Sunday, April 14, 2013

Concepts of Nonverbal Communication, using the movie, "Two can play that game" as an example.

Nonverbal communication loafer be defined as a means of communication without using words. There are several(a) concepts and forms that depict how nonverbal communication takes place. Examples of these forms are such as facial expressions, gestures and posture, movement, distance, clothing and appearance, face and eyes, touch, physical attractiveness and eventually the voice. Communication can be represented from any of these concepts although sometimes can prove to be difficult.

From the movie, Two can embolden that game there are numerous tantrums that evidently evince nonverbal communication taking place. One such scene which is played by the lead actors, Vivica A. Foxx, who takes the role of Chante Smith, Maurice Chesnut, who plays Keith and finally troy weight Gillman who takes the role of world the sly and conniving Dave. The scene is a social gathering and people seem to be enjoying themselves, sipping champagne, and having slews of laughs. Chante and Dave seem to be having an interesting and enjoyable conversation, as Keith watches at a distance, Apparently, Chante is Keiths girlfriend and Chantes actions seem to strike Keith with various kinds of emotions, behaviors and expressions. plain from a distance, Keith can interpret what could possibly be breathing out on due to the various forms and concepts of nonverbal communication being displayed by Chante and Dave.

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Keith can make out how the conversation could be going decide from Chantes and Daves facial expressions. He can tell that they are enjoying themselves, having a good time and enjoying each others company. Keith also depicts the conversation between Chante and Dave could possibly lead to other things, most likely meet intimate. On the other hand, both Chante and Dave can also interpret Keiths facial expressions to mean something. Keith evidently depicts that he is angry, annoyed...

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