Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Lesson 8 - Interdependence among Nations

This will be marked. The answers are to be handed in on Tuesday, 14 February!!


1. trust of a specific product that you use on a daily basis.
a) Trace the product through its primary and collateral industries.
b) Name triplet tertiary industries that are involved with this product.
c) exempt briefly how value has been added to this product by primary, secondary, and tertiary industries.

2. hear three ways that you are dependent upon foreign businesses.


3. country where three articles of clothing you are wearing were made.

4. Name three products that you ate in the past fewer days that were produced in Malaysia; state three products that you ate in the past few days that were non made in Malaysia.

5. One of Malaysias major imports is pharmaceuticals. See http://www.espicom.com/prodcat2.nsf/Product_ID_Lookup/00000325?OpenDocument
Briefly explain how a Malaysians life would be altered if these products were not imported.


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Look on the internet to find the product or service offered, and the location of the parent companys headquarters, for from each one of the following companies:
* Nokia
* Samsung
* LOreal
* Fiat
* Cadbury
* Bombardier
* Bayer

(Questions continue on the reverse power takeoff [please turn over])


7. Name a Malaysian:
* Book you progress to read
* Movie you have seen
* CD you have bought/downloaded
* Television chopine you have seen.


8. What international businesses do you use on a regular basis?

9. You are the vice-president of global operations for a large Canadian engineering firm. You are thinking of expanding your operations into Brazil. Use the Canadian governments Department of contradictory Affairs and International Trade website to answer the following questions:
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