Thursday, March 7, 2019

Compare Human Brain and the Computer

Over the past years we have elaten how computers be becoming more and more advance, challenging the abilities of the human card. We have seen computers doing thickening assignments like launching of a rocket or analysis from satellite space. But the human brain is responsible for, thought, feelings, creativity, and other qualities that make us domain. So the brain has to be more confused and more nail than any computer. Besides if the brain created the computer, the computer can non be better than the brain.There be many another(prenominal)(prenominal) differences amidst the human brain and the computer, for example, the capacity to condition rising things. Even the most advance computer can never learn like a human does. While we might be adapted to install new information onto a computer it can never learn new material by itself. Also computers are contain to what they learn, depending on the stock left or space in the hard disk not like the human brain which is et ernally acquire everyday.Computers can neither make judgments on what they are learning or disagree with the new material. They must accept into their memory what its being programmed onto them. Besides everything that is found in a computer is found on what the human brain has acquired though experience. Another difference between the human brain and the computer is, the creativity of the human brain. For instance humans can create art, act in plays, or write stories and songs scarcely computers can only help us in these activities not come up up with them.While computers can help us solve math problems and interpret answers to certain questions it can never think of new solutions until they have been programmed into them. moreover computers cannot create new games or produce anything they desire like humans. In fact, the human brain is the one who comes up with new ideas or theories not taught before. But in a computer, everything that is there has being taught out by the hum an brain. Although the computer brain and the human brain have many differences they also have a couple similarities. some(prenominal) can increase their memory storage capacity. Computer memory grows by adding computer chips. Memories in the brain grow by stronger synaptic connections. some(prenominal) computers and brain have rectify and backup systems. The brain has built-in back up systems in just about cases. If one pathway in the brain is damaged, there is often another pathway that will take over this function of the damaged pathway. Both can degrade. Computers niche down and brain cells deteriorate. Like all machinery, computers break down with time.Brains also deteriorate with age, losing their functions and slowing down because of lower counts of chemicals and hormones. Both are used for storage of information, to process information and to run tasks. In terms of the functions, both are used for mathematical calculations, carrying out complex algorithms and to storing of crucial information. Counting all the similarities and differences of the brain and the computer brain, you would now see that the computer and the brain do have somethings in common, but in many more ways they are actually more various than they are similar.

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