Friday, March 1, 2013

Nature and legacy of terracotta warriors

Nature and legacy of Chinas first emperor
collect for immortality
The search for immortality
oQin Shi Huang, was a superstitious man, afraid of death.
oQin Shi Huang was soon on the road once again, he no longer trusted the security of his own court and had started winning practical steps to extend his life
oHis doctors had prescribed repetition doses of something long believed to increase longevity: sex with multiple partners
oBut his new court physician Xu Fu suggested a amount whose eternal properties, although thought ideal for the emperors tomb, would, if consumed, cover him out of the necropolis indefinitely (That mystical substance was atomic number 80)
oThe emperor also knew the legend of the Peng Lai islands where the immortals were said to reside forever. devil kinds of elixirs were there to keep their immortality intact. Qin Shi Huang now commanded Xu Fu to find the islands, obtain the elixirs and express them bum to administer to him. Xu Fu was given a small array of his own with which to conquer death. They might help hold back the years until the elixirs could be found

Mercury madness
oThe emperors grasp on reality was decreasing, aided by his mercury consumption. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Over the following five years, he took high and higher doses as his desire for immortality became more obsessive and the elixirs failed to materialise. But faraway from prolonging his life, the mercury was having the opposite effect.
oLiquid mercury was know to Chinese alchemists as the only substance that could dissolve eternal, stanch gold. supernatural substance - prolong your life. Soluble compounds that were comfortably digestible, were made
oAttacked nervous system
oGreatest damage is in the brain, become talkative slightly aggressive very confrontational. You are obsessed with being watched, and eventually, of course, you become total paranoid.
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