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The Theme of Deception in Othello

THE THEME OF guile The theme of deception is one of the central themes that is shown through-out the play of Othello written by William Shakespe be. The idea of deception and decieving is surrounded by the character of Iago, the master approximation behind all the deception. It is through the character of Iago that the readers atomic number 18 able to discover just how badly the doings of deception can effect and ruin those whom are being decieved. Through this essay i will explore how Iago make the other characters through-out the play as well as showing the concequences it had on them due to their flaws.The idea of deception is found early on in the play when Iago says I follow him to serve my turn upon him showing us that he is just using Othellos trust and friendship for his own own(prenominal) needs. Iago follows on by saying I am not what I am. This clear shows the readers what Iagos true intentions are. The ability to seem something but to be something else allows the r eaders to be manipulated into thinking that Iago is of a honest nature.Iagos true intentions of decieving everyone who is close to him allows us to see just how deceptive and manipulative Iago is. His level of betrayal clearly indicates that he is alining himself with the devil by sneaking around and hiding secrets from those we understand his family and friends. This is because he goes out of his way to decieve and betray the other characters showing that Iago is the fine opposite to what he is known as, honest Iago without anyone actually being mindful of what is happening around them.Each of the characters in the play Othello are each decieved in their own way whether it be the plotting of seeds, or the manipulation of emotions each of the characters vulnerbilities are tested by Iagos actions. One character that is constantly decieved and mislead by iagos words is Roderigo. Roderigos is a naive, young character that lets his love for Desdemona over curb all his thoughts and j udgements. His downfall of being naively inlove allows Roderigo to be an easy nates for Iago by manipulating him into believing that money could buy Desdemonas love. Go to


After having read billet I of Michael Pollens book these chapters give us a view of the beginning of the step by step work on of food from the farmlands to the dinner table. Instead of the question Whats for dinner? , it would seem more than like Whats in the dinner? . Pollen larns us on a journey finished the fields in Iowa and concludes with a trip to analyze repast he shared with his family at a local McDonalds.He allows us to select a look inside of the assist by which feed is utilize in a numbers of ways clavus is utilise some other that as a food source. By the end of recess l, in that location is a better understanding of how corn can be used as not only a food source, but as fuel, sweetener, alcohol, as well as a chemical for explosive devices. Pollen visits a farm in Iowa and gives a very detai conduct view on the process by which corn is farm through the fields, processed through the grain elevator plant not far from the corn fields.He as well as explains th e introduction to the topic of industrial corn and its origins some hundreds of thousands of years ago. Pollen goes on to explain how farmers must increase the amount of corn that is planted in order survive money loss in the process, guaranteeing a draw for the following year. In addition to his view of the process by which corn is harvested and processed for use other that food, Pollen pays a visit to Pokey Feeders oxen farm in Kansas where the cows are feed processed corn to help them become larger.The fiestas of these animals is cut short because they are now be feed a food that naturally is not a part of their nature (grass). To prevent them from getting sick, the cows are being apt(p) antibiotics that are eventually passed onto the meat that is consumed by the buyer. The increased demand for the meats of these animals has led farmers to mass breed cows at an alarming rate, placing consumers at essay for the threat of disease ( E. Coli 01 57HE). Pollens description of fast food was in spades a shocker.He talks about all the synthetic food additives that institutionalise into fast food the give hem their color, texture and taste. It is scary to theorise that so many chemicals (Ex. TPTB) can be used to make something that so many people find tasty. When a McDonald meal is broken down, it seems just about unheard of that anyone would eat this separate on its own. Pollen voices his concern on how so much energy is wasted on creating these meals, the tens of thousands of corn calories being consumed that could put one over been used for other food purposes to feed so many empty-bellied people. The first part of this book was definitely an eye-opener.Pollens book allows us to take a second look at the way a bay window of people get their food. We are given a better imagination on how food is grown in its natural state, the industrial process by which food is treated with chemicals, how these chemicals may become a part of the product itself to stimul ate growth, and how this chemicals may eventually find their way to our dinner plates. After reading this first part, this book can make anyone inadequacy to diversify their diet by eating more game meat, growth their own food and living off of the land. Wouldnt that be great?

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Leadership theme in Othello

William Shakespe be is single of the most profound writers that ever existed his books stomach touched almost all aspects of life. I was drawn by Othello because of the life alike(p) s bulge out and brilliance the author used. How Shakespeare builds character of the wizards and antagonists is out of this world the while of scenes and vocabulary in use is also unparalleled.Not only in Othello but also in his other acts. Love and romance is one of the depicted objects that his bits revolved on we can say he used it as device to attract more readers and get a lineers, but if we look at it as a non marketing tool we can also say that he centered in it to confuse the authorities of England that were ruthless when it came to dealing with anti government policies, e.g colonialism. I solely deployed the review method of research as it would give me the filtered thoughts of professionals on the content.That said, neo-classic literature critics eat come to a truce that Othello is a play that lays bare the qualities of a true attractor and how the leading can influence the political and sparing sector. These traits can be put bare if one deciphers the underlying message in the characters actions and manner of speaking.All characters have different traits so I paid keen attention to the sensation and antagonist Othello and Lago. Their smooth distinction and how ones opinions and suggestions could affect the other lays bare the enviable and undesirable traits in attractorship. The main purpose of this review is to try and raise Shakespeares honorable audience that there is more to his plays than just love themes. leading theme in OthelloI will have to begin this introduction by a praise to the play master himself William Shakespeare. At the startle of the play the writer portrays Othello as a precise indecisive man and unperturbed hard lined to his shortcomings. Later on, the character takes a paradigm gaolbreak and he is able to be adored by the a udience. This is make accomplishable by his selfless actions capped with eloquent enticing skills.Lago who is the villain is evidently attached to the main character, staying true to his malicious cause he leads to the unforgettable demise of Othello. How this two interact should be an eye opener for leaders to be cautious and very selective of the party they keep and how that company influences his thoughts and delivery when in and out of duty. At the onset of the play we power have a likable feeling to contendds Lago but when detailing on the triggers of his actions we will see that he was created to clearly manifest shortcomings of any leader and what happens to them if they pushed to the breaking point by wrong influences.Lagos treacherous act were operate by human desires he wanted Cassios post as a lieutenant and that was his reason for spreading the rumor to his boss that his wife was having a secret affair with his enemy. We must also marvel at how Lago draw the equat ion and fixed Brabantio in it as he knew how over often he detested the affair Othello had with Desdemona. The obvious nonion that Lago had was that Othello would kill his competition.In tune of notions and deeds, we see that Othello had compulsory thoughts and his dear friend and he regular defended when direct arose. Their relation only proves how any person can be insecure to deceit and self destruction. It is sad that Othello permit Lago control his thoughts and deeds. The sequence of the scenes and how Othello behaves in different surroundings also profiles him as a very alarming person.The scenes shift between being tense, romantic and spiteful, notwithstanding this we realize that protagonist behaves benevolently in most of them until the point he felt that he could take it no more thanks to Lago. When cruising through the scenes, we realize that Lago has evenhandedly become the rudimentary character as when he is not there, his touch is seen in how Othello behav es. The level of contact and communication between these two characters even surpasses how the protagonist relates to his own wife Desdemona.The underlying message here is that the theme of leadership is the one that is on emphasis. The post Othello holds in the society and his racial background also gives the dynamics how leadership selection and election should be. The cases presented to the senate show a leader should behave and how cases should be handled. I think the hold scenes were scripted to intentionally lean on the romantic theme so that the audience attention doesnt waver or as had said earlier so that the authorities couldnt smell malice in the writing.Materials and methodsThe materials used were the play OTHELLO written by William Shakespeare and the online articles that supported the analysis that leadership theme was central in the play in question. To get a clear view of the topic I had to keenly analyze the scenes in the play, notice the way how the protagonist and antagonist behaved in them.I also used psychology scholarly articles to justify if the characters actions came out naturally or if there was a modicum of restraint and moderation despite the outward triggers to behave wildly. I gave an economic touch to this research by stating if the traits portrayed were beneficial or injurious if possessed by leaders in organizations. Results obtainedThere was mixture of both toughened and good qualities when Othello was the man in question.Among the good traits he possessed that do an astounding leader and likable characters wereTaking responsibility, he prove this when Lago came to find fault with him about the vengeful search that Brabantio had launched on him. Brabantio had an obvious dislike for Othello as he thought that he had used charm and voodoo to woe Desdemona, we can say that Brabantio used this claim on our protagonist as he was not from a white descent.Despite the warning and imminent threat of destruction that the latte r faced, he stood firm to his ground as swore not to flee a matter which he fulfilled (pluckrose-2017). He was ready to face the consequences if need be because he believed that what he did was true. He showed respect to his foes and elders whenever he was addressing them, such a scenario were when he was presented to the senate to answer a case where Brabantio had accused him of charming his daughter.He praised the senators by referring to them as his very noble and approved masters. The word masters is emphasized cause it meant that despite his post, he still acknowledged that he fell under the laws of the land.He was a peace maker this was evident when an infuriated Brabantio approached him with his swordsmen. Instead of reacting in panic, disquietude or anger, he diffused the tension with a joke and proved he was a peace maker.It is evident that he had skills in war and he would have opted to use them in that moment if he was a selfish and ruthless leader. He opted not to becau se he knew there are civilized ways of solving matters.His composed and eloquent character made him stand out in all the scenes, the writer made it come in like he was the most learned person in the integral play. He maintains his composure When being presented at the senate for heinous claims and still achieves a rhyme when speaking, he says signormasters..daughterand her in one sentence.We see slightly senators showing admiration to the protagonist.Jealousy and gullibility are some of the negative traits that Othello exhibits. He lets Lagos words get into his and hood his judgment. He tends to lay so much trust in the antagonist that he doesnt bother verifying the legitimacy of the words a matter that culminated to his tragic demise.The jealous he feels for the rumored consanguinity between his wife and Cassio prove him emotionally weak, also a matter that leads to the tragic end of the play.He thought Self depreciation warranted him to depreciate Cassios abilities. He acknow ledged his own weaknesses and assumed that his love opponent that was a much lesser man than him. This is a very worrying trait for a business leader to posses as it doesnt lead to solving of a problem.He was overconfident in his doings and words. He used outrageous words to demean Cassio and filled his head with ideas that Cassio was lesser man hence could not compete with him in any way. It is by this assumptions that he starting plotting to kill his wife and her purported lover.He was emotionally weak. This trait was not evident at the beginning when he stayed to meet eye to eye with Brabantio but when he let Lago get into his head he lost his entire cool and behaved like an uncivilized moron by ending his own life.Discussion and conclusionFrom the supra results we notice that all men can be vulnerable to big(a) influence, if only Othello had kept Lago a little bit far from him they he would have maintained his reputation as a perfect leader. The positive traits that have elabor ated can help the managers in decision reservation and situation handling in the corporate world (stein-2005). A leader must learn to be responsible and accountable for his own actions when he feels that what he did was right.Even if he is wrong, he must judge himself raspingly as failure leads to experience. From Othellos descent we learn that race does not break ones traits, Othello was not a pure white man but he proved to be wiser and more composed than Lago. With inference from the original text and the examples I used, we reach a conclusion that leadership is truly the main theme in the play and that love is only used as style to attract the audience and capture its attention.ReferencesAn online article written by Helen Pluckrose on 19th January 2017Evolution psychology in the humanities Shakespeares Othellohttps// pedantic journal by M Stein written in 2005The Othello problem the inner c ontagion of leadershiphttps//

Extraction and Evaporation Recrystallization Essay

1. To the circumstancess of a simulated pharmaceutical preparation, Panacetin, and tell aparting the un cognise broker of the multifariousness with conveyion and separation methods.2. To learn how to purify by recrystallization, how to modify them and how to obtain a melt down accuse.PRECAUTION ACETANILIDE AND PHENACETIN be EYE AND SKIN IRRITANTS. Minimize give with your transcendental obscure.THEORYIn this experiment, Panacetin, a pharmaceutical preparation entrust be separated from its components by make use of their solubilities and pungent- paper properties. Panacetin contains aspirin, sucrose and an secret component that whitethorn be either phenylacetamide or phenacetin. Of the three components, only sucrose is water- non-water-soluble in the harmoniumic solvent methylene chloride (CH2Cl2 or methylene chloride). The indissoluble sucrose can be percolateed out if Panacetin is dissolved completely in methylene chloride by juicelessness filtration or cent rifugation leaving the soluble aspirin, acetanilid and phenacetin in the issue.Although the acetanilide and aspirin are both kinda insoluble in water at mode temperature, the sodium season of aspirin is very soluble in water merely insoluble in dichloromethane. Aspirin, which is a concentrated sultry can be reborn to the salt, sodium acetylsalicylate by ex bookletion with an sedimentary root of sodium hydrogen carbonate . This salt go away migrate from the dichloromethane degree, in which it is insoluble, to the aqueous grade, in which it is soluble. The un cognize component will stay behind in the solutionand can be insulate by evaporating the solvent from the dichloromethane solution. Adding HCl to the aqueous solution restores aspirin as an insoluble white substantialness.In the tierce experiment, the identity of the unknown component of Panacetin will be purified. Purification is infallible be instance the separation procedure whitethorn be imperfect leaving trac es of depleted quantities in the complicated after separation or chemic replys may occur prior to or during the separation adding new impurities. The unknown component can be purified by recrystallization, in which an im concentrated solid dissolves in a hot (usually boil) solvent thusly crystallizes from the simmer downed solution in a purer form.METHODS/PROCEDURESThis experiment was followed from the textbook on pages 52-53 for experiment 2 and 59-60 for experiment 3 excluding the microscale part. First, weigh almost 3.00 g of Panacetin and transfer it to a clean, dry cxxv ml Erlenm midsectionr flask. Add 50 ml of dichloromethane to the flask , resurrect the mixture with a stirring rod cell to break up all lumps. When it appears that no more of the solid will dissolve, filter the mixture by gravity. stash away the undissolved solid on the filter wallpaper and particularize it aside to dry. Once it has completely dried, reweigh the solid. This compound separated by gr avityfiltration is known as sucrose.Next, transfer the dribble to a separatory funnel and ex pamphlet it with two 30 ml portions of 5% sodium hydrogen carbonate . For each ex footpathion, use a stirring rod to stir the liquid layer until any fizzing subsides before a stopper is assd on the funnel and shaken. Dichloromethane will be on the bottom layer and will be drained to a different container. Transfer the dichloromethane layer back into the funnel for the second stock. The upper layer will be transferred in an Erlenm centrer flask and will be used for recuperation of acetanilide. compounding the two aqueous solutions in the same container and acidify easy with 6M HCL to bring it to a pH of 2. Cool the mixture to room temperature or below while swirling the flask occasionally in an ice bath. Collect the aspirin by vacuum cleaner filtration. Wash the aspirin on the filter with cold distilled water. Dry the sample exhaustively before weighing and pull up stakes it in the h ood for the contiguous lab schedule.Before proceeding to recrystallization, triturate the compound with 20 ml of hexane. Crush the solid with a stirring rod and filter. Recrystallize the unknown drug component from experiment 2 by boiling it with just enough water to dissolve it completely, then letting it cool to room temperature then to 0 C. In order to induce crystallization, it would be helpful to scratch the walls of the flask so that crystals would know a progress to attach to. Use vacuum filtration to isolate the sample then dry the product to a constant mass and weigh in a tared vial.Grind a small essence of the dry unknown component to a fine powder on a watch drinking glass using a spatula. Divide the solid into four equal portions. Combine portions 1 and 2. Mix portion 3 with an nigh equal amount of finely ground acetanilide and mix portion 4 with an approximately equal amount of finely ground phenacetin. Obtain the melt down header ranges of the purified unknown (portions 1 and 2), mixture with acetanilide and mixture with phenacetin. Each melt down intend should be measured on two samples- more than that if melting compass points are imprecise or accurate.Safety Issues (all of these are taken from acetanilid potential Acute pitchuate Hazardous in shell of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation. S blowsyly hazardous in case of flake contact(irritant).Potential Chronic Health set up Hazardous in case of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation. Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant).2. Phenacetin mettle and skin irritant3. DichloromethanePotential Health EffectsInhalationCauses uncomfor control boardness to respiratory tract. Has a strong narcotic effect with symptoms of mental confusion, light-headedness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and headache. Causes formation of carbon monoxide in blood which affects cardiovascular system and central nervous system. Continued pic may mak e change magnitude light-headedness, staggering, unconsciousness, and even death. Exposure may do work the symptoms of angina (chest pains) worse. Ingestionwhitethorn typeface passion of the gastrointestinal tract with vomiting. If vomiting turn outs in aspiration, chemical pneumonia could follow. Absorption through gastrointestinal tract may bring in symptoms of central nervous system depression ranging from light headedness to unconsciousness.Skin pertainCauses irritation, redness and pain. Pro yearned contact can cause burns. Liquid degreases the skin. may be mantled through skin.Eye meetingVapors can cause eye irritation. Contact can produce pain, inflammation andtemporal eye damage.Chronic ExposureCan cause headache, mental confusion, depression, liver effects, kidney effects, bronchitis, loss of appetite, nausea, lack of parallelism, and visual disturbances. Can cause dermatitis upon prolonged skin contact. Methylene chloride may cause cancer in humans. Aggravation of Pre-existing ConditionsPersons with pre-existing skin disorders, eye problems, impaired liver, kidney, respiratory or cardiovascular function may be more hypersensitised to the effects of this substance.4. AspirinEye ContactModerate Eye anger Signs/symptoms may hold redness, swelling, pain, tearing, and blurred or hazy vision. Skin ContactModerate Skin Irritation Signs/symptoms may include localized redness, swelling, itching, and dryness. May be absorbed through skin and cause target organ effects. InhalationNo health effects are expected.IngestionMay be harmful if swallowed.Gastrointestinal Irritation Signs/symptoms may include group AB pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. repeated ingestion may causeMay be absorbed following ingestion and cause target organ effects. place Organ EffectsProlonged or repeated exposure may causeAuditory Effects Signs/symptoms may include hearing impairment, balance dysfunction and ringing in the ears. Clotting Disorders Signs/symptoms may inc lude increase blood clotting time and internal bleeding (hemorrhage). Liver Effects Signs/symptoms may include loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, abdominal tenderness and jaundice. rudimentary Nervous System (CNS) Depression Signs/symptoms may include headache, dizziness, drowsiness, incoordination, nausea, slowed reaction time, thickheadedspeech, giddiness, and unconsciousness. Kidney Effects Signs/symptoms may include reduced or absent peeing production, increased serum creatinine, humble back pain, increased protein in urine, and increased blood urea nitrogen (BUN). Pulmonary Edema Signs/symptoms may include chest discomfort, shortness of breath, significant cough with frothy sputum production, racy colored skin (cyanosis), increased heart rate, respiratory failure and may be fatal. Single exposure may causeImmunological Effects Signs/symptoms may include alterations in the number of circulating immune cells, supersensitised skin and /or respiratory reaction, and changes in immune function.5. Sodium bicarbonateEMERGENCY OVERVIEWWarning May cause respiratory tract irritation. Causes eye and skin irritation. sucker Organs Blood, kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, skin.Potential Health EffectsEye Causes eye irritation.Skin Causes skin irritation. May be harmful if absorbed through the skin. Ingestion May be harmful if swallowed. Causes gastrointestinal tract irritation. Inhalation May cause respiratory tract irritation. May be harmful if inhaled. Chronic May cause liver and kidney damage. Adverse fruitful effects have been reported in animals. Laboratory experiments have resulted in mutagenic effects. Chronic exposure may cause blood effects.6. Hydrochloric iratePOTENTIAL HEALTH EFFECTSInhalation May cause irritation (possibly severe), chemical burns, and pulmonary edema.Skin contact May cause irritation (possibly severe) and chemical burns.Eye contact May cause irritation (possibly severe), chemical burns, eye damage, and blindness.Ingestion Not a likely route of exposure.Target Organs Effected Respiratory System, Skin, EyeChronic Effects Repeated or prolonged exposure to dilute solutions may result in dermatitis. Discoloration of the teeth may occur as a result of long term exposure.Interaction with Other Chemicals Which Enhance Toxicity no(prenominal) known Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure None knownOBSERVATIONS/RESULTSIn Experiment 2, the extraction of substances from one another is based on the differences in their physical and chemical properties. Approximately, 3.0029 g of panacetin was weighed and completely dissolved in 50 ml of dichloromethane and filtered. The residue was left to dry and weighed (sucrose). thus 30 ml of NaHCO3 was added to the filtrate. This solution was transferred into a separatory funnel. This formed two layers. crystallise layer was the organic layer (NaHCO3) described as a assoil liquid. Bottom layer was the aqueous layer and was yellow in color. The filtrate was washed twic e with NaHCO3. HCl was added to the aqueous solution until the pH equaled to 2.0. It was filtered through vacuum filtration and allowed to dry until the next weeks lab. This filtrate is known as aspirin. Meanwhile, the unknown in the organic layer was also allowed to settle for the next experiment.In experiment 3, before we went to do recrystallization, we first did trituration of the unknown by adding 20 ml of hexane. We crushed the solid and filtered. Even with the accompaniment of approximately 27 ml of boiling water into the compound, it started to dissolve. That was the first clue that we have acetanilide as our unknown. We went ahead and continue heating and swirling the solution all over a hot plate. There was the formation of brown oil-like globules. We were then asked to pullulate the clear liquid from this solution. This clear liquid was allowed to cool to room temperature then to 0 C. There was formation of white crystals at the edge of the beaker. by dint of vacuum f iltration, we were able to filter the product, weighed and used for melting point criterion of the unknown.The solid was divided into 4 equal split. First 2 parts were combined, 3rd part was manifold with acetanilide and the last part was mixed with phenacetin. by and by taking the melting points of all these 3 substances we were able to identify the unknown product to be acetanilide.No big issues encountered during this experiment. Transferring some products as well as the final crystals from watch glass and filter paper and leaving some products were crucial to get the most final product. This rationalizes why the percent recovery for the unknown was low. Some crystals fell off or didnt transfer to the filter paper. Even though the % recovery was comparatively low (88.4079%), this experiment still produced a 0.6898 g of product.DISCUSSION/ resultThis experiment was focused on two main objectives. First, the analysis of panacetin to expose out what percentages of sucrose, asp irin and the unknown component it contains. Second, to find out whether the unknown is acetanilide and phenacetin. A big part of the composition of panacetin was made up of the unknown. We were able to determine the composition of sucrose to be 17.95 %, Aspirin 26.93% and the unknown to be 55.12% After following the experiment procedures, we were able to purify through recrystallization the end product to be acetanilide. This is an odorless white crystalline solid substance which has a melting point of 114 C. Our experimental value for acetanilides melting point was 117 which indicates that the result had a very specialise range and close to the literature value. I would therefore conclude that we had isolated a close to pure product of acetanilide with little impurities present.1. a. let on any evidence that a chemical reaction occurred when you added 6 M HCl to the solution of sodium acetylsalicylateA chemical reaction took place upon the addition of 6M HCl to a solution of sodi um acetylsalicylate because a precipitate formed known as aspirin.b. Explain why the changes that you observed took place.The observed change took place as a result of the acid reacting with the salt forming a compound insoluble in water.2. Describe any explain the possible effect on your results of the following experimental errors or variations. In each case, mold the component (s) whose percentage(s) would be too high or too low.a. After adding dichloromethane to Panacetin, you didnt stir or shake the mixture long enoughImproper stirring or shaking of the mixture will result in incomplete dissolution of the panacetin mixture. There will be loss of some solid analytes during filtration. The recovered amounts will be lower than they should be leading to a final percentage to be low.b. During the NaHCO3 extraction you failed to mix the aqueous and organic layers thoroughly.If the aqueous and organic layers were not thoroughly mixed the acid would remain in the solution and the extr action would be less efficient resulting to a low percentage yield.c. You mistakenly extracted the dichloromethane solution with 5 % HCl ratherthan 5 % NaHCO3.If 5% HCl is used sort of of 5% NaHCO3 that would protonate the aspirin and keep it in the organic solution making the aspirin, acetylsalicyclic acid.d. Instead of using pH paper, you neutralized the sodium bicarbonate solution to pH 7 using litmus paperAt ph7 the bicarbonate wouldnt be able to act as a base and extract a proton because at pH of 7 it would protonate itself so it wouldnt be able to react with aspirin.5. Write a balanced reaction equations for the reactions involved a. When aspirin dissolves in aqueous NaHCO3C9H8O4 (aq) + NaHCO3 (aq) C9H7O4Na (aq) + CO2 + H2O timid acid weak base Strong ancestor Strong acidb. When Aspirin is precipitated from a sodium acetylsalicylate solution by HCLC9H7O4Na + HCl - C9H8O4 + NaCl Strong Base Strong acid Weak Acid Weak Base take for granted that both reactions are spontaneous under the standard conditions, label the stronger acid, stronger base, weaker acid and weaker base in each equation.Experiment 31. a. What is the minimum people of boiling water needed to dissolve 0.200 g of phenacetin?b. astir(predicate) how much phenacetin will remain dissolved when the water is cooledto room temperature?c. Calculate the maximum mass of solid (undissolved) phenacetin that can be recovered when the cooled solution is filtered.0.200 g-0.0125 g (amount soluble in cold water)= 0.1875 g2. An unknown compound X is one of the four compounds listed in table 3.2. A mixture of X with benzoic acid melts at 89 C, a mixture of X with phenyl succinate melts at 120 C and a mixture of X with m-aminophenol melts at 102 C. Give the identity of X and explain your reasoning.X is phenyl succinate.When a compound mixes with a different compound, the melting point of the mixture will be lower than the melting points of either of the pure compounds. Basing from the table, the melting point of pure benzoic acid is 121 C but when mixed to X, it went down to 89 C. Likewise with O-toluic acid and m-aminophenol. Since the melting point of mixture X with phenyl succinate has a melting point of 120 C, the melting point of pure X must be equal or closer to 121. Mixing X with phenyl succinate did not change the melting point thus X must be phenyl succinate.

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Euroland Foods SA Case Analysis

I. IntroductionEuroland Foods club was a publicly traded society since 1979. Theo Verdin founded the company in 1924 as a result in developing his dairy business. Euroland Foods union saw itself as a transnational producer. The four products were high-quality ice cream, yogurt, bottled water, and fruit juices. Each product accounted for 60%, 20%, 10%, and 10% of the companys revenue respectively. The companys headquarters was in Brussels, Belgium. Since the day the company was founded, it has experienced steadily knowledge.II. telescope of FirmThe board of directors of Euroland Foods Company had 12members. Three of them were the Verdin family, four of them were from the management, and the left five members came from outside. The combined Verdin family, the combined company executive, Venus plus Management, and Banque du Bruges et des Pays Bas were the four biggest stockholders. Each had 20%, 10%, 12%, and 9% of the companys shares outstanding respectively. Senior Management C ommittee was responsible for(p) for the capital budgeting and upholding it to the board of directors every year. Seven members, including five managing directors, matchless PDG, and one finance director, were on the committee.III. Statement of SituationEuroland Foods Company had two study problems comparing with its peers. One was the high debt-to-equity balance, another one was the low price-to-earnings ratio. The debt-to-equity ratio was 125%, which made the Banque du Bruges, Eurolands bank, could not keep silence. Banque du Bruges strongly pushed a debt reduction program to Euroland. No start could be financed if the leverage aim was beyond the accepted debt-to-equity ratio.The lower the price-to-earnings ratio, the lower the stock price was. In this case, the Eurolands stock price was lower than average of peers. At the current ratio 14, Eurolands market value was below its book value. Euroland Foods Company failed in the trying of revolutionary product introduction. I ts sales had been stopped since 1998. The creditor, Banque du Bruges, was lamentable about the Eurolands ability to pay its debt back. The one of the biggest stockholder, Venus asset Management, was worrying about cutting off the dividends.IV. Constraints on Solution cod to the high debt-to-equity ratio, the board of directors decided to limit capital spending to EUR long hundred gazillion. There were eleven projects on the table, and up to total EUR 316 million. There was estimated stripped acceptable IRR and maximum acceptable payback years. (Table 1)V. Possible SolutionsIn fix to increase the sales, Euroland Company has to choose projects wisely under the EUR 120 million budget limitation, minimum IRR limitation, and maximum payback period limitation. Net represent value, internal rate of return, and payback period are the main measures Euroland Company used to analyze each project. According to Exhibit 3, project 1 replacement and expansion of the truck fleet, project 2 a new plant, project 3 expansion of a plant, project 4 development and roll-out of snack foods, and project 5plant automation and conveyor systems are eliminated for the over maximum acceptable payback period.The left projects are all considerable. The special project in this case is the effluent-water treatment at four plants. Because it belongs to the safety or environments category, there is no measurement yet. Euroland Company could see it as a future expenditure, and if Leyden was right, we pot spend EUR 6 million today alternatively of EUR 15 million four year later. This project will save Euroland a lot in the future. (the saving amount equals to the net present value of EUR 15 million minus EUR 6 million) The project is passage to be mandatory four year later.VI. Recommended SolutionIf I was on the board of directors, I would approve project 11, Acquisition of a atomic number 82 schnapps brand and associated facilities, which is canvass as project 10 on the Exhibit 3 proj ect 7, Market expansion sec, which is analyzed as project 6 on the exhibit 3 and project 9, cultivation and introduction of new artificially sweetened yogurt and ice cream, which is analyzed as project 8 on the exhibit 3. The capital budget for the three projects are EUR 60 million, EUR 30 million, and EUR 27 million respectively, which ruin us the total EUR 117 million. We still have EUR 3 million can use, and I will propose to use it in the effluent-water treatment at four plants project.Although the project estimated cost is EUR 6 million, companies barely pay much(prenominal) a huge amount in one day. We can negociate with the seller to come up a requital plan in addition we need to make a deal which the first payment is not greater than EUR 3 million. Project 7 market expansions southward and project 8 market expansions eastward are similar, but I decided to approve project market expansions southward instead. Besides the higher(prenominal) net present value and internal of rate of return, the purchasing originator is stronger and competition is less intense.

Discuss how ICT has changed modern society Essay

Our modern day world becomes more(prenominal) and more modern every day, with new technologies and advances coming up. ICT come tos completely parts of our lives, and has had a massive impact to gild, the environment and its future.Information and Communication technology unresolved up a whole new industry in the written report sector, and that is clearly one of its many advantages. The ICT industry in Australia alone employs everyplace 541,000 professionals. Meaning over half a million people with veridical degrees in ICT related subjects. At least 500,000-1,000,000 be expected as amateurs who have worked in the industry before. Our reliance on ready reckoners and technology is the close that this number continues to increase. Although employment rates in ICT have stabilised from the booming it had over the past decade, it is still employing thousands of people annually. Increased employments rates in this sector allows a fast form of global communication and trade.ICT in like manner left a mark on the way in which society communicates. E-mails, instant messaging, video conferences are all new ways in which people communicate effectively every day. These in discharge, impact the economy. populate have a untold better standard of living as they dont have to pay for phone bills, plane tickets, or spend money on gas to visit their friends. Instead, this abide all be done within a few seconds with a computer costing less than a single plane ticket.Many schools general use the internet for interactive trips for their students. With the economy suffering in the USA, whitethorn schools have adopted using video websites such as YouTube to carry the students interested with the wall sockets of the world.It is only human to get a rush as soon as you sit down in front of a computer, same for kids. Students studying Applied ICT at AS and A2 level are haveing topics that were taught at degree levels only a decade ago. So ICT skills needed for the workf orce are actually taught earlier on in life now. Thats how vitally important they are.Nothing can be complete without mentioning global warming. ICT has reduced CO2 emissions from paper refineries worldwide, which in turn reduces the amount of global warming. Also, if you were to write on paper, you would need plenty of elucidate and paper to do so, instead, ICT gives you the light of the screen, and pixel paper. This can also put out to a decrease in global warming statistics that have been move ever since it was proven.No matter how flat you make a pancake, it willing still have two sides. So does the argument about the impact of ICT. Every upside comes with an equal downside, for example, even though ICT courses are offered to much younger ages now, that still doesnt disregard the fact that specialist equipment and inhabit are needed for these courses. Specialists for troubleshooting must be on call, and security can be one of the major issues, as people know theyre constant ly existenceness watched, and this may effect their strive to learn. For example if someone knows theyre being watched, they wont be so eager to learn anymore.Security issues and the feeling of always being watched and monitored can consequentially attempt panic attacks, and increase stress. Stress is the number one leading promoter for heart attacks worldwide.ICT is a package that comes with health risks. Some include exceedingly low frequency radiation ( caused by the lack of sun and being exposed to electricity for too long), Eyestrain (caused by poor ignition and a flickering screen, causes headaches, weak vision and pain), and Repetitive Strain scathe ( caused by repetition of the same movement , causes aching in blazon and shoulders, loss of strength). The wrong posture while using the computer is a theory for the increase in rates of Scoliosis.As jobs are being created by ICT, jobs are also lost as many mail service clerks and people are being replaced by machinery. Delicate and secure schooling can be easily duplicated without a trace. This raises the whole security of ICT issue IT crime, hacking, fraud, and tacking were one of the most important issues of our time at the stat of the millennium. In 2004, theleading cause of credit card fraud was from the internet, and unsecure websites that sold product such as books, electronics, and even furniture.

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Fixation and Fixatives

ALCIAN BLUE RATIONALE FOR USE Alcian amobarbital sodium is a water soluble, amphoteric copper phthalocyanine, which is most often use as a basic tinge. In general, alcian glooming has an affinity for sulfated and carboxylated groups of venereal disease mucopolysaccharides, but the specialised group demo is dependent on the blot solution pH. RECOMMENDED FIXATIVES 10% neutral buffered formalin and Bouins fixative. AVOID Chromate Fixatives mode OF ACTION (1, 2, 3) Alcian easy binds electrostatically with the acidic groups in the mucopolysaccharide molecule.The components to be demonstrated be intensely stained if the dyer solution is used at the specific pH at which the reactive groups are copiousy ionized. To achieve full ionization of the reactive groups, some alcian blue methods begin with a rinse of sections in the appropriate pH solution prior to dye with the dye solution. In general, strongly sulfated mucins react more consistently at humble pH levels. Above a pH of 1. 0 their reactions are variable. At a pH of 0. 2 only strongly sulfated mucosubstances will be demonstrated, while weak sulfated mucins stain well between a pH of 1. 0 2. 5, and often below 1. . Carboxylated mucins react with alcian blue at pH 2. 5. Alcian blue produces an intense greenish-blue or teal coloration. To ensure this colour is not lost during subsequent chemical and dye treatments, such as those put up in the Alcian Blue-Verhoeffs van Gieson procedure and Movats Pentachrome, alcian blue is converted to an insoluble pigment. By exposing alcian blue stained sections to a pre-heated 80C alkaline alcohol solution, alcian blue is converted to the insoluble pigment, monastral fast blue. hike up exposure of the sections to various decolorizers and dyes, fails to change the alcian blue intensity.QUALITY CONTROL AND CONTROL MATERIALS 1. captivate control tissue papers include colon and small intestine. If lung sections contain bronchi with mucous glands, are used as a con trol, the tech should be aware that gristle matrix will also stain at approximately pH 2. 5. 2. To avoid coloration of hyaluronic acid found in connective tissue matrix or amorphous ground substance, the tissue section hind end first be treated with a solution of testicular streptococcal hyaluronidase before staining with alcian blue. Testicular hyaluronidase requires only 2 hours of incubation versus 24 hours with streptococcal hyaluronidase. . Alcian blue powder solubility whitethorn decrease after storage of more than triad years, but heartfelt staining results have been reported with dye lots older than three years (4). 4. The dye solution pH is critical to ensure notification of specific chemical groups. pH 0. 2 -only strongly sulfated mucins demonstrated pH1. 0 -strongly and weakly sulfated mucins pH 2. 5 -carboxylated and weakly sulfated mucins 5. To ensure the quality of staining at the appropriate pH, the section may be rinsed in the root solution prior to staining in the dye, i. e. , rinsing in pH 2. , 3% aqueous acetic acid solution prior to placing the sections in the pH 2. 5 alcian blue solution, which is prepared by combining alcian blue dye powder in a 3% aqueous acetic acid solution. 6. Some procedures indicate it is important to avoid rinsing the stained slides in water after treatment in alcian blue dye. Blotting the slides dry after staining is recommended. 7. It is important to avoid celloidinization of tissue sections because alcian blue has a strong affinity for celloidin. 8. A white haze may come on on the keep going of the glass slide after staining with thermonuclear fast red and contact with the air.Moistening a kimwipe or facial tissue with saliva and rubbing the back of the glass will have the haze. keep this with cleaning of the glass using a kimwipe moistened with 100% ethanol to remove the saliva. 9. Cut paraffin sections at 4-6 microns. REFERENCES 1. Bancroft J. D. and Stevens A. Theory and Practice of Histological T echniques, second edition. Churchhill Livingstone, 1982. 2. Kiernan J. A. Histological and Histochemical Methods Theory and Practice, Pergamon Press, 1981. 3. Sheehan D. C. and Hrapchak B. B. Theory and Practice of Histotechnology, second edition, C.V. Mosby Co. , 1980. 4. Shrenk E. occupation from the biological Stain Commission-a newly certified dye-Alcian blue 8GX. Stain. Tech. 56(3), 129, 1981. ALCIAN BLUE pH 2. 5 SOLUTIONS a. 1% Alcian Blue Solution pH 2. 5 Alcian Blue 8GX (C. I. 74240)1gm 3% Glacial acetic acid100ml (3 ml. glacial acetic acid to 97 ml. distilled water) leave a crystal of thymol to prevent mold growth. The solution buttocks be filtered and reused. b. Nuclear Fast Red (Kernechtrot) Solution (pg. 19) PROCEDURES (1, 2) 1. Deparaffinize and hydrate slides to distilled water. (See Note 1) 2.Stain in alcian blue solution for 30 minutes. Filter solution back for reuse. (See Note 2) 3. Wash for 2 minutes in running criticize water. 4. wash away in distilled wa ter. 5. Counterstain in nuclear fast red for 3 to 5 minutes. Quickly transfer slides to distilled water. Filter solution back for reuse. 6. Rinse slides in distilled water. 7. Dehydrate, clear, and mount. If a cloudy haze appears on the side mean to quality control information, 8. COLOR RESULTS Carboxylated and weakly sulfated acid mucins light blue to medium greenish blue Nuclei-reddish pink.NOTE 1. After dance step 1, the slides may be placed in a pH 2. 5, 3% aqueous acetic solution for 1 minute, then proceed to step 2. 2. After step 2, the slides can be blotted dry, instead of rinsing in running rap water and distilled water. Continue the procedure with step 5. REFERENCES 1. Lev R. and Spicer S. S. Specific staining of sulfate groups, with Alcian blue at low pH. J. Histochem. Cytochem. , 12309, 1964. 2. Sheenhan D. C. and Hrapchak B. B. Theory and Practice of Histotechnology, 2nd edition. C. V. Mosby Co. , 1980

Babysitting for Sociology

Over the past seven years I put one over scratch to learn many different things al about myself and slightly children due to babysitting. I first started babysitting when I was a about eleven years of age. I started forth by watching my junior br differents when my p bents went out at night. That affected my biological rhythm (274). My body was apply to going to sleep around nine oclock since I was still young, but I had to force myself to duty tour up so I could watch over my brothers slice they slept. I sometimes shew myself staying up till about midnight Since I was so tired from staying up it seemed to beat an affect on my sleeping to a fault.It seemed corresponding I would switch more dreams that I could vividly remember the adjoining morning (280). The next couple of nights afterwards I babysat, it seemed like by body was on REM rebound due to the stages of REM sleep I would get off (276). Now that I am older I swallow train my body to be able to stay on the alert and not regain like I had sleep derivation the next day (280). During the continuation of training my body to stay awake late, I versed a few things the hard way. I first thought that if I drank a mountain of caffein I would be able to stay awake longer and easier.Well that thought nearly ruined me It wasnt soon after I started relying on caffeine that my body became tolerant to it, and it seemed like I couldnt go sleep without it or wake up without it (297) At first it seemed like I was going finished a breakup period (297). My body was craving the caffeine so problematicly that I felt sick without it. From that experience I have learned that doing homework or talking toing on the phone helps me stay awake while I am waiting on the childrens parents to get home. I am lucky that I have only suffered from addiction to caffeine and not drugs.A friend of mine became addicted to cocaine due to having to stay awake late for school. When she took that drug she said it made h er feel like she could stay awake for perpetually. To stay awake that is what a person involves to feel. cocain addiction is a fast track from euphoria to crash (301). done my many years of experience in babysitting I have learned that most children fall under the category of associative learning. associable learning is learning that certain events occur together (315). For example with most children after allthing they do there is some sort of consequence.Younger fools have a tendency to get into things that they shouldnt. Therefore, after they get into something that is off limits, they get in trouble. After watching kids fall under that category I also realized that many adults fall under it also. It seems like after e rattling action there is a consequence. Here are some examples of kids actions and the responses they get. When a kid eats or drinks, automatically they have to use make believe or poop afterwards. That is an example of unconditioned response (317). The subs tance the kid puts in their mouth is the unconditioned stimulus (317).A kid has to use the public toilet soon after they eat because they havent quite learned how to control their urges. That is why they sometimes also go the bathroom in their pants. I learned a lot about babysitting through observational learning. Observational learning is observing and intimating others (341). When I was younger and I was unable to baby sit, a close family friend used to come over and watch my brothers and I. I learned a lot of from her. I learned many games from her that I now play with the kids I baby-sit. That comes in handy when I raise to keep all of the kids occupied.Another thing that I learned from her that comes in handy when babysitting is patience. Patience plays a very(prenominal) big role. Kids repeat things over and over again, in other delivery they dont know when to quit. That turns into getting on my nerves a lot. I have learned not to let it bother me as much. I have taught m yself to take a deep breath when that happens and try to get the kids minds on something else. There are two different kinds of backing I use with the kids while I baby-sit. They are positive and ostracise reinforcer (329).I use positive reinforcement when the kids do something that is reliable. For example, if they clean off their plates after they eat and get everything ready for bed, I will cash in ones chips them a good night treat. If the kids do something bad or if they go against what I speciate them to do, I use negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement may be they do not get a good night treat, they have to go to bed a half an mo early, or I may even give a bad field of study to their parents. I only give a bad report to the parents if they didnt listen to me at all, or if they continued to back talk me.I find a lot that latent learning occurs a lot with the kids also (334). While I am baby-sitting I try to discover the kids something new every time. Sometimes they pick it right up other times it takes a while. For example, I try to teach the kids to always rain out their hands before and after they eat. I teach them by do a point to let them know what I am doing when I dull my hands. Soon after, I will catch one of the kids act to reach the facet to turn it on so they can wash their hands. When it comes to the kids storage, its not very long.It seems like to me that kids only remember things if they really want it. Other than that, they have short term memory. Short term memory is when you learn something but shortly afterwards you forget what it is (362). For example, when I am helping the kids clean up their room I try to tell them where stuff goes so that they can do it on their own. Well every time it comes to clean up time, they dont remember where anything goes. When ever the kids do remember what I have said or taught them, they are retrieving memories from storage. Storage is the heart of memory (361).through and through al l of my years of baby-sitting and experiences, I have learned many things about myself and about the kids I watch. I am now able to predict what certain kids are going to do or say at a certain time. I have gotten to know each of their personalities and became familiar with they things they like and the things they dont like. I am also familiar with the things they know and what things they do not know. Through everything the kids put me through and taught me, I have learned a very important thing about myself. I love working with kids and that is what I hope to do in life regardless of what field it is in.

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Quid E Azam as a Role Model for Emerging Leaders Essay

Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah the some revered leader of the Muslims of the Subcontinent was a manhood having inter alia a strong moral casing unmatched by any otherwise contemporary leader of those days. He is quoted as an modelling of impeccable integrity on which he never compromised. He is a role model for those who believe that in a Muslim land personal character of leadership is as important as other necessary inherent qualities of leadership which get radiated to inspire people at large.He took firm stand on principles, remained adamant in impertinence of unruly opponents and ported a strong sense of self-respect. Even with colonial master of the day he would neither put up with improper expression nor would tolerate a slight. It would who was an embodiment of qualities of head and heart. IQuaid-e-Azam al focusings fought with the British and the Hindus policy-makingly with corking courage and bravery. It was his courageous and bold leadership that made him a grea t leader. Quaid-e-Azam had a charming personality as his manners were polish and his appearance pleasing. His character was flawless. Nobody could point a finger towards his character. His character was worthy of praise. Strong He was a determined and resolute person.Quaid was a great human being. a great man and a great lea t is rather strange and beyond understanding that or so of the subsequent political leadership in Pakistan instead of looking at and emulating the most successful and adored personality of Mohammad Ali Jinnah . . Above all, he was an well(p) and honorable person. His personal qualities and his commitment to the cause of Pakistan had infused in him such a degree of confidence that he could converse with Mountbatten without fear and argue to cajole his case for creation of a new state. Comp are it with disposition of most of the political masters who followed him. We at international level have gain under pressure on account of alleged inability to do enough on terrorism. An impression has been created that we have become apologetic and are acting at the behest of foreign powers for economic gains but at the monetary value of self esteem.We must work our destiny in our own way and present to the world an economicsystem based on straightforward Islamic concept of equality of manhood and social justice. We will thereby be fulfilling our mission as Muslims and giving to humanity the message of heartsease which alone can save it and secure the welfare, happiness and prosperity of world Speech at the opening ceremony of State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi July 1, 1948In the end it is essential to describe Quaids reaction to a property that after creation of Pakistan, the newly born state had to pass through with(predicate) difficult times. Millions of refugees migrated to Pakistan from India and makeshift camps were set up to house them. There was a big camp set up at Walton Lahore. Having been subjected to worst atrocities by rioters refuge es were in miserable condition mentally and physically. On the other make there was an acute shortage of resources in the new state. Quaid-i-Azam came to Walton to meet with these stateless citizens of Pakistan. He felt disturbed and was deeply moved. He extolled their sacrifices but told them candidly that he had nothing to give to them.His proposition was that Let us locate to work hard jointly to solve all the problems and build a prosper Pakistan. He motivated and instilled hope in them. It is a point of record how all refugees were settled. This is the sort of politics we need. Learning from this leadership should cook people into confidence, show commitment and work sincerely for their betterment. It is only illuminating that Quaids sayings, speeches and actions are studied and disseminated to create a proper political and leadership culture worthy of a democratic welfare state. only if then we shall be able to guard our national sovereignty with note and pride and sh all be able to face the challenges of the new world order.

Advantages Of Unit Banking Essay

1. topical anesthetic Development whole of measurement avowing is topical anestheticized banking. The social unit bank has the specialised knowledge of the local problems and serves the requirements of the local people in a better manner than grow banking. The cash in hand of the locality atomic number 18 enforced for the local development and are non transferred to other areas 2.Promotes Regional poise downstairs unit banking system, there is no transfer of resources from uncouth and backswept areas to the big industrial commercial centres. This tends to reduce regional in balance. 3.Easy centeringThe management and supervision of a unit bank is much easier and more(prenominal) effective than that under(a) branch banking system. There are slight chances of dissembler and irregularities in the financial management of the unit banks. 4.Initiative in Banking BusinessUnit banks have full knowledge of and greater involvement in the local problems. They are in a office to take initiative to admit these problems through financial help.5.No Monopolistic TendenciesUnit banks are largely of shrimpy size. Thus, there is no possibility of generating monopolistic tendencies under unit banking system. 6.No uneconomical BranchesUnder unit banking system, weak and inefficient branches are automatically eliminated. No protection is exitd to such banks. 7.No diseconomies of Large Scale OperationsUnit banking is melt from the diseconomies and problems of large-scale operations which are generally experienced by the branch banks. 8.Easy Management and ControlUnder unit banking system, it becomes very easy for a single office to manage and control efficiently.9.Close Management and Workers RelationshipUnder unit banking system, there prevails a close and cordial relationship in the midst of employer and employees. 10.Quick DecisionThe owners or the management of unit banks can take ready decision and prompt action in times of emergencies. 11.Use of Local ResourcesLocal financial resources are used for local development. 12.Lesser Fraud and IrregularitiesDue to the less scattered affairs of the bank, there are very little possibilities of fraud and irregularities.Disadvantages Of Unit Banking1.No. Distribution of RisksUnder unit banking, the bank operations are highly localised. Therefore, there is little possibility of distribution and diversification of risks in various areas and industries. 2.In magnate to Face CrisisLimited resources of the unit banks also restrict their abilityto face financial crisis. These banks are not in a position to stand a sudden rush of withdrawals. 3.No Banking Development in disinclined AreasUnit banks, because of their limits resources, cannot break to open uneconomic banking business is petiteer towns and rural area. As such, these area remain unbanked. 4.Lack of SpecializationUnit banks, because of their small size, are not able to introduce, and get advantages of, division of labor and special ization. Such banks cannot afford to employ highly trained and specialized staff.5.Costly Remittance of FundsA unit bank has no branches at other place. As a result, it has to depend upon the correspondent banks for transfer of funds which is very expensive. 6.Disparity in involution RatesSince easy and cheap movement of does not exist under the unit banking system, interest rates vary considerably at varied places. 7.Local PressuresSince unit banks are highly localised in their business, local pressures and interferences generally disrupt their normal functioning. 8.Undesirable CompetitionUnit banks are independently make by different managements. This results in undesirable competition among different unit banks.9.Limited Size of OperationUnit bank business can not be operated on large scale because of its limited area. Being the small organisation, division of labour can not be applied. 10.No Economy of modestysUnder unit banking, bank can not transfer its funds to any other branch. So economy in cash reserve can not be secured under this system. 11.Limited Financial ResourcesA unit bank has limited financial resources so it is not able to provide full and adequate banking facilities to the industry and trade of the area. 12.Investment of Idle FundsA unit bank having no other branches, can not utilize its idle funds in profitable ways.

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Knowledge, skills and behaviours Essay

Many melodic phrase use the CIPD human resources profession make up as it sets out what HR practiti iodinrs pauperization to chouse, do and deliver at all stages of their c beer to be effective and successful. It sets a benchmark for HR excellence for the individual and the HR function. The map focuses on the goledge, activities and behaviors by underpinning the skills required to demote products and services for the profession and the individuals, and it sets out how HR adds the greatest sustained value to the government activity now and in the future. It provides you with the attendant to accelerate your own career and schoolmaster directment by offer an online self assessment tool called My HR Map. The map was devised from HR experts so it is a reliable source.The map is made up of different sections, foremost eight behaviours which are shown some the outside of the circle, these are decisive thinker, adept influencer, personally credible, collaborative, driven to deliver, courage to challenge, billet model and curious. This section describes the behaviours and HR master copy need to carry out there activities. Each behaviour is described at four flocks of original competence. These four bands which go up the side of the map describes the four bands of professional competence and the transition challenges set about when despicable from star band to the next, it is how their contribution and success is measured, band 1 being where you start at in a HR enjoyment and band four being a senior or counsel role.And then then there are ten professional regions interior the map which describes what activities you need to do and what you need to know for each playing area of the HR profession at four bands of professional competence. The ten professional areas are organisation design, organisation bugger offment, resourcing and talent planning, learning and talent development, writ of execution and reward, employee engagement, employee recountings, service delivery and information, and the final two are professional areas which are recognised as the two core areas, these are insights, strategies and solutions, and jumper lead HR.The two core professional areas of the map sit at the heart of the map and are applicable to all HR professionals regardless of their job role and stage of their career. Firstly looking at Insights, strategies andsolutions, this develops actionable insights and solutions, prioritised and tailored around a deep understanding of business, contextual and organisational understanding. The CIPD have produced tables for each of the professional areas describing the activities (what you need to do) and the knowledges (what you need to know) for each ane putting them in relation with the bands. The four bands of professional competence define the contribution that professionals make at every stage of the HR career.Looking at the activities in insights, strategies and solutions a first good wa rning is building a picture. In band matchless the employee demand to Use management information and role experience to develop an understanding of whats happening in the organisation and externally. Another compositors case of an employment is Developing actionable insight, in band one the employee needs to Develop insights about potential opportunities or risks for the organisation from experience. From the same activity an example of a band two would be to work with colleagues and managers to develop shared insights and priorities and activities. Building capacity and capability is another activity and an example from a band one would be that the employee has to provide high-fidelity and by the way information, data and advice to managers and employees on organisations human resources policy and procedures and employment laws.Then moving on to knowledges so this is what the employees need to know. Firstly looking at business knowledge band one is to know the vision and purp ose of the organisation and how this relates to your role. For contextual knowledge in band two the employee would need to know the sector context in which the organisation operates. In band one for organisational knowledge the employee needs to know the capability and skills that are needed inside the organisation. And finally HR professional knowledge a band one professional would need to know how to effectively organise their own work load and priorities. Leading HR is the other core professional area and this area provides active, insight-led leadership owning, shaping and driving themselves, others and activity in the organisation.Although not everyone leave have a role where they lead others, it is still important that they develop and grow in the other two dimensions. Looking at the activities for skipper leadership in band one the employee needs to seek feedback and coach to continually learn and develop as a professional by using HRprocesses as appropriate for own CPD ( e.g. through my HR Map). Another activity is leading others, in band one the professional needs to focus on delivering flawless process and relevant, timely and accurate advice and data to support HR operations plan. Looking at leading issues an example of an activity is delivering value and performance in HR groups, and example of a band two professional would be to seek feedback from team to identify areas of concern around HR reward and recognition share and make suggestions for improvement where appropriate.Now looking at the knowledges of what the professional needs to know in leading HR the first example is leadership, they need to know the differences in how people work and interact, that is a band one professional. Another band one knowledge is Resource management, the employee needs to know personal skills profiles and strengths and gaps against role requirements. Performance management is another knowledge and for band two the professional needs to know methods for manag ing and evaluating team performance. Finally financial management, in band one the professional needs to know methods for compile and analysing financial and non financial data.

Title : the Affects of Temperature on Enzymes Activity

Title the affects of temperature on enzymes activity 1. The Problem measuring rod and recording the focusion of carbohyd grade by enzyme amylase 2. Independent variable water vat temperature 3. certified variable the date taken for the carbohydrates to get digested by amylases 4. Controls the amounts of the carbohydrates and the enzymes in the answer 5. Quantitative measurement Time Temperature Enzymes concentration Substrate concentration Starches Indicators Catalysts In minutes Cloven /Celeste Per millimetre cube Per millimetre cube Per empty No catalyst 1.Materials 6 water bathes. analyze thermionic valves, tryout thermionic vacuum tube rack , amylase enzymes , carbohydrate form ( flower or ,potato), thermometers , indicator , continue measure ,protection (lab coat, goggles ) 2. Procedure * prepare 6 raise tubes with 10 cm of carbohydrate milk and misuse 5 cm of amylase enzymes in a cringe and add to test tube too indicator should be add and there is no catalyst in this experiments * Place the test tubes on the water baths Water baths should be with fixed temperatures from 10 ,20,30,40,50,60,70 * run the stop clock as soon as the test tube in the water bath * Keep an eye on the test tube till colour change is observed and the take the test tube out and tack time measurements * in any case every temperature measurements should be done individually that the other tests to eliminate error (no one bottomland be in 6 places at the same time ) * shake a table and record the time taken to the enzymes to work and digest the substrate at each temperature individually *Draw a chart Make your conclusion based on the ensues Hypothesis. the affect of temperatures on rate of typical enzyme controlled reaction up to about 40c the rate increases smoothly, also a 10 degree increase of the temperature accompanied by dear doubling in of the rate of the reaction this is the normal temperature rule of chemical substance reactions in general, ab ove this temperature the rate starts to fall off then spurn rapidly . above 60 degree the rate ceases or stop completely. . Explanation increase of reaction why? Increases in the temperature of a outline results from increases in the kinetic energy of the system. This has several effects on the rates of reactions, 1-the increase in temperature will increase the activation energy of a molecules there for it has more potential to react and change status Also the temperature will make the molecules move faster and as a result more collision will be possible per/minute . Enzymes activity stops why? Altogether and that is because of the heat changes the shape of the enzyme molecules preventing them from working ,this is called (denaturation ) in fact enzymes will denature and any temperature that is why they cannot be used over and over again ,however the higher the temperature the less time it takes for the denaturation to occurs . 5. danger assessmentHazard Risk How to avoid Wha t happens in case of accident Risk probability to occurs Heat from hot water bath Burning Handel with address strain medical ease Big risk Enzymes Biological hazards (irritant Handel with sort out equipment Wash under water tape Medium Glass equipment trauma or a glass cute Try to handel with care Seek medical help Big Thermometer In case it breaks contain hydrargyrum Handle with care Dont move it from the water bath unless by the lab specialist Seek eargent medical help in case of contact with mercury Big Electrical wire from water baths Electrocuted or starting a fire But it out of the charge not in contact with water Seek medical help Small Source Reference Was it useful Used for Advanced biota Michael Kent, 2004. Advanced Biology. Edition. Oxford University Press yes Background information Biology Principles and Processes M B V Roberts, 1993. Biology Principles and Processes Pb. Edition. Thomas Nelson. Yes Methods Web inwardness of temper ature on enzyme activity. 2012. Effect of temperature on enzyme activity. ONLINE Available at http//academic. brooklyn. cuny. edu/biology/bio4fv/page/enz_act. htm. Accessed 13 November 2012. Yes

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Gilgamesh and Antigone

I examined the function of graven images in two texts- Gilgamish and Antig champion and I felt that each text defines the intention of Gods in its own peculiar way. For Antigone, the manipulation of Gods is indirect this is shown in Antigones actions and beliefs as her character is ostensibly clear minded and always aw atomic number 18 not only that recognize the divine was the right stand to take in any situation, besides similarly how exactly to pay respect to them I know Im pleasing those I should please most (line 88).After realizing the fact that the dead body of her brother (Polyneices) would not be given operate rites, she went to her sister petition her for help in honoring the divine. When her sister declined her desire and warned her of the risks of such actions, Antigone was cool off in her decision believing that disrespecting the Gods was the real risk, saying The time in which I must please those that are dead/ is much seven-day than I must please those of this world (76-7). he Chorus talking to after Creon has more or less determined the fate of antigone With erudition had someone declared a word of distinction that evil seems keen to one whose mind the god leads to ruin, and but for the briefest mo handst of time is his liveliness prohibitedside of calamity. (619-24) Those hints by the chorus throughout the play lead us to another approach to understanding the role of gods in the it the Gods were in conquer of everything, resulting the events to unfold, and maybe to teach a moral lesson to the city and even to the listening as well.Events that support this interpretation include the arrival of Antigone at the mail service of her brother after the guards removed the dust on her brothers body, for example in these lines Suddenly a squall lifted out of the earth a storm of dust, a trouble in the sky. (417-9) We unappealing our eyes, enduring this plague sent by the gods. When at long last we were quit of it, why, then we mot to the girl. (422-4) The Epic of Gligmesh, however, introduces numerous Gods. The role of Gods in Gilgamish is more complicated and has its direct and indirect actions throughout the story.The indirect role of Gods in my opinion is shown when they instead of disciplining Gilgamesh for his unfair treatment of the young men and women of Uruk, they created a counterpart to distract him from his bold and unbearable behavior. The direct role of Gods in Gilgamesh is revealed during the debate about putting Enkidu into death and Enlil, the highest God, ends the talk that one of the two (Enkidu and Gilgamesh) must die for slaughtering Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven. That was a direct role for Gods in the epic of Gilgamesh I believe.Enlil has the power over the entire origination and the affairs of man. He is sometimes friendly towards mankind, but can also be cruel and send punishments to people. He was angry and humans had reasons to forethought objecting him he had in the past tries to destroy the human race. Another God introduced is Ishtar she was all at once the goddess of love, war and fertility. Her role was direct as she wanted to use the bull of heaven and wanted it to loose so she can watch him stab Gilgamesh to death because he rejected her . The Goddess Ishar saw him and fell in love with the beauty of Gilgamesh Be my lover, be my husband, she spoke and verbalise, plant your seed in the body of Ishtar Gilgamesh answered ad said I have nothing to give to her who lacks nothing at all. You are the door through which the cold gets in You are the house that go down the ill-made wall that buckles when time has gone by. (p. 29-30). The epic of Gilgamesh certainly has conglomerate roles of Gods in it, and their impact was more direct than Antigone.

Little Buddha

Little Buddha Little Buddha was a film perfect(a) Keanu Reeves ab push through a boy named Jesse who was thought to be the reincarnation of a Tibetan teacher named Lama DorJe. In the movie, Jesse is given a obtain by Lama Norbu that explains how Buddhism originated. Followers believe that it was started by Prince Siddhartha, who was played in the movie by Keanu Reeves. According to the book, on that point were many signs from the beginning that signalise Siddhartha was a special being. Siddhartha was born in the forrest and his m separate had him painlessly piece baseing up. When he was born, he was fully conscious.He could also fully stand and alk, where as regular babies cant do either. Whenever he would walk, lotus flower pedals would stream up from below his footsteps. He also spoke of Nirvana onward Nirvana was a thing. Siddhartha was born of royalty and he was protected from the instauration outside his palace. He got everything he wanted provided one daytime he hea rd a song that was about everything he didnt screw about the outside world. So one day he resolved to leave the palace and palpates out about tot wholey of the pain, suffering, and death there is taking place in the world and he discovers compassion.Siddhartha consequently moves out of the palace to try and find out more about the distant World. After days of being away from home, he finds a nation called the Ascetic Tribe. The Ascetic Tribe were large number who had reached Enlightenment but they were non Buddha. The Ascetic Tribe had very gruesome rituals they practiced. They would only eat dirt, bugs, leaves, and fruits and vegetables they could find. Siddhartha curtly became an Ascetic and was one for 10 years until he heard a passing musician tell his pupil, If you pull the string in addition tight, it breaks, but if its too loose, it wont play. this led Siddhartha to believe the Ascetic action was too extreme, and he decided to go to the river to bathe. While he wa s bathing, a elegant woman came up and offered him rice, and he took and ate the rice with the other Ascetics ceremony him. He was then banished from the Ascetic Tribe because he was disloyal to the religion. Siddhartha was promptly trying to find Enlightenment a different way. As Siddhartha was trying to find Enlightenment he meditated under a tree. The demon mara didnt want him to progress and so he tried to put out Siddhartha by making him want his Five Daughters.The Five Daughters Of Mara ar Pride, Fear, Desire, Ignorance and Greed. Siddhartha could non want any of these because if he id he would have to start the self-colored process of Enlightenment all over again. Mara tried to distract him with many images of discomforting things. For example, he had an army of soldiers light up flaming arrows and assign them at him, but all that happened was that the arrows turned into flower pedals and landed all around him. Another example of Maras distractions was a mirror image of himself talking about things he would want to desire but Siddhartha didnt listen and then Mara was overcome.Siddhartha then reached Enlightenment. At the end of the movie, it turns out that Jesse and two other kids were all the reincarnation ot Lama DorJe. Lama Norbu said that it was extremely exalted that a reincarnation can turn into three people, but he said it can happen, and in this case, it did happen. Lama Norbu said that when three people are a reincarnation, one person is Mind, another is Body, and the last is Spirit. character 2 Colors In the first paragraph of this essay, I explained that the movie Little Buddha is about. boy named Jesse who was thought to be the reincarnation of a Tibetan teacher named Lama DorJe. Jesse lives in Seattle and we meet him when the Tibetan monks go to his house. Jesses family life is going downhill because his Dad has basically Just lost his Job, is Dads mavin Just died, and they are about to lose their house. This is maybe why it is eternally portrayed as being gray and gloomy outside all the time, because they were trying to express his familys feelings. Also, everybody was unendingly dressed in dark and dirty modify such as black, dark blue, etc.In contrast, whenever you saw Siddhartha, he endlessly had a sunny, golden, and bright setting around him. For example, when you first see him, when he is being born, that is when the setting was the brightest. Also, almost everybody was dressed in bright colorize such as red, gold, and silver. This shows that Siddhartha is the erson who is going to be the person who is going to find the Buddha or the learn One Or maybe since he was the Enlightened One, they try to deliberately put more light on Siddhartha always when we see him.However, during the period of time when Siddhartha is looking for Enlightenment, the light is a minor bit darker than when he finds Enlightenment. But during the time he was trying to find Enlightenment with the Ascetics the colors w ere brown and gray, so in a way, that showed us that was not the right path to take. Then when he is tempted by Mara, the colors change to dark blue, gray, and black so we know that Mara is a bad omen. But then once Siddhartha conquers Mara, he reaches Enlightenment, and the colors are golden again.

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Interior design history Essay

The late Dorothy Draper who lived for eighty years was born to the family of Tuckenman in 1889 and died in 1969. She got married to Dr. George Draper in 1912. The family was blessed with kids. Dorothy Draper received no statuesque primary education. Far back in the middle 60s, Dorothy was credited as an excellent fo under(a) of home(a) aspiration. She was a well respected designer. She apply exceptional traditional materials and styles in designing.In the year 1939, Dorothy, drove by the passion to inspire the world around with the importance and practice of designing, she was an power of many designing set asides, one laying emphasis to how fun is generated from designing. The book subtit take How to Be Your Own Decorator received wide attentions in the modern font kit and boodle of interior design. Of the Designer Dorothy, the absence of formal education was non a barrier to the vision of exploring the diverse corrections of art. She was inspired by the privileged endowme nt of pleasant natural environment she lived.A nonional task of translating an abstract become into visible objects for the relish of viewers. Secondly, the reckoning gage into the designing world was not unconnected to her numerous travelling experience around the cities of Europe. The breakthrough came shortly after her wedding to Dr George Draper when she painstakingly took up the task of decorating their home to taste. The beautiful home received steadfast attentions from their visitors and led to the publicity of her great ability. The Works of Dorothy DraperSequel to publicity of her home interior decoration, she was consulting for an architectural company (Owned by Franck L. Wright) who hired her on partnership. She was employed to do a gigantic 37 floors Hamphire House, a hotel in Manhatten she had in diachronic records decorated cars for Packard Company. For Convair airplane manufacturing company, she also made her contribution therein. She was a vary interior design er of places like clubs, restaurants, hotels, institutions such as hospitals before her expiry thirty-nine years ago.Though much of her works were not surviving to the modern age, they were however, serving the foundation upon which modern tips were consulted for design finishing. Some of her works are in the monument of Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York metropolis, U. S. A (created by Donald Albrecht). Howard Johnson restaurants all over reflects the commissioning of Dorothy Draper as a colouring specialist, this is an important aspect in the act of designing/decoration. Recently, starting slightly two years ago till now the works of Dorothy is under parade.Pictures showing two of her best works exhibited in New York City Museum included that of the Arrowhead Spring Resorts and the Green Brier Hotel. In December 06 to June 07, the exhibition at a Museum in Dallas also displayed a snapshot of her chore in the Stoneliegh Hotel. Dorothy and the History of Design Dorothy Dr aper, a founder of interior design, put down an exemplary dealings that any upbringing designer in the field of interior decoration cannot bye pass. A number of books she authored presently announce volume of her passionate contribution to the modern survival of design.It takes a imaginative mind to imagine. It takes a brilliant mind to extract the imagination into the truthfulness and express good radiant to every beholder. In addition to her books is How to be a popular Hostess. This book emphasizes the fun embedded in the business of entertaining with designs (Varney, 1988, pp235-37). In conclusion, among women of substance all over the world, not reckoning with Dorothy Drapers contribution in art industry is an unpardonable omission. References Varvey, Carleton.The Draper Touch the High Life and High Style of Dorothy Draper, New York learner Hall Inc. , 1988 (ISBN 0-13-219080-X) Jeanette J. Fisher, 2006. Interior Design Psychology, History of Interior Design for sale at h ttp//www. jeanettefisher. com/dorothy_draper. htm Drapers High Style, The Museum of the City of New York Remembers the Legendary Decorator, Aavailable at http//www. architecturaldigest. com/architects/legends/archive/draper_article_052006 http//www. google. com. gh/search? hl=en&q=Dorothy+Draper%2C+works+in+design+history&btnG=Google+Search

The Importance of Benchmarking in Strategic Management

The Fortunes list of carbon outstrip companies to work for is a source of prestige to companies that ar nominated by their employees as the best companies to work for. The Container introduce which is a Dallas-based sell store emerged number 32 in the recently released 2009 Fortune list. superstar department to reckon with at Container Store is the serviceman election caution which earned the company a position in the Fortune light speed best companies to work for in America. But just what is Container Stores approach to gay resource centering?This paper seeks to answer this question and offers conclusions ab come to the fore the human resource management approach used by the company. Analysis Container Store makes use of a flexible human resource structure. Their rules on employees are simple and flexible and the concept of a rulebook or manual for employees is non their way of managing people (Laabs, 2001). The company is interested in peoples ability to be straight f orward and eager to counter different situations with flexibility and creativity.Unlike in the traditional HR system, Container Store makes use of managers and supervisors to promote motivation and go forth retention since they are more closer to the employees (Laabs, 2001). There is great interaction between employees and managers in order to create freedom of expression. Even the founders sleep and Garret still frequent the store to interact with employees and help them out (Container Store, 2009).The companys employee development philosophy focuses on employees talents and not titles letting employees make the best use of their abilities to benefit themselves and the company. Container Store puts great value on employees describing them as the greatest assets in the organization. Motivation and an enthusiastic environment are the factors that utilize its employees the desire to stay with the company for years (Container Store, 2009). Career development and training ensure w ell qualified staff for the company which is very sharp on customer care.For motivation, great benefits for their employees including exceptional training, job security and fascinating pay package are provided. A 40% discount on the companys merchandise, 401(k) retirement benefits, medical and dental plans for employees both full-time and part-time provide even more benefits for the employees (Container Store, 2009). From the above analysis, we can conclude that the human resource management at Container Store is employee oriented. It allows flexibility and is democratic in nature.More so it values success and the management recognizes that the employees are key to achieving this. Container Store is too keen on its employees welfare and health. This human body of management style brings in positive outcomes in a company since the employees will often olfactory sensation as contributors to the headache growth. According to the vice president of operations, Beth Barret, flexibili ty gives employees a chance to participate in company decision making (Laabs, 2001).This gives a sense of responsibility and is better off than using autocratic kind of management system. Allowing employees to be flexible rather than follow a accredited set of laws is a motivating factor and plays a big authority in defining productivity of employees. Container Stores dedication to employee motivation is a obedient quality in the human resource management which is aimed at encouraging employee commitment to the company. Employee benefits are a good way of not however retaining employees but also motivation which promotes productivity. ConclusionFlexibility and staff involvement in the business activities are emphasized as the key contributors of Container Stores success. The qualities of the human resource management approach used by Container Store gives a justification for why the employees nominated it as the best company to work with. Word sum up 606 References Container S tore (2009). Careers for Great People. Retrieved on April 27, 2009 from www. containerstore. com Laabs, J. K. (2001). Thinking Outside the Box at The Container Store Human Resource Management Awards. Workforce, March Issue.

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Oxford Brookes University Bsc in Applied Accounting

I result intention this accounting physical composition oopportunity to practice and practically implement my encyclopedism in evaluating headache and pecuniary exploit of a business organization which sp fills its activities from angiotensin-converting enzyme continent to another. 1. 3 Reasons behind choosing X&Y For me and for my familys fit come forward needs I shew X&Y as a better place to buy as it sells better and fashionable cloths at lower startlay. But, this is not what attracted my attention. I got interested on X&Y because in this time of recession and money crisis while all spicy street giants struggling to survive I found X&Y continuing to open rising gillyflowers in different locations in all(prenominal) few months.Not only that, Inter cross out ranked in their latest 2009 subject field card X&Y as the worlds 2X no. brand with 11% increasing brand value from last social class to 15,375m USD. Last year X&Y was ranked look 2X. X&Y is in the top posit ion as a lavishly street array brand. It seems X&Y is becoming more popular hence mearns greater market. 1. 3. 1 X&Y annals Present is the result of history I always enjoy it so decided to look back offbone where e precisething really begun. A former Swedish salesman, named Exxx Pxxxx, discovered an amazing uniform retail concept during his trip to the United States.He noticed high overthrow can be achieved by lowering the sales determine. After came back home in 1947, he opened a store all for womens habit in Vxxx, Sxxx. He named the store X. Swedish for hxxx. In 1968 Exxx Pxxxx brought mens concept in his retail store and changed its name to X&Y. He continued to add new concepts like garments for children, young people, trendy people and sportive people. To fire growth in home and abroad, X&Y went public with a listing in Sxxxx Stock Exchange in 1974.X&Y started its business development concept fashion at low price provided later developed to fashion and quality at b est price The Pxxxx family still 4 holding the largest share of the company stock, leaving chink securely in the familys hands. 1. 3. 2 XY at expose day Before you can really start setting pecuniary goals, you need to determine where you stand financially. Bach, David XY is a quick growing business. Every year it is expending its market, i. e. stores, steadily. According to XY annual report 2008 by the end of financial year 2008 XY assemblage had 1,738 stores globally.In the year 2008 XY opened 216 stores cosmopolitan and entered in five new different markets (Japan, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia). In 2009 XY Group planning to open 225 new stores. Though XY brinyly provide clothing at competitive price but they in like manner energise PST range which offers exclusive and expensive clothing collection. Around 73,000 employees helping XY to run and grow. Source XY Group Annual Report 2008 1. 3. 3 Business to analyze I was thinking around which organization I shall c hoose to compare.I browsed through and through websites of top clothing retailers e. g. Primark, Gap, Topshop, and Zara. 5 Then I found Inditex Group (owner of Zara) as the most appropriate business for relation with XY Group as, in terms of revenue, Inditex is the top largest clothing retailer in the Europe and XY is the second. Though clothing ranges of Inditex mainly includes high priced items unlike XYs main ranges but both of them highly expended their operation beyond their originate country. Inditex have 4,430 stores in 73 countries while for XY the number is 1,738 in 34 countries.Inditex Group includes fashion brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho and Uterque. Zara is the most popular brand among others of Inditex Group. Interbrand, in their year 2009 report, ranked Zara in no. 50 check to brand value (6,789m USD) while XY ranked number 2X with 15,375m USD brand value. 1. 4 Aims and objectives The aim of this research and analysis project is to chip in an evaluation of the business and financial performance of XY Group based on financial reports, comments and projections made by board members and using the views of other stakeholders.My project volition evaluate the financial performance of XY over financial year-ending 2006 to 2008 and assess its future prospect. Economic decisions taken by stakeholders are highly dependent on the financial performance of the relevant company. Now-a-days stakeholders are getting more and more interested on managements performance and internal control. Managements king in taking effective long-term decisions is very important as taking efficient short-term decisions. Shareholders are concerned about short-term return e. g. ividend and share price but they are also very concerned about managements plan on future growth, expansion, roadmap on how to hatful with expected or not-expected adverse conditions. I will use discordant rations e. g. profitability ratios, efficiency ratios , investment rations during my report writing process. In addition, I will do SWOT analysis, as it is a key 6 instrumental framework to assess the overall business position, to identify the strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for XY. 2. INFORMATION As this report is the first of its kind I am doing so I had to start from the very beginning.I had to understand what type of report I was going to do, what type of format I shall use, how can I gather info and how can I use those in writing this report and on above all of these where will I take note relevant information. I discussed about the report writing techniques I shall use and information writer I shall use with my senior and fellow sstudents who already wrote this type of report for their university degree. I attended an introductory meeting in where Mr pointed out possible sources of information.I browsed through websites of XY and Inditex. I downloaded and printed out the annual report of last three years. I a lso read through the Chairmans report and CEOs report to understand business and financial performance from their point of view. I also read through newspaper reports on XY and Inditex. I utilize Google search engine and Yahoo Finance to find out news related to these two businesses. 2. 1 Source of information I divided my source of information in two groups primary source and secondary source.As far as this business and financial performance report concern I really not necessarily had to collect information through primary source. More importantly, the secondary source of information was so sthrong that it made using primary source insignificant. The main sources I used during preparation of this report are as follows 7 Published financial statements of XY Group and Inditex Group (Year ending 2006, 2007, 2008) I found financial statements as the main source of information as this gives us the financial knowledge of the both companies and very relevant to my chosen event area.But, more importantly financial statements are audited by independent auditors and provides high level of assurance and great deal of reliability. Chairman, CEO and Directors statements These statements gives information which highlights business performance, i. e. specific areas where the business done well or areas where business is finding difficulties. These statements also give future strategies and plans business willing to and going to feign and implement. These statements also ensure stakeholders on business plan on how they will adopt or eliminate expected or unexpected risks.

The Insider Essay

The Insider Ethics in the with child(p) Society Jeong Pyo Son 09/17/2012 Business Ethics Johns Hopkins University The Insider Es word The Insider is a great example of the whistle blowing puzzle and way for us to question right versus right ethics. I would like to analyze the essay snap on the two main cases and how they prepare their lasts when they argon standing at their turning points. The main two characters are Jeffrey Wigand who is the whistle blower of brownness Williamson Corporation, and Rowell Bergman, who is a TV producer of the show 60 Minutes, who sets up an reference with Wigand, in the dissipate.In the movie, I think both characters are facing shaping snatchs. For Jeffrey, one right is consistent with his role as an honorable scientist who knows the muff his gild is involved with and the other is in his role as an termination shufflingr member in his company who is obliged to withhold confidentiality. His actions could clash a large number of s pr evailholders. Blowing the whistle could have a serious impact on the companys brand image. It would also affect competing companies since the problem involves the entire tobacco industry.Bergman is also frustrated because he is supposed to come across the interview to the universal as a producer but at the same time he is opposed by CBS, for the interview poses a high potential financial risk for the company. If CBS airs the film it could be liable for tortuous interference and be sued by dark-brown and Williamson. at last Wigand and Bergman both decide to become whistle blowers. So what factors would have made them make these lasts? The most rough factor for Jeffrey make his decision is in all probability choosing between his personal/ passkey rights and duties.Personally he has a family to sustain. He has a mortgage to pay-off and has a sick daughter who needs expensive aesculapian treatments. It was affordable for him to solve these problems while he was still work for Brown Williamson. He knows that by choosing to side with the press, revealing the dirty truth intimately his firm, his familys safety would be put at stake. This is one of the study reasons why whistle blowing is particularly difficult for him. If he were alone, he would in force(p) have to worry about himself, but in this case he has to take responsible of his family.According to Sissela Bok(1980), although one is expected to show more verity to ones country and for the public rather than other individuals or organizations, population are still afraid of losing their careers and the capability to support households. Emotionally, people want to dissent over wrongdoings, but they cannot do it rationally. It was as difficult for Bergman as Wigand to make his decision, but he lone whatever(prenominal) had his career at risk. His personal and professional set are centered on being an honest, straight precedent journalist.These prys conflict with his duties as an employee worki ng for CBS, which force face a huge honor suit if it airs the interview with Wigand that he has arranged. His whistle blowing was easier because he cling tod his career and his virtuous character more highly than his responsibilities to CBS, and he saw his character being finished in front of him by his company. People hold diverse set and reason about them in different ways. How did Wigand and Bergman think in philosophic terms we have learned in class?From a functional perspective, Wigand basically made the right choice. In the Utilitarian way of thinking, he needed to make decisions that could maximize the satisfaction, or happiness, or benefits for the largest number of stakeholders. (Hartman & DesJardins, 2011). In that case, his actions could be regarded as a success since he let the public know the truth and the benefit to the public would be greater than that to the company if he were not to disclose the inside information. It is the same for Bergman in do his decis ion.Insisting on airing the interview might cause trouble for CBS, and sure would damage the reputation of Brown and Williamson and the tobacco industry but along with Wigand he chose to reveal the truth to the world. Does the deontological way of thinking apply to Wigands decision? Deontology is a matter of prescript. Legally thinking, Wigand broke the law for not keeping the confidentiality of his company. Even if the information he held was lethal to the public, a law is still a law and it is a principle promised in the society. It is mentioned n the textbook that the Deontological way of thinking creates duties for the person to follow. (Hartman & DesJardins, 2011) But Wigand not only has a duty as an executive who is banned from opening his lip he also has a duty as a come and as a scientist. His role in his family as a arrest is to maintain a secure household. Facing the company would leave his family in danger. in any case his duty and principle as a scientist collides with his role as an employee in his company. It was one of the reasons he got fired from his company too.In this Deontological way of thinking, Bergman did not really have to have inner conflicts as Wigand because he did not break any important ethical principles. Although, he would have felt up guilty for leaking information to another press, he still maintained his principle as a journalist to publish the facts out in the public. Also he did not have major damages for his family too. His wife is working in the same industry and would have understood him for his decisions. So did Wigand value his personal integrity more than his family and loyalty to his company?Can we say he is a severe person and made the right decision? According to Kidder(1995), kind people make tough decisions too. Although their values are clearly defined, it is difficult for people to find the right thing to do. there is a good example introduced in the article of Kidder. A coach-and-four is taking charg e of a broadcasting filming scene interpreted at his company parking lot. After the film shooting was over, the film director tried to credit the tutor for helping them borrow the location. The manager now is facing a decision making situation whether he should receive credits on behalf of the company or not.Kidder(1995) said, For him, it was hardly that simplistic because of his core values of honesty, integrity, and fairness, and his desire to avoid even the appearance of evil. all in all, he felt that there was some right on both sides, which it was right for him to be compensated. This explains that even when someone has a potent self integrated value it is still tough for him or her to make ethical decisions. This also applies to Wigand and Bergman. Joseph Bardaracco(1997) made a term Defining Moments to garnish the choice of right-versus-right problem. There are 3 characteristics of Defining Moments which are Reveal, Test, and Shape.Bardaracco(1997) said, Right-versus-rig ht decision can reveal a managers basic values and, in some cases, those of an organization. At the same time, the decision tests the strength of the commitments that a person or an organization has made. Finally, the decision casts a shadow forward and shapes the character of the person or the organization. So how did Wigand and Bergman decide their defining moments for the decision? Wigand was a person of honesty however he was forced to keep the secret from his company. His family wanted to keep the secret and live safely.But after he and his family got threatened by Brown and Williamson, he decides to step out to the public. He vox populi Bergman and the press were on his side, so he got his courage to take action. This was Wigands defining moment and after it was finished, he needed some time to shape himself because his whole family had left him. After the defining moment passed, Wigand became a truthful and honest scientist as he wished to be from the beginning. In case of Bergman, we could say that he already shaped his character relating this place since the beginning of the movie. He was a professional journalist with integrated value of honesty.Unlike Wigand, he did not have much inner conflicts about making his decision. He argued with the CBS board members and revealed the interview to other presses and he was not as serious as Wigand making his decision. His priority was airing the interview and he had to make it happen as an honest journalist. In conclusion, I was very(prenominal) interested to deal about this subject with this movie because I was braggart(a) in a family associated with the press. Both of my parents are journalists and I have seen them discuss about this subject once in a while. I thought that I should ask them when their defining moments were next time I converge them.It also made me think when my defining moments were and how they shaped my character. As Pinker(2008) questioned in his article about the Universal Moralit y, everyones moral value is different after our stirrings of morality emerge early in childhood. We all make decisions in our own life with our principle and value that has been shaped by defining moments. It is time for me to think what my true values are in my life. References Badaracco, J. (1997) Defining moments, when managers must choose between right and right. (pp. 5-24). Harvard Business Press. Bok, S. (1980). Whistleblowing and professional responsibility.In Donaldson, T. , & Werhane, P. H. (2008). Ethical issues in business, a philosophical approach. (8 ed. , p. 128,131). New Jersey apprentice Hall. Hartman, L. P. , & DesJardins, J. (2011). Business ethics Decision making for personal integrity and amicable responsibility. (2 ed. , pp. 109-110). New York, NY McGraw-Hll. Kidder, R. (1995). How good people make tough choices. (1st ed. , pp. 24-25). New York, NY Fireside. Kidder, R. (1995). 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