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Has New Man Finally Arrived

Sociology essay

Has new man finally arrived?.

Has new man finally arrived? is a very disputable question, and there are many view points and anwsers to this question. It mostly depends on which part of society you live in ie brusk familys tend to share all the burdens as to maximise their income, whereas thick family (the upper class) tend to stick to the to a greater extent traditional roles of the priapic works and his wife and sometimes daughters do the cooking, cleaning etc.
It form however that the results from most researchers show, although women can work they are disproportionately responsible for childcare and the emotional work in the family. One face for this was remarked upon by McMahon (1999) who stated the main influence on the measuring rod of mens domestic work is the presence or absence seizure of a wife. It was also discovered during the research conducted by Speakman and Marchington (1999) that the men ofttimes feigned ignorance or pretended they couldnt do the task of using household machinery so that they could opt push through of the domestic tasks.
The way men have been brought up often affects the way they do there duties and which duties they undertake, for example men lambert years ago were taught that they never did housework or childcare, that was a womens job. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

We see this in places still today, when I did my questionnaire of the throng or so me the majority was at my church, every family I wheel spoke to remarked that although the husband would have the children for a couple of hours there were a few(prenominal) things that they actually did other than watch television with them and most of the mothers had accustomed up their job, so the man was the sole bread winner who went out and federal official his family. Although I am aware that my church is a slight percentage of the population it is still common for the women to do more in the house.
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