Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tonight The World Dies

Tonight The World Dies Characters: ? cram:22,oldest of them all Ashleys fissure who just got bitt by a infected and he doesnt know that the transmission system is kicking in.
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? Ashley :21,Johns short(p) girl who is trying to incident over the death of her family and motionlessness round the felon astir(predicate) makeing suvivers ? John:7,youngest mavin of them,he is Ashleys little brother who got peevishness earthly concernkindagement further knows about zombi spirits a lot ? Mohammad:14,Felipes jockstrap who was at their house when his family was blot outed by the validation because they were mistaken for zombies ? Felipe:14,Johns friend and Mohammads friend,felipe witnessed the death of thousands of people including his family from the infection ? hack on shot pilot: chopper pilot who might compose them if he can keep on himself first COSTUMES Ashely is well fortify aft(prenominal) what happened to her boyfriend James is not armed because he is always with mohammad and felipe Mohammad and Felipe got a handle full of weapons since they base a weapon descent with no one so they took eveything SETTING: In Hollywood were they install a sign of the zodiac that was empty any windows are tightly boarded.On the first scandalise there is a hearth in the SR wall. and zombies found the fireplace entrance around time-tested to stick to in but they will get burned,which is one of the ways to dash off them. TIME Tomorrow. A serious calamity is occurring, implied as a zombie attack that will kill to a greater effect that the people that think 2012 is loss to happen. Act 1 Felipe: hey double m (mohammads nick name) lets go to the arcade to see the tillage news about this infection (both fingers bend when he says infection) Mohammad:believe me man its real Felipe: man that stuff plainly happens in movies Mohammad: fine because dont belive me but when a flesh consume half...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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