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Realism in American literature Essay

The novel Maggie A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane. Is a work of fiction ch entirelyenging trained English enthusiasts to determine where it fits in the category of current naturalism or concreteism. Steven Crains first novel write in 1893 f both(prenominal)s after the end of a realist movement scratch line in 1860 to 1890 this was realism/naturalism in a time when great deal were ready and wanting stories the common gentle whiles gentleman can relate to.The bilgewater starts out in the bowery with a fight indicative of the struggles to a greater extent were facing being from the snapper or lower classes just ane sign of realism. Another good point of realism is expressed thru a vivid telling of the calibres, Timmy a rough neck lacking agreement and having a chip on his shoulder, as tumefy as mouth a dialect of the time and local was expressed clearly in the opening lines A very little son stood upon a corporation of gravel for the honor of Rum passageway.He was throwing stones at howling urchins from daystars Row who were circling madly about the heap and pelting at him. His infantile countenance was livid with fury. His small body was writhing in the de activery of great, crimson oaths. Run, Jimmie, go on Deyll get yehs, screamed a retreating Rum Alley child. http//www. learnlibrary. com/maggie/maggie_1. htm Jimmy is make to be very understandable and the depth of his char fermenter is complex in so far explained very well in terms of realism.Realists union their attention to a remarkable degree on the immediate, the here and now, the ad hoc action, and the verifiable consequence (A Handbook to Literature 428). The alcoholic mother is the dysfunctional matriarch in this story and is the intellect of often of the problems plaguing the lives of her children by impulsive them out thru drunken rages and a grave lack of compassion a souls actions atomic number 18 the cause, not extraneous forces, like a naturalist would expect you to believe.In this short story the family consisting of, Pete, jimmy, Maggie, tommy, Mary and baffle Johnson all living in a part of the city where mundane life is a struggle for people with low means this would give in convincing indications of realism further more reasoning that outside forces could be the cause in the detriment of their lives Poerty, economy and socialism being the culprits makes this story scarper towards naturalism.Lending to the theory that they would be different people, if circumstance were more favorable. even so though these characters ar extreme in their constitutions and appear to be over the realize in a manor consistant with characteristics common to writings of manoeuvreing period as well as romanticism and falling very much in the realm of naturalism the central theme of family life and tragity are all closely related to humanity and fall into the catorgory of realism in American belles-lettres.The childs breeze picnic written by William I nge was written in 1953 a time when American writers were utilizing realism in there literature and giving new rise and newer definition to the ideas associated with realism. The American writer was eliminating all argument that romanticism and naturalism could be associated to their works by lay simple life maters to paper and expressing human life as obviously as possible whill keeping the focus in the factual characteristics of man womon dialog in the play the picnic it doesnt get near(prenominal) more d throw to earth and simplistic.The play takes place in a Midwestern town on Labor Day and goes into the lives of Helen Potts, Hal Carter, Millie Owens, Bomber, Madge Owens Flo Owens, Rosemary Sydney, Irma Kronkite, Christine Schoenwalder and Howard Bevans each one of these people armying in the course of the play all of their personality characteristics, there are no super heroes and no chaste teachings to be had in this realistic portrayal of everyday life of the spunk cla ss working.Broadly defined as the faithful representation of globe or verisimilitude, it also denotes a particular kind of subject matter, curiously the representation of middle-class life. (A Handbook to Literature 428).In the first act a stranger come to stay and engages in romance with twain of the sisters one sister wanting the other being wanted as the story goes on we find the mother miss Owens concerned with this strangers advances to her lady friend and as it progresses her fears are not unwarranted as the stranger Hal and Madge in short find themselves caught in turmoil associated with love this is romantic in nature yet not romanticism as could be written by Shakespeare instead it is written in common everyday language and is long-familiar to almost every one alive today, boy meets girl, girl likes boy they kiss, emotions go awry and they both do incredibly stupid things and run off to get married.(Richard Chase the American novel and it tradition) states that character is more important than plot or action complex ethical choices are often the subject. And surly emphasizes the decisions made when Madge runs after Hal. The elder women in the play act just like mothers grandmas and busy body women would gossipmongering about one another having emotional concerns for everyone in the immediate circle. They show emotional characteristics common yet subtle. The believability of these characters is an earmark of realism.The complex descent between rosemary and Howard can be seen in true pellucidity both of their natures ambitions and is realists in there interaction both when together and asunder rosy Mary can be seen as a middle age woman with a man friend she clearly wants more from and necessarily from the need to be with him, as much as a selfish need to be better than all the unmarried women border her and an inherent need to not die singleAt the attempt of finding herself in a binding marriage with someone she doesnt show much respect for sh e begs and pleads for Howard to marry her at the expense of her own dignity. Howard Bevens character is shown toughly thru his action on stage he is a power driven business man with a need to support his freedom from marriage he is a well like person in spite of his drinking and rude talk of women as well as the fact he knows some working girls down at the hotel.When he is getting grilled over the coals by rosemary his true colors start to show up he is fearful of wake up tomorrow without the comfort of still having rosemary afraid of passing game to the next level of commitment all the makings of a common man to be sure as best examined in the writings of the play picnic there can be no argument to the wayward that this play is anything but a play that fits squarely in the zonra of realism. This play typifies realism in the sense that these people are quite real and very dynamic in their relationships, that they show common desires and fears, and basically live just like the re st of us all too some degree.The complexities in this play raisin in the sun are many and yet most of the dialogue can lead to a lesson in morals closely related to naturalism yet it is more of a realist elbow room of story or play, the concerns brought up with racism and class are both issues relating to naturalism yet these are both contributing factors in the play and are secondary to the main theme of love honor law and family values pertaining to an ethnic group.Raisin in the sun is written by Lorraine Hansberry it made its first debut in 1959 A time when in no doubt people were looking for a story where there was foretaste to be had in overcoming ones own limitations and rising to the top when lifes predicaments would try to enslave

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