Friday, March 29, 2013

Authority in Society

Authority in Society

In the early twentieth coulomb Max Weber delimit three types of authority. These are listed in the text as Traditional, Rational-Legal, and Charismatic. The text further defines authority as reason that people view and respect.

The Traditional Authority is defined as causation legitimized by respect for long-established cultural patterns. This whitethorn not be so prevalent in immediatelys party but is still present in royal families. In some countries, authority is still passed lot through families. The King, Queen, and Prince still pass down the governing power of England. The same is true in some Afri canful and European countries.

The Rational-Legal, or bureaucratic, Authority is base on power that is certain by rationally enacted law. This is present in our country at all levels of government. We elect the President of the United States all the sort down to municipal leaders. A big difference amongst Traditional Authority and Rational-Legal Authority is that power is passed down in Traditional and power is taken away in Rational-Legal Authority. When a new president takes office the governing rights are taken away from the former president as that person leaves office.

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This is power legitimized by the unique and rare qualities of a charismatic person. This can be a person that is favored in a specific social group or society. This authority is based on personality rather that passed down or elected. An illustration of Charismatic Authority person is Oprah. She is respected in society for her views internationally. They respect her opinions and she is uniquely respected in todays society.

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