Friday, March 15, 2013

False Freedom

The early 20th century southern United States was not a particularly good time for the African American community. Despite the freedom gained after the Civil War, black confederacy was still in the grip of Jim Crow. African Americans faced racial segregation, restricted civil rights and liberties. In Battle Royal, Ralph Ellison portrays the st carpetinggles of African Americans in the 1920s through the inhuman physical, emotional, sexual and persecuting treatment of the adept.
passim Battle Royal, one can see the physical subjection that the African American garter and black indian lodge was go under through. The ballroom battle royal fight scene mirrors this perfectly. Blindfolded, I could no longer control my motions. I had no dignity. I stumbled around like a baby or a drunken man (247). The boys are being blindfolded by a clean piece of cloth that symbolizes the black societys blindness to being racially equal to white America. The white men view the African American boys as animals and not people. Ellison uses the blindfold, baby and drunken man metaphors to symbolize how the protagonist is blind and emotionally naïve to the world around him.
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The protagonist and the African American boys were led to a small square rug. On the rug was an array of out to(p) up bills and many coin pieces. This piqued the interest of the African American boys including the protagonist. They envisioned free money and were ignorant to the fact that the rug was electrified. The white men vitiate the African Americans by jubilantly watching them struggling to pick up the coins, only to denounce that the rug is electrified. It seemed a whole century would pass sooner I would roll free, a century in which I was seared through the deepest levels of my body to the fearful breath within me and the breath seared and heated to the point of explosion (250). The protagonist fears the electrified rug more than he...If you want to get a overflowing essay, order it on our website:

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