Tuesday, March 12, 2013

American Dream Essay

Aaliyah Hannah
American Dream Essay
April 3rd, 2012

The American imagine in nigh of the pieces read all shared a common found; they were in a way unattainable or unrealistic. The American Dream in The Bluest Eye was to have fairish tomentum and blue eyes to be beautiful. Without having to think untold, anyone could tell that stargaze is way out of reach for the characters. The American Dream in the episode Rosebud of The Simpsons was to have a physical, sentimental piece of puerility back. By looking at how far-fetched each dream is, how much they thought about it/how much they involveed it and what they would do for it, it is ostensible that the American Dream in The Bluest Eye is similar to the American Dream in the episode Rosebud of The Simpsons.
In The Bluest Eye, Pecola is an African American young woman with presumably dark cook eyes and dark brown or black hair. She conceive of of having blonde hair and blue eyes which for her couldnt happen. in that location are things she could do to have those things, but not in a real way. She would only have dye in her hair and blue eye contacts which is not only the dream she has in mind. In the Rosebud episode of The Simpsons, Mr. Burns wanted a bear back that he threw out when he was a child.

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He left that bear long ago and thence he woke up one day clean lacking it back. He used to live in a lilliputian town far away from where he lives now and in that locations a very slim possibility that he could get the bear back. Although he does gets it in the end, the episode shows exactly all the places that the bear went after he left it so long ago. The fact that he got the bear back is just an exception to what most of the time happens when someone leaves something behind (they never get it back). The only reason he got it back is because he thought about it so much which led him into lacking it so much and Pecola did the same.
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