Thursday, March 28, 2013

This War Needs To End

Everybody wonders what can make a warfare continue for years. the Statess war in Afghanistan has been in existence for intimately a decade. This al to the highest degree ten-year-long war has question Americans beliefs of if troops should make up be in Afghanistan. Many people cerebrate American troops should re master(prenominal) in Afghanistan; many do not. Americans believe the Afghanistan war began with the attacks of 9/11, but documents prove that thought of war on Afghanistan was taking place before September 11th. Since thousands of American troops have already lost their lives, America and Afghanistan urgency peace. The war in Afghanistan unavoidably to end, for the sake of the soldiers and civilians at risk.
on that point are several thoughts of why America is at war with Afghanistan, but the attacks of the Twin Towers are the main belief. The U.S. Congress passed a declaration that permitted American troops to be in Afghanistan later the terrorist attacks in September 2001 (Reuters 12). Amitai Etzioni claims America invaded Afghanistan to stop it from serving as a base for terrorists of the kind who attacked us on 9/11, (Etzioni 4). Which means America is trying to make an end to every(prenominal) terrorist attacks on the countrified. America will no longer involve Afghanistans responsibility for the deaths of the American people that has been occurring since 2001 (Klein 11). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Though most of America believes 9/11 is what started the war in Afghanistan, British media has revealed U.S. officials warned Afghanistan with a war (Martin 1). That proves that September 11 was not the main reason for war in Afghanistan. The U.S. intervention was planned sound before the terrorist attacks provided the pretext for setting it in motion (Martin 6). If in some way the September 11th attacks were skipped over, America still would have deceased to war with Afghanistan (Martin 6). The cause of the war is known, but America needs to take a prudent look at what the country has wasted during this never-ending war.
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