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        As far back as anyone can cerebrate determine in a specific culture argon of great importance to that culture because it is what masses cherish the most. determine are beliefs that the idealized ways of living and acting are the best ways for that beau monde, (Gabriel 149). In this quote, Gabriel is evaluating the reasons for beliefs. According to him, we develop set because they give us limitations for living. Throughout this paper, you will observe the observes in the American culture, as well as the conventional values in China.

American Values

        Over the centuries, America has revolved or so four specific values that over time has mother to great importance to our society. According to the article by Zurcher and Meadow, the economy, family, authorities and religion are the four major things that we value in our society.

        America values the economy for numerous reasons, but the of import reason is because of the fact it holds our society together. Economic well being of the individual person is valued not only has the base of a sound economy, but as the essential stand for a full and rounded individual life, (Gabriel 196). According to Gabriel, he believes that the economy provides us with a way of life. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

The economy is what people strive on; it obliges our society alive by manufacturing goods and work for our survival as well as our pleasure.

        Another value is our families. If you take a deeper look at family, you will guess that having a family is a way of life. In put in for our species to keep surviving we are required to reproduce to keep the gentle race alive. Families are also important in our society because we need that special love that our families give us to go on with our daily...

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