Monday, February 11, 2019

The Theme of Love in Poetry :: Love Poems Poets Poetry Essays

The Theme of Love in PoetryFor this search I am going to read and analyse three poems on the themeof live Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti, Goodbye by AnnaLanducci, and The program library of Love by John Citizen. The three poemsare set in different times and show the difference of attitude of love surrounded by time periods. In Victorian time the topic of love was realprivate and was not shown in public. Todays society is totallydifferent where community will show their love to one an some other anywhereand freely talk about it to their friends. Although love in societyhas changed, love has constantly been discussed in arts such as literatureand poems emphasising how important love is to mankind.Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti.This poem is the oldest of the three being discussed. It was writein 1862. The poem is about a poor cottage maiden who was in love withthe local nobleman, became pregnant to him but was cast aside when hemarried her cousin Kate instead. Her love for the Lord was full of joyat first but when he rejected her all sorts of emotions were released.Hurt, anger, jealousy, regret, shame, and finally experience are allexpressed in this poem. The whole poem is pen as a reflection ofthe girls life. Love changed her life completely. As it was writtenin 1862 it had more of an effect on her life than if the same involvementhappened today. She would have been sneered upon for having had sexoutside marriage and been sure that no other man would marry her.The girl in the poem sees how she was influenced by the Lords power.She sawing machine him as a very special man as in, wherefore did a Great Lord find meout? The word striking suggests she saw him as a superior person. Ifhe were a common person without the Lords wealth and power I think thecircumstances would have been different.As the poem goes on it shows that she had become aware of the factthat the Lord took utility of her. This can be shown in, He luredme to his palace home. The verb lured suggests she was led into a narrow like an animal and palace home indicates the seduction ofwealth again. The hold of alliteration and repetition in the text, Tolead a shameless, shameful life, emphasises that the Lord gets awaywith a lot because of his sex, wealth and power.The girl realises her mistakes. She realises that the Lord was andusing her and had no permanent relationship on his mind.

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