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Basic Beliefs Essay

Basic Beliefs Essay
Day to day, I follow the religion of Islam. religious belief to me is worshiping a higher power.  The teachings of the Islamic faith come from our founder, Muhammad. When it comes to the ineffable of life, all Muslims should accent to visit Makah at least at once a year. Makah is the holy place of God where people go beseech. It is the city where our prophet Muhammad was born. For Muslims Makah is the most holy place in the world. When it comes to after life, I call back that some of the ultimate questions atomic number 18; Where do we end up going?; is there both way possible we get sent back to ground as a new person? Or what is it the likes of in the afterlife?
In Islam, there atomic number 18 many a nonher(prenominal) beliefs, however the ones I truly believe that there is a God and only one. There is no God entirely Allah. Allah is the Arabic name for God. I believe that there are angels. The most popular among all angels is Gabriel, who brought Gods depicted object to human messengers and prophets. The Quran is holy book for Muslims, just like the Bible. Muslims believe that God has revealed his saving message to all of humankind over time. I also believe that there are Prophets. cardinal prophets are mentioned by name in the Quran. Most of them learn been identified as prophets who are mentioned in the Bible. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Islam has many rules, but the main ones are women have to cover all their tree trunk with loose fitting clothes, except for their hands and face. Muslims can non eat anything that comes from a pig. Any meat that Muslims do eat has to be inclined(p) in a special way, called halal. You are supposed to pray 5 times a day. Muslim girls are not allowed to hang out with Muslim boys; the same rules follow for the boys as well. I do not follow some rules of the Muslim religion. For instance, I do not cover my body from channel to toe. I do not do this because I do not feel the need to. I do not eat pork. Pork is haram (forbidden) in the Muslim religion. When it comes to praying, I try to pray, but I never actually get to the 5 times a day...If you want to get a replete(p) essay, order it on our website:

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