Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hatred And Religion

Hatred between polar groups of tidy sum has been around forever. on that point is constantly some one(a) that starts a group that does non like some other group. That is how wars were started back in the 1600s. Many muckle piss notice that hatred and then in that location ar the other muckle who are involved in the hatred against disparate groups. rough examples of hatred against different groups of people are different religions, different races, and different genders.

There are many different religions. close to examples are Baptist, Church of Christ, Methodist, and Catholic. Some of these religions may not be a great deal different from the other. For example, Baptist and Church of Christ are not much different but enough to lose people fired up at each other. There have been fights ab step to the fore religions for a bulky age and this is bad. As dour as we are serving the one and true God, we should be ok. The problem is, is that the different churches think they are studying the adjust thing and no one else is. This is wrong. It has caused many arguments and while we are arguing, we should just get together and worship Him instead of fighting.

some other difference in groups of people is races. This is a big one. No one should be treat littleer or greater than another person no matter what race. A long time ago, when there were slaves, many arguments happened. The black people were treated like dirt and that was not right. Now, because people stood up for themselves, the human beings has changed.

Now, everyone is equal. There may be some people out there that think that they are better than others but in real life, no one is better than anyone else. Maybe one sidereal day people will realize that they are no better than the people around them no matter how much money they have or how much power they have.

star more difference in a group of people is gender. That is Male and Female. The world has changed a lot over time and this is another example. Men used to think that they ruled the primer coat and women were out here to cook and clean. This, again, is not true. A while ago, women only took care of their family.

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The men though it was there job to support the family and it was the females job to cook and clean. The males went to school and the females stayed planetary house and learned how to cook, wash clothes and do things around the house. Now, women represent a very important role in the world. someday soon, there will be a woman president. There have been women to go into space, in the government, and there are women who bunk while the man stays home. This is way different from the primaeval ages. Now we are equal.

The world has many different groups including different religions, different races, and different genders. The world has changed a lot over time. Maybe some people havent changed but one day they will. Since the changes have been made, there have been a lot less fights and arguments. Most of these changes have affected the world in a good way and have made our world a better and more desirable place to live, work, and play.

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