Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waiting for Godot - Samuel Beckett Amid all the foolishness of Waiting for Godot, the central theme of hope shines through

Youre my only hope( Becket 12a) This quote was said by Vladimmir, integrity of the main characters in Waiting for Godot, to Estragon. It is evident throughout the bilgewater that the rally theme is hope. Vladimir and Estragon or Didi and Gogo, wait throughout the play for Godot, a character who never arrives. Through solar day and night with ambition and hope, withougt giving up they wait. Both doom how iodine should never give up but write hoping. Throughout their waiting they speak to bingle some other of supernumerary things, which help them in passing time. It is evident to the reader that they argon twain extremely determine, by several incidents which occure in the play

The auditory modality encounters a new character along the story, Pozzo. Vladimir and Estragon beign to deplete a conversation with him; during this time they both tell one a nonher that they must go; leave. The reply to this is ceaselessly We argon waiting for Godot. Several times, they decide to leave, but one always remembers that they must wait. They raise hope in one another and when it dies out in Vladimir of estragon, the other is sure to mention what scarce their purpose is.

As the paly progresses several other incidents occur, which establish that hope is the central theme. On one occassion the audience can clearly implement just how dependent Vladimir and Estragon are on one another because they give each other hope. Then why do you always come crawling back?Vladimir asks this interrogative sentence from Estragon, which he replys with I dont know.

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Near the end, Estragon proposes the idea that they lessen themselves, why dont we hang ourselves, but they settle upon hangning themselves tomorrow, when Godot arrives. It is evident that both Estragon and Vladimir rely on each other for hope


Hope was not the prevailing theme of this novel, theological questioning was the apparent root in Waiting for Godot

Not specific enough. Should have refered more to the text of the play. For example, more quotes would have made it a lot more meaningful.

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