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Suggested Research Project Outline
Introduction: For the past several years, there has been some concern on the effects of physical exercise on the length of ones nose. The length of ones nose is important in dealing with everyday activities. If ones nose is too long, it gets in the way of coal scuttle doors. A long nose do-nothing also be a hazard when drinking a hot drink, such as hot coffee. If the nose is too long, its tip can be scalded when trying to sip the hot coffee. ........... Review of related Literature: This topic has been the main concern of several studies. doubting Thomas (1985) reported that aerophilic exercise could hold the nose to blend elongated and somewhat droopy. However, Harris (1985) reported that aerobic exercise in general did not cause the nose to become longer, merely caused the facial muscles to droop. They stated that these droopy muscles could be the main cause of both elongated nose. These authors also reported in a later conceive (Sewell, 1985) that aerobic exercise in the mannikin of stationary bicycle riding did not cause any change in the length of the nose. In perhaps a more detailed study, Kirk, et al, (1987) reported that only certain types of aerobic exercise lead to a more elongated nose. This study compared aerobic dance, jogging, jumping rope and swim. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

The pass ons who participated in a swimming program did not show any change in the length of their noses. In fact, the group who swam actually was shown to have a shorter nose after the completion of the study. These studies were well planned and adequately explored. However, the type of aerobic exercise performed was not examined as to the personnel office of soberness involved in each activity. Perhaps the exercise itself is not as important as the force of gravity that might tend to make the nose elongate. Hypothesis: The adjacent hypothesis will be examined: There will be no discernible difference in the length of a persons nose due to the type of aerobic exercise the subject participates...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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