Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Police Influence of Society

Police Influence on Society

Police Influence on Society
Over the historic period policing has not changed much over the historic period; at least there is no record of some(prenominal) major changes in policing. The square off that a guard officers or the police department has on society however has changed. It changed with some(prenominal) event that occurs in the social area. This is depending on crime and how police officers handle these cases. The makeup of the ethnic population in a society can have a big influence on policing as well.
Policing in the U.S. started the same as it did in England. It was an informal social control in which citizens protected sensation another, and relied on the hue and cry and watch and ward system. These were primarily conducted in smaller areas and grow into formal policing when areas grow into large towns were a police department was needed and established. Policing in the conspiracy was drastically various then the north. Policing in the south tell out with slave polices. These patrols patrolled the areas and prevented slave revolts and find runaway slaves. This had an pertain on the different ethnic meetings in which the white group and African American groups had high tension between them.

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The African American population and police officers had tension for many years even after the emancipation and the civil rights act.
Policing had three different terms that equally had influence on society. In the political era police had a closer relationship with communities because they walked the streets on a daily basis. They also provided more than just crime control. They ran dope up kitchens and helped with medical care. During this period many police actions were influenced by the governing of its time. This era did not have its overleap of cultural issues. many another(prenominal) officers that were not white were treated the same. Black officers were not allowed to patrol an area that was mostly made up of white citizens. With the lack of black police officers the areas that were made up of...If you want to pull out a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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