Monday, February 25, 2019

Babysitting for Sociology

Over the past seven years I put one over scratch to learn many different things al about myself and slightly children due to babysitting. I first started babysitting when I was a about eleven years of age. I started forth by watching my junior br differents when my p bents went out at night. That affected my biological rhythm (274). My body was apply to going to sleep around nine oclock since I was still young, but I had to force myself to duty tour up so I could watch over my brothers slice they slept. I sometimes shew myself staying up till about midnight Since I was so tired from staying up it seemed to beat an affect on my sleeping to a fault.It seemed corresponding I would switch more dreams that I could vividly remember the adjoining morning (280). The next couple of nights afterwards I babysat, it seemed like by body was on REM rebound due to the stages of REM sleep I would get off (276). Now that I am older I swallow train my body to be able to stay on the alert and not regain like I had sleep derivation the next day (280). During the continuation of training my body to stay awake late, I versed a few things the hard way. I first thought that if I drank a mountain of caffein I would be able to stay awake longer and easier.Well that thought nearly ruined me It wasnt soon after I started relying on caffeine that my body became tolerant to it, and it seemed like I couldnt go sleep without it or wake up without it (297) At first it seemed like I was going finished a breakup period (297). My body was craving the caffeine so problematicly that I felt sick without it. From that experience I have learned that doing homework or talking toing on the phone helps me stay awake while I am waiting on the childrens parents to get home. I am lucky that I have only suffered from addiction to caffeine and not drugs.A friend of mine became addicted to cocaine due to having to stay awake late for school. When she took that drug she said it made h er feel like she could stay awake for perpetually. To stay awake that is what a person involves to feel. cocain addiction is a fast track from euphoria to crash (301). done my many years of experience in babysitting I have learned that most children fall under the category of associative learning. associable learning is learning that certain events occur together (315). For example with most children after allthing they do there is some sort of consequence.Younger fools have a tendency to get into things that they shouldnt. Therefore, after they get into something that is off limits, they get in trouble. After watching kids fall under that category I also realized that many adults fall under it also. It seems like after e rattling action there is a consequence. Here are some examples of kids actions and the responses they get. When a kid eats or drinks, automatically they have to use make believe or poop afterwards. That is an example of unconditioned response (317). The subs tance the kid puts in their mouth is the unconditioned stimulus (317).A kid has to use the public toilet soon after they eat because they havent quite learned how to control their urges. That is why they sometimes also go the bathroom in their pants. I learned a lot about babysitting through observational learning. Observational learning is observing and intimating others (341). When I was younger and I was unable to baby sit, a close family friend used to come over and watch my brothers and I. I learned a lot of from her. I learned many games from her that I now play with the kids I baby-sit. That comes in handy when I raise to keep all of the kids occupied.Another thing that I learned from her that comes in handy when babysitting is patience. Patience plays a very(prenominal) big role. Kids repeat things over and over again, in other delivery they dont know when to quit. That turns into getting on my nerves a lot. I have learned not to let it bother me as much. I have taught m yself to take a deep breath when that happens and try to get the kids minds on something else. There are two different kinds of backing I use with the kids while I baby-sit. They are positive and ostracise reinforcer (329).I use positive reinforcement when the kids do something that is reliable. For example, if they clean off their plates after they eat and get everything ready for bed, I will cash in ones chips them a good night treat. If the kids do something bad or if they go against what I speciate them to do, I use negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement may be they do not get a good night treat, they have to go to bed a half an mo early, or I may even give a bad field of study to their parents. I only give a bad report to the parents if they didnt listen to me at all, or if they continued to back talk me.I find a lot that latent learning occurs a lot with the kids also (334). While I am baby-sitting I try to discover the kids something new every time. Sometimes they pick it right up other times it takes a while. For example, I try to teach the kids to always rain out their hands before and after they eat. I teach them by do a point to let them know what I am doing when I dull my hands. Soon after, I will catch one of the kids act to reach the facet to turn it on so they can wash their hands. When it comes to the kids storage, its not very long.It seems like to me that kids only remember things if they really want it. Other than that, they have short term memory. Short term memory is when you learn something but shortly afterwards you forget what it is (362). For example, when I am helping the kids clean up their room I try to tell them where stuff goes so that they can do it on their own. Well every time it comes to clean up time, they dont remember where anything goes. When ever the kids do remember what I have said or taught them, they are retrieving memories from storage. Storage is the heart of memory (361).through and through al l of my years of baby-sitting and experiences, I have learned many things about myself and about the kids I watch. I am now able to predict what certain kids are going to do or say at a certain time. I have gotten to know each of their personalities and became familiar with they things they like and the things they dont like. I am also familiar with the things they know and what things they do not know. Through everything the kids put me through and taught me, I have learned a very important thing about myself. I love working with kids and that is what I hope to do in life regardless of what field it is in.

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