Sunday, March 3, 2019

Custody of The Pumpkin

Situation Humorous, old earl obsessed with a pumpkin with a son who complicates the pumpkin issue with his marriage. Ludicrous, has a happy resolution. humourous part telescope, chance upon his son fooling around, thinking the cats attacked the pumpkin, his reaction when his son tells him hes married, the garden situation, the fact that the pumpkin actually won.Characters All of them ar uneven,Lord Emsworth- pubescent minded, eccentric interests, strange fears, frustration with his son, tendencies to overreact, tendency to get carried away,tends to say the persecute thing at the wrong time, he got e trulything he wanted scour though he didnt deserve itMcallister- Way he talks is humorous, stinting temper is used as a tool for humor, very proud,Hon Freddie- humorous (narrator compares him to a theocritan Shepard), very flippant, romantic, his mannerisms are childish, has lots of dumb luck.Only thing funny about Niagra is her name.Dialogue- Idiocy, Lord Emsworths is the funnies t, Angus is funny because of his accent and the confusion it creates, Freddies intercourse is full of slang to make him sound flippant. Dialogue further enunciates the characters. reading is very humorous, constantly making fun of the characters, subtle indications.Images- The image with the leopard is very funny, looking into the telescope, Lord Emsworth standing frozen, finding out about his sons marriage, Mcallisters bottom. Images are used to create humor.Tone- Humorous, light-hearted.Language- Funny metaphors and similes.Irony Hon. Freddy, freddy gets this amazing, the wife is richer than Emsworth,Sarcasm Narration done in third person omniscient, towards the endThemes- Luck, Aristocracy, materiality, parent/child relationship, class distinctions

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