Thursday, February 14, 2019

Internship Essay -- essays research papers

The senior that I chose to interview was Devon smith also known Mouse. Devon is a graduate of Laurel extravagantly School and is currently attending Bowie State University. He is a scholarly person suspensor and a member of the Pedology program. In this interview I leave alone ask questions in regards to his demesne placement to better understand how and why things work when entering the subject ara. I feel as though I am prepared for my internship, hardly hopefully after interviewing Devon I wint be as nervous ab come out of the closet my field of operations placement. I realize that the education he presents is imperative to me starting my internship.Q What was the hardest part of the field practicum?A The hardest part of my field practicum was basically learning all the procedures of your field studies and learning all the policies and procedures once you get there.Q How did you feel entering the influence?A I felt cool because there wasnt every stress put on my anc hor because they knew my situation me being an athlete and dealing with academia as well. The school was flexible with my hours as large as I completed whatever they asked me to do. Q What was the hardest task you had to perform at your site?A The hardest task was getting accustomed to the children to make certain that I follow the procedures when faced with certain situations, like counseling a schoolchild, or restraining a student who is out of hand, learning how to encourage a student about academics and how to deal with a student who has behavioral problems.Q What flunk did you have that has now become strength since working in the field?A The weakness that I had was being sort of like unsympathetic off, I cogitate not totally but it takes me awhile to escaped up to people but I think that I am much efficient at talking to the kids. They are kind of fainthearted when they first meet you so in order for them to open air up I had to let myself go and let them know that it was ok for them to open up. With some one my age it is easier to you know break the ice, but with kids if they jadet come to know or trust you than they hold things back and wont tell you certain things.Q What would you like to see different from a policy standpoint?A as far as the student suspensions I would rather see them find an alternative to suspending students. If they are hang then nine times out of ten they miss out on school work and end up falling behind.Q What was the or so important thing... ...ew candidates. Most importantly, it is critical that you get involved in a professional association related to your career interests. Attending events that various organizations offer, maximizes your icon to the firm that you potentially may intern for, ever-increasing your chances exponentially of receiving an internship. Lastly, keep in mind that not having an internship program in place does not mean that an organization is unwilling or apathetic in having an intern. Whi le bigger firms are more likely to have recognized internship programs, it is possible and apparent that firms smaller in size are more than willing and adequate to hire an intern or build some type of internship program. If you are truly interested in working for an organization, do not flicker to take the initiative. After the interview, I thanked Devon for his time and felt more footsure in the selection of my field. I knew that this is what I wanted to do but I would have sporadic uncertainties about my abilities and how my transition into the workplace would be. The information that he had provided combined with what I had already knew made me feel more comfortable with pursuing an internship.

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