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Anti government issue, the mirror image of matter, was a topic often toyed with in science fiction novels. Star Treks spaceships are propelled by this radical matter with the ability to turn all its trade into irregular energy, and scientists today are even investigating the use of antimatter as real fuel. Also, antimatter, when combined with ordinary matter, annihilates it in an explosion of energy. Antimatters human race was first predicted in 1930 when Paul Diracs theory about the movement of electrons in magnetic and electric fields required the populace of an separate type of particle, an electron with exactly the same concourse as a normal electron however a positive charge: the positron; antimatter. Firstly, where does antimatter originate? Though, as explained, it is a very real thing, it ironically comes from cosmic rays in outer(prenominal) space, the stainless setting for a science fiction story. It is touchy to deduct where cosmic rays come from, for th ey are appearing from many directions, but they were probably thrown into space by the explosions of expiry stars, or supernovae. They were the first high-potential particles ever studied. Did you know that, no matter your location, a few cosmic rays hit you all(prenominal) second? When their speedy, high-energy protons collide with air atoms, part of the tap is recreated as particles and antiparticles, succeeding(a) the famous equation, E=mc2. So, cosmic rays are a raw(a) resource for antimatter, as described in Carl Andersons 1932 studies of the cosmic ray. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Anderson was as well the first to discover antimatt er when he took its compute in 1931. Secon! dly, antimatter is a little-known, but frequently studied, form of matter. Among other things, it is used in Position Emission Tomography s whoremongers, or deary scans. By combining electrons and positrons, their antiparticles, at low energies, this can be achieved. In PET, fluid containing positrons... Was quite an interesting read, explains everything clearly for those who serious think as anti matter as the constrict that makes the enterprise go fast If you want to restore a full essay, order it on our website:

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