Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sustainable Marketing Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Sustainable Marketing Plan - Assignment Example Target Market Samsung Electronics has strategized its market offerings through the defining of a new target base comprising of fashionable, trendy and high class consumers. Prior to such the company mainly focused on creation of value products that would help the consumer gain better quality at affordable prices. However the gaining of a new target base has enabled the company to focus on the production of fashionable and premium products in order to meet their enhanced desires. Samsung Electronics eyes the new consumer base as fashionable and filled with curiosity and a sense of adventure to try the new (Rowley & Paik, 2009, p.63). General Strategy The general strategy of Samsung Electronics and that of the Samsung Group in total mainly centres around three parameters. Firstly the company management focuses on rendering high class innovation in its products and thereby empowering the internal people to work on the same. Secondly the company also works to incorporate large scale dive rsification in regards to both its products and business sectors. Thirdly the company through empowering individuals helps them to identify and go for newer opportunities and thus to develop both professionally and personally (Samsung-a, 2010). Triple Bottom Line Goals Profits Today most of the companies are practising the sustainability measures to gain a competitive advantage. Samsung Electronics by making a mark in the sustainable factor can create a competitive advantage. Developing environmentally products and improve customer satisfaction would eventually lead to profit as consumers are also demanding products which are environmental friendly. The company can also maximise the corporate value by sound economic activities and enhance profit for the organisation. People The company needs to educate the consumers in regards to the production of premium gadgets incorporating high end technology. Awareness created amongst the people through print and visual advertisements helps in enhancing their desire to procure high end products. Samsung Electronics should also work to engage the supplier groups and employees to render products to the consumers that would be reliable and innovative to suit their quality needs. Samsung Electronics can also work in the development of electronic schools and training centres to help attract young and innovative minds in their operations. Planet Samsung Electronics in its endeavour to enhance the dimension of reliability and quality is also required to work on the dimension of carbon footprint. The carbon footprint would help the company track the amount of carbon usage in regards to the company’s and it’s supply chain groups’ operations. This method would help the company reduce the amount of carbon usage and emission and thus promote a greener environment. Further the company also needs to enhance the use of recyclable materials in its production of gadgets to help enhance its accountability to nature. St akeholder Analysis