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INSTRUCTIONS:Consider situations in which you find that your wishes disagree from the wishes of another person. How do you ordinarily respond to such situations? adjacent are several pairs of statements describing possible behavioral responses. For each pair, enjoy circle the A or B statement depending on which is most characteristic of your own behavior. That is, please indicate which of those deuce responses is more natural of your behavior in situations where you find that your wishes disaccord from someone elses wishes.

In many cases, neither the A or the B statement may be very typical of your behavior, but please select the response which you would be more likely to use.

1.A. There are times when I allow others take responsibility for solving the problem.
B. Rather than negotiate the things on which we disagree, I bear witness to stress those things
upon which we both agree.

2.A.I try to find a compromise solution.
B.I attempt to consume with all of his/her and my concerns.

3.A.I am usually firm in pursuing my goals.
B.I might try to soothe the others findings and keep open our relationship.

4.A.I try to find a compromise solution.
B.I sometimes sacrifice my own wishes for the wishes of the other person.


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I systematically seek the others help in working out a solution.
B.I try to do what is necessary to avoid unreal tensions.

6.A. I try to avoid creating unpleasantness for myself.
B. I try to develop my position.

7.A. I try to postpone the issue until I hire had some time to think it over.
B. I give up some points in exchange for others.

8.A.I am usually firm in pursuing my goals.
B.I attempt to derive all concerns and issues immediately out in the open.

9.A.I feel that differences are not always worth worrying about.
B.I make some effort to get my way.

10.A.I am firm in pursuing my goals.
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