Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hurrican Katrina

Hurricane KatrinaWhat We Learned Ab forth Communications MethodsWhen an electrical agent exposeage occurs from a storm , we be instructed to have flashlights , battery perishd radios , a reference , survival gear , food , etc . But what happens when the index finger outage is long-run What happens when the generator runs out of fuel and we can t collide with much fuel ? What happens when the batteries run downFor those who did non endure Hurricane Katrina , the consequences of loss of business leader combined with catastrophic flooding can non even be imagined . The comeback of Katrina was not a mere inconvenience , it was a mishap of epic proportionsMuch of the failure of first responders and ensuing rescue workers to fail efficiently was due to lost communications . Additionally , family members and friends could n ot find each other , nor could they find any educational activity for quite a while . This particular storm was a nightm argon for communications people as well as the victimsSimply the coarse loss of place rendered the Gulf Coast without the entire tools to function . Today s engineering in communications is unparalleled and becoming even more sophisticated by the week yet without power , even the most high-tech systems ar useless (Donny Jackson , 12-01-2005To review what happened during the storm that shattered communications networks , it is important to look at the urgency communications systems acquirable and explain what failed and why . In the 35th largest city in the U .S , how could so many people be soon disconnected What happened to the cell phones , flashbulb messaging , satellite engine room , broadband , wireless and other forms of everyday communication that be largely taken for granted ? Even in the frightful disaster of 9 /11 , communication was still exulting place . Even Hurricane Andr! ew didn t knock all communications systems out . What was different about Hurricane Katrina As Donny Jackson points out in Mobile Radio Technology (12-01-2005 all communications systems atomic number 18 knowing with the notion that power is available .
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Backup generators and batteries ar equipped to keep equipment running for a few hours at the most , which is usually ample time for the electrical power grid to be back online to some capacityIn an earlier member by Donny Jackson (11-01-05 , the flood pees were to blame for most of the communications failures . The air force officer of jurisprudence communicatio ns in New Orleans , Stephen J . Gordon , raise it succinctly : The wind was almost inconsequential . It was the water that was the slayer Herein was the problem : most wireless towers are designed to withstand hurricane force winds . The cell towers survived the winds , as in Florida s hurricanes , exclusively the power to drive the networks was knocked out by the extraordinary floodwaters in the city of New Orleans . There was in like manner ravish to a generator when flying debris perforated the radiator on the backup generator . When sudden damage of this quality occurs , at that place is little that can be do to overcome the massive loss of communicationHowever , IT was still working , and emergency personnel were utilise the Internet to send out instant messages when all...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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