it is not relevant for making decision of the project and should include any prime cost because it is relevant cast for the decision-making. Give a brief explanation of how the criteria detailed in (a) might be conflict with each other, giving example to illustrate where such conflict might arise. Each criteria of management accounting information is to satisfy the management needing for information useful for planning, controlling and decision making. However, these criteria also face conflict amongst one another. Conflict simply refers to the incompatibility or interference of ones idea, event, or activity with another. In this case, the conflict between criteria will happen when satisfying a criterion affects another criterion being difficult to fulfil as they are in collision with each other. Accounting information should be useful for decision-making, must have relevance and reliability of these two main qualitative characteristics. However, these qualities often can conflict, requiring a trade-off between various degrees of relevance and reliability. A forecast of a financial variable may possess a high degree of relevance to investors and creditors. However, a forecast necessarily contains subjectivity in the estimation of future events. Therefore, because of a low degree of reliability, generally accepted accounting principles do not require companies to provide forecasts of any financial variables. For examples, accounting information requirements associated with the timeliness, predictive value and feedback value, while the predictive value of accounting information may be due to a lack of verification, so that the reliability of damage; on the contrary, if always insisted truthfully, then wait until the conditions are ripe when the accounting information may have lost its predictive value. As the reliability and relevance cannot have both, one can only depending on the degree of emphasis by choosing one of the two, leading to a different accounting treatment. One of the most typical is the right choice of accounting measurement attributes. Besides that, another conflict can be a result of the criteria of Timeless and verifiability. Information is useful when it is timely. To be timely, the information must be available when needed to define problem or to be begin to identify possible solutions. Those criteria might conflict with verifiability. It is because when needed verifiability information, it may take time to calculate or to get it after production process is end. Verifiability is the useful information when it is accurate. Before relying on information to make decisions, it is important to ensure that the information is correct. For example, a production manager has to decide the actual amount of pineapple to be used in produce of 10000 units of pineapple juices. But, because of the time given is limited, he has to prepared the report to top management by forecast the amount of pineapple will be used. Although he is meet the criteria of timeliness, he is might not meet the criteria of verifiable. He do not used the actual amount of pineapple will be used. It is because there are some problems may occur during the production process: cost of pineapples is lower or others factors. When the production is end, he will able to know the actual amount of pineapple will be used. So, the criteria timeliness is conflict with the criteria verifiability. Another conflict is between timeliness and reliability of information. Information is said to be reliable when they incorporate all aspects of a transaction as well as other events in order to facilitate users in deciding on any issue regarding the latter. However, most of the times in providing timely reporting, those aforesaid transactions or events are never taken into account as it occurs after the report is prepared and thus impairing reliability. In interest of timeliness, the reliability of the information is sacrificed, every loss of reliability diminishes the usefulness of information and as time pass, and either the reliability of the information drops or increase accordingly. For example, the material supplier decides to supply only one of the Material A. Company Y is very interested and is capable to buy the Material A. The supplier is interested on selling the Material A to Company Y, but there is no contract signed between them. As time passes, the supplier received an offer from Company Zs, with a higher price and shorter time compared to Company Y. Therefore, Material A is selling to Company Z and Y loses the Material A. Company Y is reliable on material supplier to get the Material A yet the supplier needed to sell the Material A in a shorter time to get the profit. So, supplier decides to sell it to Company Z. Thus, the criterion of timeliness is conflict with criteria of reliability. Question: 2 (Information for decision-making) The overriding feature of information for decision-making is that it should be relevant for the decision being taken. However, decision-making varies considerably at different levels within an organization, thus posing particular difficulties for the management accountant. Describe the characteristics of decision-making at different levels within an organization. Decision making is intertwined with the other functions, such as planning, coordinating and controlling. Decisions are made in order to change the companys current status to a more desirable state of affairs. Therefore, relevant information needs to supply by the Management Accountant to top management to make decision. In an organization, different levels of management are making different types of decision. This can be showed at the figure below. Figure 1: Levels of decision making Top level managers, or strategic managers, are also called senior management and executives, are individuals at the top one or two levels in an organization. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operational Officer (COO), Chief Informational Officer (CIO), President, Vice President, Chairman and Board of Directors are examples of top level managers. They have the long-term vision for the company. They are not involved in day-to-day tasks need to possess conceptual skill so as to set the goals for the organization as a whole. For example, Jerry Yang, the former chief executive of YAHOO!, was criticized when a $44.6 billion acquisition bid from Microsoft failed under his watch. They frame the organizational policy. They are also responsible for mobilization of resources. They generally make large budgetary decisions for the company and are responsible to the shareholders and the general public. The success or failure of the organization rests on the s houlders of the top level management. Middle level managers, or middle managers, are those in the levels below top managers. Middle managers job titles include General Manager (GM), Plant Manager, Regional manager and Divisional manager. Middle level managers are responsible for carrying out the goals set out by top management with setting goals for their departments and other business units. Tactical decisions, the medium term decisions about how to implement strategy, are delegated to middle managers. Middle management decisions might include marketing a new product, communicating with and managing lower management and determining what issues need to be addressed with top level managers. Each individual middle management department develops a strategy to meet its inner departmental goals. Lastly, lower level management, which included office managers, shift supervisor, department manager, foreperson, crew leader and store manager, are responsible for the daily management of line workers the employees who actually produce the product or offer the service. Although first line manager typically do not set goals for the organization, they have a very strong influence on the company. These are the managers that most employees interact with on a daily basis. Operational decisions, short term decision or also called administrative decisions about how to implement the tactics affect daily tasks and generally handled by lower level managers. Supervisors or team leaders may decide employee related issues, such as pay rates, training, evaluations and disciplining or terminating employees. For example, supervisor may decide to reward the most productive employee with an employee of the month award, or offer incentives such as gift certificates. Explain how the management accountant must tailor the information provided for the various levels. Nowadays, management accountant is provides the information to users who are part of the organization in various level. But different level management has different information needed. Therefore, management accountant must tailor the information for them. First, before management accountant provide any information, he / she must clear with the company vision as the middle and bottom management of organization. Usually the top management is responsible for the long term strategic plans with the strategic decisions for the next 5 years to 10 years. Therefore, top management will create a mission, which is more specific goal that unifies company wide efforts. So, management accountant should prepare budgets for top management accountant to decide which projects have to undertaken to achieve the companys goals. Budget is a strategic plan that details the action that must be taken during the following year. It also pinpoint the responsibility of achieving the budgets to respective managers inline the company policies. For example, management accountant prepare the imposed budgets to top management before imposed to middle management to achieve targets. In middle management, they are responsible for developing and carrying the tactical plans to accomplish the organizations mission. Tactical plans specify how company will use resource, budgets and people to achieve company goals within its mission. In this level, management accountant will use various methods to decide the profit with minimum production costs. Profit volume analysis is one of the methods to calculate changes in cost and sales in determine the profit. Management accountant will calculate breakeven point where the level of sales of company needs to achieve at zero profit. After that, management accountant also prepared the report on scare resources which the supply of resources is limited by define the limit factor. Then, management accountant will produce the product that give higher contribution per limiting factor and take considerations of qualitative factors before final decisions is made. Final decisions is means whether to make or to buy the decision. It is situ ation where an organization is given a choice to produce by own resources or pay other organization to make the product. After management accountant prepare the information in form of cost volume profit, limiting factors analysis and decisions about activities either to buy or to make, middle management have to decide, carrying the tactical plans and delegating the responsibility of jobs to the operational management. Lower lever management is responsibility to carrying the operational plans where is related to day to day plans in producing products or services. For example, management accountant will determine the economic order quantity for lower management to know the amount of inventory they should reorder order to minimize ordering cost and holding costs. Therefore, lower level management will order the maximum order. There is the information that will be management accountant provided to various levels in order to suit various levels needs. (c)Give an example of a typical management decision, state at which level this would normally be taken and what specific information shoud be supplied to the decision maker. A typical management decision is that the pricing which to determine how much the customer need to pay and the seller receives in exchange for a product. To get the firms sales objective need to set for the prices. In determining the firms revenue is that the managers pricing decision is extremely important .The selling price times the number of units sold will know how much is the revenue gain. The pricing decision need to be determine by the manager, then provide a simple and useful pricing structure taking into consideration all of your business costs. Continue with choose one of the suitable pricing strategy so that can establish a market presence and last fine tune and adapt the general pricing policy in response to trends, in the market place the manager should also practices new innovative strategies to help solidify the competitive position. Companies that set prices to maximize the profits want to set the selling price to sell the number units that will generate the highest possible total profits. If a company sets prices too low, it will probably sell many units but may miss out additional profits on each unit (and even lose money on each exchange). If company sets prices too high , it will make a large profits but will sell fewer units. Again the companies will losses money, and it also will leave with excess inventory. If the managers decide to maximize the profit, Firstly, the middle managers who responsible to carry out the goals that set by the top management will held this tactical decision which how to held this pricing decision. They need to know the price setting tools to measure the potential impact which is to count out the cost and how much need to charge for the selling price .Before deciding on final prices, middle managers can use cost oriented pricing and breakeven analysis to determine how much sales volume the company needs to start making profit and to measure the potential impact. A music store manager would price the CDs by calculating the cost of making them available to shoppers. How much that the manager need to charge for the product is need to depends on how much the company pay for the inventory and the supplier. They also need to count for the operating cost , and how much is the company profits goal plus the company price will affect by the competitive pressures, industry standards and the perceived value of your product or the services in the eyes of the company customer. Thus, price would include the costs of store rent, employee wages, utilities, insurance, and the CD manufacturers price. If the manufacture price is RM 8 if the manager decided to sell it for RM 8 then will not get any profit. So, the manager need to decide to sell for higher then rm8 so that can earn profit. To be profitable, the manager must charge enough to cover the product and other cost. These factors determine the mark up. So, the manager should charge a reasonable markup of RM 7 over the purchase cost means at RM15 selling price. The markup percentage is 46.7 because RM 7 divided by RM15 times 100% equal 46.7%. If the markup is RM 8, so the selling price is RM16. The manager need to determine how much to sell to break even. Knowing that the variable cost is RM 8 means that the company is depending on how many CDs are sold. Say that fixed cost for keeping the company open for one year is RM 100000(no matter how many CDs are sold) The number that the managers need to sell is RM 15 each, the manager need to sell it in the breakeven point which is 14286 CDs. Breakeven point equal RM100, 000 divided by RM15 minus RM 8 equal 14286 CDs. If the company sells less then 14286 units then their company will lose money. If sell more then 14826 units then will earn profit. Assume that all the cost and variable cost is the same so the manager need to determine how much the price need to charge to the product and how much units they need to sell so that to maximize th e profit. As a conclusion, the decision of the manager is very important to the company because it will affect the whole company whether it will earn profit or loss in the short run or even in the long run.

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The Leadership Of Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan History Essay

The Leadership Of Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan History Essay Introduction During history there were many bright models of leadership that can be considered and analyzed to represent the successful leadership. Years ago United Arab Emirates has born many successful leaders such as Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan. This report will identify who was Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan and why I chose him as a successful leader. After that report will crucially analysis and evaluate his leadership and will shed some light to his leadership style. Report also will discuss the characters to rule his country. Finally report will go through his weaknesses and draw the conclusion. Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan (1918 2004) Profile According to Mitera (2007) Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nhahyan was born in Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1918. Shakh Sayed was the grandson of a ruler who contributes to establish of the AL Nhyan family in Abu Dhabi Sheikh Said Bin Halifax AL Nahyan. He becomes ruler of Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1966 after the waiver of his eldest brother Shakh Shakhabot to him in 1966. Then in 1971 he elected as Unite Arab Emirates president. When he was child, Shakh Zayed studied the holy Koran, portray, some basic Arabic language and Islam roles because that time only this kind of education was available. Shakh Zayed had marry 8 wifes during his life (according to Islam rules a man allow to marry 4 wife only but in this case because of some of them where died) he left In addition to his wifes 19 boys when he pass away In 2004. Why Shakh Zayed not other? Im concern in reading history, sharply history of Gulf country; during my reading a good example of leader take my attention Shakh Zayed who was the greatest ruler of United Arab Emirates in the Arab history. Shakh Said had made UAE a stronger, wealthier and grater state, he had given his country a new poison in international relation and final achievement which make hem the grater leader during Arab history. He had successfully combined seven Emirates in one country named United Arab Emirates. The age of Shakh Zayed the grandson of the one of creator of the AL Nhayan family in the Emirates, is considered one of the most successful eras that UAE saw in the 20th century, if not the most successful ever, even with the many difficulties he faced while building the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as well over years of ruling. Historians considered that the personality of Shakh Said was definitely one of the main personalities of the AL Nahyan family, who played a crucial role in the Emi rates history and the Gulf. During Arab history Shakh Zayed can be considered as one of the most important number in modern and contemporary for the following reasons: He is successfully combined 7 emirates in on country named United Arab Emirates. The respect that he commanded from rulers of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA. He apply diplomacy rather than military force within a very delicate balance to achieve his goals to maintain the independence of UAE Island (Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunbs) when Iran occupied it. His policy was based on sensible diplomatic skill that made UAE one of the important Arab countries ever during his rule. His ancestry where unlimited. He donated to many countries in Asia and Africa like ( Palestine, Lebanon, Kosovo and may others ) He changes UAE from place of desert to green paradise. His confidence in protection of the environment due nothing to modern fashions. Analyzing the leadership of Shakh Zayed Leaders are group of people with extraordinary features they are able to shape events and change the circumstances. According to these words our leader has an inherited leadership. Huczynski Buchanan (2007) has stated that there are number of leadership theories such as trait theory: Trait theory: believe on a leader is born not made (Huczynski Buchanan, 2007). Our leader has ascribed to his grandfather Shakh Zayed Bin Halifax who was one of who state of AL Nahyan family who had rolled Emirate of Abu Dhabi from 1855 to 1909, (Macmillan, 1997) and from his father Shakh Sultan Bin Zayed how also ruled Abu Dhabi from 1918 to 1926 (Macamillan, 1997). Consequently, to gain experience Shakh Zayed appointed in 1946 as a ruler of AL Ain Town (Tamam, 1971). The traits theory focused on initiative, intelligence, good health, confidence, control, ect. However the theory shape that people having these traits do not necessarily doing good leadership. (Huczynski Buchanan, 2007). Doing an assessment to the life story of any the Leader we should refer to the time he was living and situation of his beginning. When Shakh Zayed father pass away he was at the a go of ten years and it was difficult to ruled but later he was un happy with the ruling way of his brother Shakhbut, how ruled Abu Dhabi from 1928 to 1966, and didnt made any changed to his peoples, (poor and hunger remained same). Where he can be a slayer but he preferred to maintain life and authority. He understood that leadership skills can be erudite developed and enhanced; this man can develop into a leader in the group by reaching his goals. Posts linked with the select of target and find ways to reach the objective. In 1966 and according to Mitera (2007) the time of grandson of the ruling AL Nahyan was starting in Abu Dhabi to bring the brighter time that Abu Dhabi expected during the 20th century. According to the historian Shakh Zayed was one of the most famous facts in his family that ruled, he played major role in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Gulf, Arab and the word. Has an active ruling not nominal, Shakh Zayed discovered that his predecessors had on Abu Dhabi, kind of sovereignty ambiguous, his prescience was able him to make real sovereignty by combining those struggle emirates in one joined and powerful county that Arab saw. Traits theory according to Huczynaki Buschanan (2007) has number of personal traits such as confidence, intelligence and control. Shakh Zayed success combines a leader as this theory, on this aspect the successful leader is able to combine conventional characters and skills gained in the leadership and inborn from his father and grandfather as well. Also he verifies that as a leader, he is able to expand the feature and add experience. Mitera (2007) has describe Shakh Zayed as modest leader because of his attractive personality which attracted hem and raise respect, loyalty and bring citizens satisfaction. When he passes away President George W. Bush describe him He was a great leader, a statesman (Gulf News). According to Stewart Crawford British Resident, Bahrain from (1968 1968), Shakh Zayed was handsome man, moderate, strength, love portray and hunting, has good character, debonair and of abroad vision. (Mitera, 2007). Shakh Zayed has combing character and minimalist mixed in his actions as the situation, compassion, tolerance, an acumen, cruelly, firmness, violence and revenge. This characterized make him loved and frightens at the same time, many and varied aspect of his personality. His effected behaviors during his Golding period which more than 85 years moved into his property in Emirates made him believed that the leader can be affect by a group of his subordinates and he focuses on it. In the last days of his rule he preferred justice as much as possible in Emirates so that can oversee his country very well, this also delivered his relationship with the Emirates tribes leaders and kings of others countries. This can be finding it clear in when he sign board agreement with his neighbors. Shakh Zayed has create comfort for this followers in working environment, he was interesting on satisfying their need by giving them opportunity to participate and indecision making also he provides him with procedures and clear expectation. In the other hand he set to satisfy their subordinates goals, helping them to develop their confidence and reassure them their leader. Historian like Mitera (2007) has described Shakh Zayed simplicity by a person how wearing simple cloths, sit-down with his people hearing them, dance with them which it was difficult to distinguish between him and any other citizen. According to Arthir Lamb, British Residency who had the opportunity to meet Shakh Sayed Said, the good example of reverence and pity, simple and modest and he was far from the dominance, egotism and estrangement. Walfar Tesgar or as they called him in Arabic Mubarak Bin London has described hem in his book Sand in Arabian Island Zayed a strong man in his thirtieth of age, clever, simple and quiet (Tamam,1981). He went by himself to congratulate his people in marriage parties and gives consolation on death. To maintain his Emirates, Shakh Zayed had been able to enhance his internal relationship as will to manage his international relationship with some Arabian and European countries likes Brittan, KSA and Oman. In 1971 according to (Gulf News) when Britain left the gulf he sign friendship agreement with them representing his country and Sir Geoffry Arthur represent Britain. He was completed by circumstances to reach to sign border agreement with Oman, (Asharq Alawasat News Paper, 2002), to developed friendly relationship with neighbor. In addition to that his extensive agreement exchange with KSA. By achieving this goal, Shakh Zayed has distanced his country from connecting in such international problems. Shakh Zayed had expanded this country economy to step where UAE was getting many of its impotents from word economy. This policy was based on his realistic diplomatic skill that made UAE one of the most important country and this can be find it clear from what Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said the late president succeeded with outstanding leadership in the social and economic development of the country. (Gulf News). A leader find a way to change, Shakh Zayed eventually change his country from desert without any kind of life to green oasis surrounded the threes and water from everywhere he said a drop of water in the desert equals a beating pulse.(Gulf News). After the successful transition from unknown country to a source of political, social, economical in Arab word. As leader to his follower he has well-known the desert very well, this makes him will Known as Shakh of Desert(Miatra, 2004). He said I believe one who does not know his past will not understand the present, nor will he be able to prepare the future.(gulf News). To build up his relationships with some influential country like Britain and France he attends international conference about offshore oil. Most historians have praised the wise leadership in the leadership of his country. A leader how concern about his citizens and after that journey he remember later how impressed he had been by the level of education and medicals that these country retch, becoming strong-minded that his citizens should have the same benefit from that facilities he said the asset of any advanced nation is its people, especially the educated ones, and the prosperity and success of the people are measured by the standard of their education.(Gulf News). benefiting from hate of conspiracies, Shakh Zayed steady his cabinet of UAE to make him able to maintain the independence of his country balance of using diplomacy over military force in order to reach its objectives. Effectively he coordinates between the parties in his country to guide their work to wand to achieve the goals and promote the highest level of performance effectiveness. According to Mitera (2007) Zayed has overcome the obstacles and personal conflicts between the royals of Emirates which required from him permanent contact with the constantly reminded the motivation for cooperation which create a team spirit integrated united goals and aspirations. Shakh Zayed was a dealer who has not have that large of military force, only his survival in power was to receive the consent of people and leader. He has taken a new approach in giving the mandate more power of authorities from occupied force. As prince rather than money collector he tried to improved his citizens income and this can be find it clear from what he said the money has no valve if not used to serve the citizen (Mitira, 2007) so he involve in distribute some of country income to his populations like Marry Fund aimed to help youth to reduce marry expenses. A man who harmonized with nature. This achieves him to focus on conservation of nature and environment which become one of key elements of government policy. This has approved by the massive programme of planting 150 million trees. Shakh Zayed Leadership Style Huczynski Buchunan (2007) has divided the leadership style into three types: Autocratic style, (where a leader compact the authority), Democratic style, (a leader in valves followers in decision making, encourage participation in deciding work methods and goals, given a authority and take feed back to control followers), Fair style, (giving follower kind of freedom to make decision and to decide on their work). As required by the state and politics that time, Shakh Zayed might be collecting Democratic style, because he inclined more approach democracy in the meeting with seven emirates rulers and advisers, he also open this door to see the public. He didnt decline any citizens want to meet him individually. The citizens consider him as a father rather than a ruler. He used to received people by kindness and listen to their complaints (, he was effective solving-problems and effectively decision making spicily when crises acquired in the country, he was not hesitate to move quickly to solve any problem happen. According to Tamam (1981) Shakh Zayed was smiley leader he uses to receive his people in smiley face, on other hand he was astringent in dealing with things that effect equity which makes his family and followers afraid from hem. As far as we knew that UAE become wider this expands need responsibility and control. Aiming that Shakh Zayed has utilized his subordinates to achieve his style, so he authorized governors appointed by administration areas. When he left the country for some circumstances and as sort of encouragement to his pray minister he delegate hem to administrate the government of UAE and his brother Halifax to responsible Abu Dhabi. The charismatic Of Shakh Zayed The power settled to the leaders and varies in contact and reach spread sources of leadership. Leader need to have skills based on his behavior and characters. Successful leader need to have some skills to insure the success of its function. Leader likes working: A man in nature is lazy, but this not in shape our leader how was starting his day early morning driving his car by himself avoiding any corteges to see a project her and there, in many times when he return back home he stopped to lesion his peoples problems this was to gave his follower a good example of loving work to achieve their responsibilities. Dominated by followers who are wishing to work, he retained the eminent personalities to choose advisers and ministers who assist referees in the carry out of the country (Tamam, 1981). A leader who discover and train leaders: as a trainer, supervised by hem he trained the possible of each subordinates member this find interest and self-belief use to help him to carry out his duties. According to Tamam (1981) Shakh Zayed preferred choosing a powerful and strong leader to manage the please after that he gives them enough authorities and opportunities to build up themselves using their experiences and learn from their mistakes. Organizing responsibilities: Shakh Zayed distribute the responsibilities between his subordinates as aspiration, competencies, capabilities and expertise to be able to rule his country Tamam (1981) and leader suspended direct efforts to reach the goals. Dealing with problems: maybe some negative problems that might happen in the country but he has his own ethics to quell the problems, he expects the troubles before it occurred so he do not have to put down after it rise. Observation: Shakh Zayed beloved that one of the most important leader duty to observe his followers. This makes his duty easy for giving orders to supervise the implementation. Cooperation with other leaders: Shakh Zayed ties with GCC Leaders who was marked by reserved mutual respect and because of this respect he was successful lead the first meeting of GCC Conceal in Abu Dhabi. All leaders were in confrontation with who to develop their countries. His Weaknesses: So far and as a leader who has that grate of loved by this citizen and respect from word leaders I cant find any weaknesses but if we considered that number of boys that he left it might they fight for power. Conclusion It is helpful to end this report by saying that, Shakh Zayed was great, smart and successful leader has high ethics, sample and loved by his people. During his ruling period, Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates combined, grown and developed. Guided by the wisdom foresight of its president. The result has been the creation of modern state with high infrastructure as well as heath an education. References Asharq Alawasat News Paper, 23 June 2002 issue No.8608 Burke, W., Litwin, G. (1992). A causal model of organizational performance and change. Journal of Management, 18(3), 523-545. Goleman, d. and Boyatzis, R. (Sep. 2008) Intelligence and Biology of Leadership, Harvard Business Review, 74 78. Grint, K. (April 2008). Leadership, task and relationship. Human Resource Management Journal, 18, 188 195 Gulf News, Wednesday, November 3, 2004. Sheikh Zayed Passes away House, R. J., Aditya, R. N. (1997). The social scientific study of leadership. Quo vadis? Journal of Management, 23, 409-473. http:// date of access 24/02/2010 Huczynski, A. and Buchanan, D. (2007). Organizational Behavior. 6th edition. London: Prentice Hall Kotter, J. P. (1990). A forceful change: How leadership differs from Management. New York: Free Press. Macmillan.J, (1997).United Arab Emirates Year Book 1997. London: Trident Press Ltd. Mitera. J (2007). Zayed From Challenge To Union (Arabic Copy), Center for Documentation Research Abu Dhabi, UAE Posner, Kouzes, (2003). The Leadership challenge. Third edition Tamam. H (1981). Zayed Bin Sultan Leader and Demonstration (Arabic Copy).2nd edition. Tokyo. Die Neebon Press Ltd.

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Brave New World - Is Individuality a Threat to Society, or a Gift to So

As man has progressed through the ages, there has been, essentially, one purpose. That purpose is to arrive at a utopian society, where everyone is happy, disease is nonexistent, and strife, anger, or sadness is unheard of. Only happiness exists. But when confronted with Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, we come to realize that this is not, in fact, what the human soul really craves. In fact, Utopian societies are much worse than those of today. In a utopian society, the individual, who among others composes the society, is lost in the melting pot of semblance and world of uninterest. The theme of Huxley's Brave New World is community, identity, and stability. Each of these three themes represents what a Brave New World society needs to have in order to survive. According to the new world controllers, community is a result of identity and stability, identity is a part of genetic engineering, and stability is what everyone desires to achieve. These themes are represented in the bo ok by the symbolic meaning of the phrase "Children are from bottles" and the hypnotic phrase "Everybody belongs to everybody else. For a better understanding it is useful to explore these themes in detail. Community refers to the thought of one whole unit. Everyone is connected, by their actions toward each other in every day life, sexual desires, and what they do to remove the feeling of horrible emotions. This connectedness and lie, and its effects can be seen in the character of Bernard, a person who hates what society has become. The year is A.F. 632 (After Ford; Ford is the equivalent to God in Brave New World and with the available technology, citizens are mass produced. But have an underlying theme in common. The stability of this brave new w...† It is this willingness of man to make the same mistake twice that in 2000 the ideas in Brave New World do not seem that far off base. Most people thought that with the collapse of the Soviet Union it would put an end to the suffering and an all-controlling government. But with an influx of clones, test tube babies, government controls of television, needless violence, and the search for the perfect mood altering drug. Who is to say that Brave New World is not earth in fifty years? As more people lose their individuality they become connected with community. It is with this connection that they begin to let others control their lives and humanity is already headed in that direction. Brave New World should not only be seen as a great piece of science fiction. It should be seen as a warning. Of what can happen when people live up to the influence of outside sources.

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Symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthornes Young Goodman Brown Essay -- Nathan

Symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nathaniel Hawthorne utilizes symbolism throughout his short story Young Goodman Brown to impact and clarify the theme of good people sometimes doing bad things. Hawthorne uses a variety of light and dark imagery, names, and people to illustrate irony and different translations. Young Goodman Brown is a story about a man who comes to terms with the reality that people are imperfect and flawed and then dies a bitter death from the enlightenment of his journey through the woods. Images of darkness, symbolic representations of names and people and the journey through the woods all attribute to Hawthorne's theme of good people sometimes doing bad things.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The use of dark imagery throughout the story gives you a sense of fear of the unknown that lies ahead of Goodman Brown on his journey. The beginning sentence of the story illustrates an image of a sunset and the approaching of night as Goodman Brown sets off on his mission. ?Young Goodman Brown came forth, at sunset, into the street of Salem village, but put his head back, after crossing the threshold.? (196) Here, the light of the sun represents the knowledge that Goodman Brown already has. The imagery of darkness setting in is the unknown knowledge Goodman Brown is out to discover. Goodman Brown must first travel through the darkness of the unknown before he reaches the light of enlightenment and truth that is why he is embarking on his journey throughout the night hours. ?My journey, as thou callest it, forth and back again, must needs be done ?twist now and sunrise.? (197)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The next use of symbolism is the setting of the journey and meeting in the woods. Early Americans looked at the woods as a test of strength, bravery and endurance. It took a lot of courage for someone to enter the forest because it was unknown territory and they would not emerge the same. ?He had taken a dreary road, darkened by all gloomiest trees of the forest?that the traveler knows not who may be concealed by the innumerable trunks?he may be passing through an unseen multitude.? (197) Goodman Brown does not face the dangers of Indians but faces the danger of reality and truth. Goodman Brown does not emerge from the forest tougher or braver but hateful and spiteful because he becomes enlightened to the ways of world. He comes to terms with the reality tha... swell of those familiar tones, heard daily in the sunshine, at Salem village, but never, until now from a cloud of night.? (202) The use of light and dark imagery in this particular sentence helps you understand Goodman Brown?s despair. He has realized the truth that the people he sees in the daylight hours pretending to be pure and good are the total opposite in the dark.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nathaniel Hawthorne uses symbolic imagery throughout his story Young Goodman Brown to impact the theme of good people sometimes do bad things. Hawthorne takes us on a journey of truth and realization. Goodman Brown was not open to the truth or the reality that the world is filled with evil and people are imperfect. His perception of the world was it was a fun loving happy place and when he was exposed to reality he turned away from people and lost faith in them. His faith should have been in God because God will never let you down but his faith was in people and people are imperfect and subject to disappoint you. Works Cited: Hawthorne, Nathaniel. "Young Goodman Brown." 1835. The Heath Anthology of American Literature. Ed. Paul Lauter et al. 2nd ed. Vol. 1. Lexington: Heath, 1944. 2129-38.

Marijuana Legalization Essay examples -- Marijuana Law Reform, 2015

In the U.S. today, the use of recreational drugs and legislation concerning them revolves heavily around the most used illegal substance, marijuana. Marijuana is also known as cannabis, as well as a slew of other names, as it is derived from one of the three Cannabis plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis’ popularity can largely be accredited to its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. THC is the main psychoactive component found in cannabis that produces the â€Å"high† that marijuana users may experience. The drug is most commonly rolled into a â€Å"joint†, or weed cigarette, and smoked. While weed may provide its users a feeling a euphoria, it gives lawmakers headaches as it presents several social and legal difficulties. In the United States, laws regarding marijuana vary from state to state, but the drug is generally illegal throughout the country. Decriminalization in many states allows for freer cannabis consumption, and medical marijuana allows for patients to intake prescribed drugs without any issue. With the relative availability for marijuana despite its legal standing, obvious social constraints are placed upon members of society. Cannabis has long been used as a medicinal agent. The first uses of medical marijuana can be traced to the Chinese emperor Shen Neng, and this practice dates as far back as 2700 B.C.. The use of medical marijuana has spread from China to India, to ancient Rome, and then through Asia, Europe, and Africa. The plant was used to treat any number of ailments, including â€Å"gout, malaria, beriberi, rheumatism, and, curiously, poor memory† (Understanding Marijuana 11). Marijuana was also used as a painkiller, an anesthetic, and even as a cure for flatulence. Today, the ...,8599,1912113,00.html>. Nakaya, Andrea C. Marijuana. San Diego, CA: ReferencePoint, 2007. Print. "National Institute on Drug Abuse - The Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction." Web. 30 Sept. 2011. . "Proposition 19." Voter Information Guide November 2, 2010 | California Secretary of State. Web. 30 Sept. 2011. . Robison, Jennifer. "Decades of Drug Use: Data From the '60s and '70s." Gallup.Com - Daily News, Polls, Public Opinion on Government, Politics, Economics, Management. 2 July 2002. Web. 30 Sept. 2011. . "VOTES FOR AND AGAINST NOVEMBER 2, 2010, STATEWIDE BALLOT MEASURES." Web. 30 Sept. 2011. . Marijuana Legalization Essay examples -- Marijuana Law Reform, 2015 In the U.S. today, the use of recreational drugs and legislation concerning them revolves heavily around the most used illegal substance, marijuana. Marijuana is also known as cannabis, as well as a slew of other names, as it is derived from one of the three Cannabis plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis’ popularity can largely be accredited to its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. THC is the main psychoactive component found in cannabis that produces the â€Å"high† that marijuana users may experience. The drug is most commonly rolled into a â€Å"joint†, or weed cigarette, and smoked. While weed may provide its users a feeling a euphoria, it gives lawmakers headaches as it presents several social and legal difficulties. In the United States, laws regarding marijuana vary from state to state, but the drug is generally illegal throughout the country. Decriminalization in many states allows for freer cannabis consumption, and medical marijuana allows for patients to intake prescribed drugs without any issue. With the relative availability for marijuana despite its legal standing, obvious social constraints are placed upon members of society. Cannabis has long been used as a medicinal agent. The first uses of medical marijuana can be traced to the Chinese emperor Shen Neng, and this practice dates as far back as 2700 B.C.. The use of medical marijuana has spread from China to India, to ancient Rome, and then through Asia, Europe, and Africa. The plant was used to treat any number of ailments, including â€Å"gout, malaria, beriberi, rheumatism, and, curiously, poor memory† (Understanding Marijuana 11). Marijuana was also used as a painkiller, an anesthetic, and even as a cure for flatulence. Today, the ...,8599,1912113,00.html>. Nakaya, Andrea C. Marijuana. San Diego, CA: ReferencePoint, 2007. Print. "National Institute on Drug Abuse - The Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction." Web. 30 Sept. 2011. . "Proposition 19." Voter Information Guide November 2, 2010 | California Secretary of State. Web. 30 Sept. 2011. . Robison, Jennifer. "Decades of Drug Use: Data From the '60s and '70s." Gallup.Com - Daily News, Polls, Public Opinion on Government, Politics, Economics, Management. 2 July 2002. Web. 30 Sept. 2011. . "VOTES FOR AND AGAINST NOVEMBER 2, 2010, STATEWIDE BALLOT MEASURES." Web. 30 Sept. 2011. .

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Command Economy

Command Economy: Mountainous Politicians, countries and ideologies from all over the world have been torn for years between what they should follow and believe. Countries argue over which policies should be adopted been the economist's fundamental question. What would life be like if the country you lived in targeted equality- to live in a country where all people are equal, all are treated the same, and all are one? People desire to live in a place where social class is not an issue and money, food shortage, monthly bills, and shelter is nothing you have to worry about.The command economy provides survival, value in work, stability, equality and care and economic resources for all its members, young, sick, disabled, and the old. The command economy is much stable then the market economy. One reason command economy is more efficient than a market economy is because the command economy focuses on providing survival for its people. All residents are provided with the basic needs for su rvival such as housing, jobs, education, clothing, food etc. The government provides all the needs.There is no worry about bills, losing jobs, food shortage. In a market economy, you are not guaranteed all this, sure you are given well fare– but you are not guaranteed a job. What happens to those in need of a job? They aren’t given a job. In a market economy you are on your own. Karl Marx, a German philosopher, formed the command economy. In a market economy, you are constantly competing for survival. Whereas the command economy- you are guaranteed survival. The government provides all your basic needs.According to Marx, â€Å"Disadvantage of a pure market economy cannot provide security to those who, because of sickness or age, cannot be economically productive. † The bottom line is that the government of a market economy does not imply support to its residents. An older couple is not living under the government’s wing, but the insurance and money they h ave saved over the ages. The market economy has no interest for â€Å"providing public goods and services, such as national defense† says, Marx. Another reason the command economy is better than the market economy is because the command economy values what the workers produce.According to Marx, â€Å"The definition of value – its value is the amount of labor needed to produce and sustain labor power†¦ or it is the amount of labor needed to produce and sustain labor-power. † Command economies take pride into what the workers produce. A product can be worth nothing, but it is worth much more as opposed to how much the worker has worked to produce the product. The government is in charge of producing the number of goods making sure that no money is wasted, and if it is, it is done correctly. The command economy has been successful as far as funding money.The command economy is very stable and will never have sudden depressions or financial crisis. In the late 1800s the United States struggled with government ruling. For example, The United States had little control over the economy in the early 1900s which lead to one of America’s most devastating historic event, The Great Depression. The market economy tends to multiply the wealth of a nation much quicker due to evolution while the command economy plans the entire money making process, which has proved to be more beneficial.The command economy, as I mentioned earlier is in charge of its production and the demand of the consumer. For example, the government owns the companies in a command economy so moving production to a different area is no problem because the government is capable of doing it quickly as opposed to the market economy. In a market economy there are different owners and different regulations to each area. The value of the worker is always valued in a command economy. Equality is a very strong component to the command economy.The government tries to eliminate all p roperty and distribute its good equally. If done correctly no one is in poverty and no one is wealthier than the other. Marx explains, â€Å"The workers are selling to an abstract capacity to labor, and because of this, the capitalist is able to exploit them by only paying labor-power’s value. † This means that the worker is paid only by the work the worker has accomplished. For example, all residents are paid the same wage for the same amount of work that is done. The command economy also shares the same religion.This way government and the church are able to work together unlike the market economy where the government and the church are always on the different sides. The government also provides education for all of its residents. All of its people are educated at the same level. Equality is a strong component to the command economy. The care and economic resources are also a big deal to the command economy. No other economy provides such resource. The market economy does not provide full coverage after you are unable to work. You have to save money for retirement-that comes from your pocket.In a command economy you are guaranteed care and economic resources to sustain survival even if you are not currently working- the government will have you under its wing. The command economy is much more efficient then the market economy. Residents are worry-free when it comes to resources of survival. The government also takes pride into the workers work and eliminates social classes to create equality amongst the residents. It is a stable economy and provides care for its residents. The command economy is more efficient then the market economy. Command Economy Recently, over this summer there has been hundreds of children who have illegally entered the United States from Central and South America. They snuck here because a lot of their parents sent them here in search off much safer life with more opportunity ahead of them instead of being under a gruesome government control over in there home country.I believe they should be sent back to their country because, these kids could potentially be a liar and or a threat to our countries safety, and it is unconstitutional to make exceptions for anyone that doesn't bide by the law, especially if they're not a United States citizen, that entered the U. S illegally. Unfortunately, no matter how bad any kid could've had it in a South American country, we ultimately can not trust there word because nobody's word is just completely reliable, they could be lying and be someone completely different then what they're telling us whether they are a kid or not.Without undeniable proof that they really did c ome here to escape their country, then we have too assume they're lying in order to ensure the safety to our fellow American citizens. Furthermore, even If they have proof that they really did come to our country seeking help and opportunity, they still would have to go through the Immolation and citizenship gaining process Just like everyone else who has and wants to migrate too the United States to become a citizen.Therefore to sum It up, there may be many kids who want and need help that came here from their troubled country, but we as a country can not put ourselves In danger as a whole for people from somewhere else. America has their own problems to worry about and exceptions can not and should not be made for people who could be potential threats to our country.