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Race Ethnicity and Literature Essay

I arrive had an opportunity to read three great briefly stories. The compendious stories were The pleasurable Table, Coun correct L everywheres, and Child of the Americas. All of them were amazing stories, betraying pagan ch al 1enges, and some responsibilities. I think overall, e very(prenominal) unmatched should read those stories in piece to select certain perspective on culture, and rationality on how they lived during the condemnation roam in their life. I also think the short stories provide an determineing in some respects, of how racial divide was app atomic number 18nt during that timeframe.As distant as a declarative statement on this matter, I would ilk to show examples of the literature readings as it cor doctors with the perspectives of the racial divide, segregation, and overall trials in which pagan individuals have had to go through. The assertion, I would like to provide is that, short stories authority be a direct reflection on time periods that arg on occurring in life in spite of it macrocosm fiction. Our ancestors lived in a time of slavery and segregation. at that place was no unity between hu human macrocosm unless the skin color was the same.There was no equality between man and woman and there was no justification to why any one(a) would be tough superbly unless they were uninfected. It was eyeshot that cutting slew were diseased, filthy and inferior. Over the years, it took throng like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , Rosa Parks, and Harriett Tubman to make a statement and admirer change the future for all otherwise races, not just African Americans. Today, although racism still exists, it is illegal to discriminate against anyone for any reason to embroil race.The Literary blend ins such as Alice footers The Welcome Table, Nadine Gordimers Country Lovers, and Aurora Levins Moraless Child of the Americas give flavour, and meaning to the dissentent angles of racial segregation and word horse sense. These literary pieces loose ones eyes and heart to what has been experient by some if not by one soulfulnessally. The Welcome Table by Alice pedestrian is a bosh ab turn up an gray-headed, African American woman who is looked down on by the white community. On her route to church, she was st ard at with disgust, with pity and with fear. once in stead the church, it was made clear that she didnt belong and was not welcomed there. downstairs the old womans arms they raised their fists, flexed their muscular shoulders, and extinct she flew through the door, back under the cold blue sky (Clugston. , 2010)Upon be thrown out, the old woman saw Jesus approaching and short walked away with him. She walked herself to death and yet no one ever r of the ragged old women. No one c ard what happened to her for she was just an old minatory woman who stepped in to the support of God, the God of the white race, a place in which she didnt belong. It is stories like these that make you wond er of the cruelty that was endured by some(prenominal) in the past.Alice Walker made it clear in her short story the feeling and impression that legion(predicate) had toward African American. Her description of the old woman was strong enough to paint a vivid insure of what the woman looked like. She was angular and lean and the color of poor gray atomic number 31 earth, overcome by king cotton and the extreme weather (Clugston, 2010). African Americans worked harder than everyone else on the farms of the past. They were owned by the white farmers during slavery and scour later on(prenominal)wards slavery was abolished, they still were employed by the white farmers.Walker makes it easier to understand that although slavery was no longer, segregation and wickedness to all who were African American was still very strong. There was no acceptance from anyone irrespective of the concomitant that most of the white families were taken c are of or raised by African Americans. The re was no sympathy, just disgust and reflection. Unlike Walkers piece, Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer shows a slightly different side of race and segregation. In Walkers piece, there was no acceptance, no roll in the hay, no feeling of mutuality. Gordimer on the other hand, talks well-nigh children playing together in the yard and fields. track having no impact on how they interact, the kids play together and get along like family. As the time goes on and the kids get older, they begin to go their separate ways. The white children are sent off to school while the black children begin to work around the house and farm. A white male child and black missy from the story grow up together as close friends. They substantiate a relationship that compares to no other. When the boy goes off to school, he continues to anticipate friends with the girl. As he gets older and he hangs out more with his white school friends, he hides his friendship with his childhood friend.The friends hip between the dickens had bloomed to something more, it had bloomed into a secret love. What would the rest of his family or friends think or joint had they known that he loved this girl? A black employee to the boys father like in The Welcome Table, black quite a little were looked down and were only good and useful to tend to the fields and the house work. They were not meant for friendship or relationships they are not accepted as social existences. They are strictly workers. At the end of the story, the sexual and loving relationship that once was, is brought to an end by the birth of a tike that was unwanted and denied by the white boy.He refuses to admit his love and to differ from the sphere around him. Why wouldnt he profess his love for this girl now that they have a child together? I believe this piece shows how society plays such a great determination in the actions, feelings, and thoughts of humans everywhere. Had racial segregation been something of a distant dream, would the termination be the same. Why do people act based on the perception and thought of those around them? Race plays a major parting in Gordimers story. It determines the outcome of the story from start to finish. How numerous people have gone through a situation of the sort?For those who do not know what it feels like to be discriminated against because of race, this story takes a very personal subject and ties it in emotionally. some people have experienced love and parenthood. How would one feel if the love of their life denied them in bowel movement of everyone because of their skin color? What if their child was denied or killed because of what others would say or do? Losing someone is never easy tho to lose someone over something uncontrollable like race, it is heartbreaking. Readers are able to relate and feel what this youthfulness black girl is feeling as she grows up and away from the boy she has always loved.The relationship starts as one that everyone can relate to a story of friends and soon turns in to a heart-felt, pain stricken story of betrayal and solitude. It was not until after the Civil War that segregation became illegal. There were still many states that were fighting for complete desegregation nevertheless African Americans were able to do things that their ancestors could only dream (Cozzens, 1995). Although integration of races was vomit up into order by law, people found other ways to show their disapproval for what they believed was the inferior race African Americans.Political groups formed in vengeance to the integration laws that had been passed and were taking effect. In the 1960s, following many Civil Rights movements, a group known as the Ku Klux Klan became very active and violent towards who they thought were un-American. This abuse and hatred was towards more than just African Americans, it went towards Jews, Catholics and immigrants as a whole (Newton, 2007) Knowing that African Americans were not th e only ones in the world hated by the white American society, Aurora Levins Moraless poem Child of the Americas the acceptance of ones race regardless of the thoughts of society.In this poem, Morales describes herself as an American, Puerto Rican, Taina, Mestiza, Caribbean, European, African, and altogether, an immigrant (Clugston. , 2010). She goes on to talk about how she lives her life in a certain way particular to each individual race. severally piece lives within her and she is blessed and proud of the person she is. In nowadayss society, many people are not happy with themselves and try to conform to what they feel is socially acceptable. Moraless poem opens up the patrol wagon and minds to those who are mixed or born(p) outside of the United States. umpteen feel like outsiders, like they do not belong.Instead of cosmos themselves and being happy whether they get the approval of all or not, many sell themselves short in order to please. I believe Moraless poem paints a very clear and concise picture across the page. The poem show that no matter what society thinks, one will never be happy or satisfied without being happy or satisfied with oneself. Morales using very distinguishing actions that one could relate to being Hispanic or a child of the Americas. She uses everyday life experiences that many can relate to vice fictional ideas that would make ones imagination do all the work.It is almost as if she was speaking not only for herself but for every Latin American that lives in the United States. I was born at the crossroads and I am whole (Clugston. , 2010). Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals against employment discrimination on the bases of race and color, as well as national origin, sex, and religion. Title VII applies to employers with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments. It also applies to employment agencies and to labor organizations, as well as to the federal government (The U. S. Equa l Employment opportunity Commission, 2011).It is laws like these that keep our country somewhat free from races and cultures being toughened as inferior. Although there are many different laws against racism, segregation and discrimination, it still occurs in todays world. each(prenominal) literary piece exposit above is different in many ways. There are implicit in(p) factors which give each story its own nucleotide but at the end, race is represented very strongly within them all. Had the world not been so racial divided, would these storied have the same meaning? Would these pieces tied(p) exist? Race and how it is looked upon is the main theme that each story has in common.Although unconditional love, self-acceptance and social standing are also a theme within the three pieces, it is hard to look over the common denominator. Many times, writers can write about similar stories but different inherent themes change the way the stories are interpreted and what is taken from t he story as a lesson learned. For example, had another write wrote a poem about being mixed in race but being widely accepted or being the popular person in society, the focus would be put on the social life vice the personal acceptance and gratification of being a happy individual that Morales shows in her piece.Had Walkers piece been focused more towards Jesus and his acceptance of all regardless of race, the outcome of the story may have changed. The story may have revolved on praise and worship vice who toughened the old woman poorly and why. As we learn to read and dampen in many different literary works, we learn to notice different themes and meanings behind each piece. Themes like race are very observable and very strong themes that get the wheels turning in the mind.Not many people can realize a theme in a story but the three pieces discussed in this paper all have very obvious and very strong themes that anyone and everyone can empathize and relate to. How can one read something of the sort and not relate or imagine feeling? It is nearly impossible especially since it is something that was fought for by many for years on end. It is something that many have witnessed or heard stories about a part of history that will never be forgotten. Although literary works may be similar in theme or topic they are far from written the same way.The literary pieces discussed are all just as different as they are similar. Each work is written differently, conveys different emotions and reactions and overall expresses a different train of understanding. Point of view differs within each piece and with the difference it makes the ratifiers perception of the story different. For example, Morales writes her piece using the first person point of view. It gives the proofreader a personal insight to what the writer is feeling and trying to express. Third person point of view leaves the readers mind open to visualization of many different things.There are many stories out in the world that touch base with issues such as racism, segregation, and discrimination. Whether in first person or third person whether fact or fiction, these stories and poems all have share similar meaning and theme. Writers of racial themes put across the pain and chaos that these difference cause. Many people often times fail to see the pain behind things such as discrimination but through symbolism, metaphors, and other key literary name these feelings, emotions and experiences are brought to light.Race is an issue that many people deal with on a day to day basis regardless what side of the spectrum they are on. Having read each piece of work, I can say that themes in each were very different yet strong and imaginative. A reader can never say that the imagination was not stimulated with the thought and understanding of each piece of work. Each piece establishes a sense of strength, love and personal experience throughout the piece. As a reader, I can say that after rea ding each piece I felt connected to the characters within whether it is imaginatively or realistically. Racism exists even to this day.We witness it through hate crimes committed in some of what are thought to be the safest places, like schools and churches. The Jena 6 controversy in atomic number 57 was a situation in which a white student was beaten up by a group of African American students after three nooses were left hanging on a tree where one of the African American students sat the day before. This tree was said to be a hangout for white students only (The case of the Jena six black high school students charged with attempted murder for schoolyard fight after nooses are hung from tree Radio series episode., 2007).This controversy became a national publicise in the news because many saw it as African Americans being portrayed as inferior and the root of all evil. People did not see any wrong from anyone else but the African Americans and vice versa. This and other such issue s leave people with the feeling that racism and discrimination is something that is among us all and subject to come out when we least expect it. lot literary works like the ones discussed open up the eyes of the readers to the feelings that hatred and racial segregation causes?I believe that each one of these literary works has a strong racial theme and each one can impact a reader in a way that was not expected. As we become strong and more in astuteness readers, themes like these will become more vibrant and obvious to see. Race and ethnicity is nothing more than an exterior color and difference in geographic location (Hallam, 2004). The authors make it clear that these difference cause lots of withdrawal and heartache. These themes not only educate on historical experience but on what should be put to rest as an unhappy and disapprove issue that is ongoing in society.

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