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Suleri equates a reified definition of self with entombment. Her anecdote about the cleaning wo human beings who was bricked up alive into her grave, for example, is a powerful image that helps her to revoke becoming an object, a name. To be engulfed in grammar, an analogy that follows on the heels of the anecdote about a woman being bricked up alive, is a tricky prospect . . . a voice call for to declare its own control anyway it can (Meatless 155). sensation of the most memorable examples of Suleri exercising her voice to identify herself and the changeful nature of that identity is her visit to the Jamia Masjid mosque in Dehli. The man at the gate would not allow her enter because Moslem women were not allowed in between the hours of maghrib andisha. She tells him, Im not a Moslem to which he replies that he would never let her in. Suleri, undeterred, shouts: Then of course Im a Muslim! My grandfather was a Hajji and my father is  Hajjiâ€"hes probably in there now! (81). Later, in the text, she explains further about names: Mamma, marmalade, squirrelâ€"names cannot define a person because they are not a fixed thing, solely a conference (169). Discourses flow and have many peregrine properties.

one of the faults of Western feminism, according to Suleri, is its entrapment within a discourse of binary oppositions: men verses women, for example. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

The essentialists position asserts that genders are biologically determined.
Suleri writes in Woman Skin Deep that she shuns the banality of promiscuous dichotomies and does not advocate any type of simple binarism or the rhetoric of us and them which, she believes, beleaguers issues of identity formation (756) and is evidence of a conceptually parochial mind (765)
Suleri, in fact, shares the social constructionists view of the definition of women. The constructionist position is perhaps best articulated in Simone de Beauvoirs bold assertion that one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman in The mho Sex (267).

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