Monday, March 11, 2013

Why Do People Stereotype

Stereotyping has been an integral part of human interactions and one of the building blocks of society since individuals have had the ability to play their premeditated opinions on both(prenominal) other individuals and wider groups. There is an ever growing interest in stereotyping, how the process works and its effects; inevitably the same question seems to re occur, wherefore do people stereotype? This seek will cover all the aspects of psychological theories that seek to outcome the increasingly popular question, why do we stereotype?
A stereotype is defined as Sh atomic number 18d beliefs about person attributes, usually personality traits, but often also behaviours, or a group of people (Yzerbyt, Rocher, Schadron, P20, 1997). The word that seems most internal in this definition is attributes. Attribution is a concept explaining how individuals clean up their own and others behaviour. This would therefore suggest that stereotyping is only if away in which we, as social objects, try to go for and understand information. This essay will divulge into the reasons why stereotypes exist, why we necessitate them, and whether they are positive or negative traits to behold.
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Macrae et al (2002) provided evidence that suggested and very much supported the cognitive theory of stereotyping. The research showed that during ovulation women are much more attracted to facial symmetry and masculinity. The results also demonstrated that during high conception peril women are much quicker at categorising male faces than they are female faces. This would therefore seem to suggest that the categorisation process is exceedingly influential dependent of hormone levels. If we were to base our sound judgment on stereotypes relative to categorisation, solely on this research, it would appear that stereotyping is highly (if not exclusively) cognitive.
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