Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Descriptive Essay - The Meadow -- Descriptive Essay, Descriptive Writin

The meadow On a crisp tumble afternoon, I sat idly under an enormous oak treewatching as a whirlwind whisked across the rolling hills of the meadow. As itpassed by me, the whirlwind scooped up a still pile of leaves lying next tothe oak tree. The leaves appeared to come alive twisting, turning, and terpsichoreabout the meadow. They were sporting their new fall colors of red, orange,brown, and yellow. The brittle autumn leaves seemed to be having a party. Asthe party moved out of sight, I began to think about the last time I viewed themeadow. The memories of my last visit are vivid with relaxed and peacefulthoughts motivated by the images, scents, and sounds of the meadow. The beauty of the meadow in the summer is unequaled. My memoriescontained many images of this special place. Snow covered mountains escape highabove the heavens thus, setting the backdrop to the meadow. Wildflowersspeckled the initiation of the mountain becoming more abundant near the babbling behave. The b rook ran through the midd...

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